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5 September 10th, 2015 NASHVILLE: What To Look For In Season Four!


Today, TV Guide posted their annual feature of Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off, which recounts how last season ended for some of your favorite drama and comedies, and what to look forward to during the new season, as many series will begin to have their premieres throughout September and into October.

As for the Music City soap opera, Nashville now entering it’s fourth season, viewers left off with the cliffhanger of who flatlined during the liver transplant surgery: Deacon (Charles Esten) or his sister Beverly (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson).  Bets are on Bev did!

But as previewed from TVG, Connie Britton’s Rayna James will have plenty of changes personally and professionally to deal with in the new season:  “When the season picks up, about a month after the events of Season 3, ‘nothing is going to be the same” executive producer Dee Johnson says.  ‘Rayna comes into this new world order having to kind of start from scratch again on a lot of levels.’  On the professional side, that entails building up her roster again, which she does by recruiting an indie rocker who has a huge fan base and an ego to match. On the Juliette front, she continues to distract herself from motherhood by throwing herself into her music and going out on tour with Luke. Will is ‘in a self-imposed exile,’ Johnson says, as he tries to navigate the waters of his relationship with Kevin and his new role as an out country artist. And Layla and Jeff find themselves ‘on slightly more equal footing’ in their relationship, but look for Layla to feel slighted since she’s no longer Jeff’s No. 1 client.”

So, are you looking forward to season four of Nashville which begins on Wednesday night, September 23rd at 10PMET/9CT?  What do you think of the rundown thus far of what to expect is going to go down in the fourth season? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I once worked in a transplant unit and it is very long journey for the transplant recipient,
    After surgery they are in an induced 3-4 day coma and til release drainage bags that go home with many, so that will be phony lol..
    I like Nashville, I do not like the music and usually FF it..
    I hope this season has less music and more drama. :)


  2. Bonnie says:

    Can’t wait love love love this show at its soapy best, such talented actors. Live tbe music and drama all rolled into one great show!


  3. JUDY says:



  4. Rebecca1 says:

    I have no doubt I’ll love whatever they bring. LOVE this show and am relieved each time it’s renewed. The music…such a collaborative effort and a great showcase for these performers who have musical AND acting chops! The songs are so intertwined with the stories and relationships and depict a NASHVILLE I at this point can only imagine…a music community that thrives on creatvity which I love…but still has to deal with the reality of big business, competition and cutthroat realities. (Not to mention love, love, love…) Can’t wait!


  5. janet says:

    I really enjoy this show actors and music. Will be watching.


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