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9 October 23rd, 2012 Nashville’s Avery Gets More Jealous … Which Means More of Jonathan Jackson!


Nashville‘s Scarlett and Gunnar wanna duet all day long, but when Avery walks in on the pair in the clip below, their beautiful collaboration hits a flat note.

In this Wednesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) Jonathan Jackson’s Avery offers Gunnar (Sam Palladio) the opposite of southern hospitality as he shrugs off a compliment and then goes to sulk while Scarlett (Clare Bowen) looks uncomfortable. Check out the teaser clip here from TV Line!

Now, last week’s ratings for the highly touted new series took a dive, leaving many mainstream outlets including TV Guide and TV By The Numbers to speculate whether the rookie show will be on the bubble for cancellation or a renewal come May 2013!  If the ratings don’t pick up, it could spell trouble for Music City even sooner than that!

With television favorites such as Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Eric Close, and General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson, it would be shame if the show were to tank so soon!   You can check out an all-new episode tomorrow night at 10PMEST/PST on ABC.

So what do you think of Nashville thus far?  Are you interested to see what shakes in Jonathan Jackson’s storyline?  Let us know!

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  1. Winona says:

    If the show does not get canceled. I hear the ratings are not all that great. I would be very surprised if it gets renewed for a second season.


  2. Sheryl Postin says:

    I like Nashville but,I would like to see more of Jonathan because he is a great actor and his talent is not being used how it should be.


  3. GHFan says:

    I already took it off the DVR and will catch it online. I can FF all the scenes that do not have Avery/ Jonathan Jackson!! The show’s music is eh and Both Connie and Hayden have been a disappointment as well. They play to Spoiled brats!! smh..


  4. Kat S says:

    Jonathan Jackson is a talent actor, writer and musician. He can play any kind of character. As mentioned in previous interviews Avery is multifaceted, I can see a “creative struggle” coming and looking forward to where ever Jonathan/Avery gets into next. Good to see he is getting airtime.


  5. Jeannine says:

    I’m loving Nashville! The cast is fantastic and the character/story development so far has me practically counting the minutes until the next episode! The music has been icing on the cake! As for Jonathan Jackson, I became a fan of his a long time ago and I will always support whatever project he’s a part of. Based on interviews that he’s done I know that he’s really excited to be involved with Nashville and the opportunity it’s giving him to both act and sing (and play). I can’t wait to see what’s coming up for Avery Barkley!


  6. SZima says:

    The few scenes Jonathan have been in have NOT impressed me at all. He did better work on GH. So far, I’m not feeling the show. This week may be the deciding factor whether it comes off my DVR or not.


  7. Claudia Kurzyna says:

    I am really enjoying the singing, the acting, and the addition of Jonathan Jackson on this show. Cannot wait for each new episode! Hope the show stays on network TV.


  8. lucky says:

    I absolutely love Jonathan Jackson. I have been a fan of his ever since Camp Nowhere. I love his Nashville character, Avery Barkley. He is super sexy and can really sing well. Jonathan has his own band, Enation. He is so talented and he is a wonderful actor who can take on any role. I am so excited to see him on primetime tv. Avery needs more scenes on Nashville!!!


  9. claudette says:

    The duet with Jonathan Jackson and Sam Palladio is the best I’ve heard so far. It is addicting to the point that I watch it over and over on my dvr and can’t get enough of it. I would like to see a video or cd that I could buy. Love it. Claudette


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