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5 February 5th, 2014 NASHVILLE’S Claire Bowen Talks Scarlett’s Professional and Romantic Downfall!


As we saw on last week’s episode of ABC’s Nashville, Scarlett (Claire Bowen)  is having a very difficult time handling the pressures of the music business and dealing with the fall-out from her romantic relationships with Gunnar (Sam Palladio), Avery (Jonathan Jackson), and feeling betrayed by her best friend, Zoey (Chaley Rose).   The singer-songwriter thus began taking some “pills’” (thanks to her new record producer) to get her through and keep her going under the demand of show biz.

But as the story continues tonight on an all-new episode (Wed Feb 5th 10PMEST/PST), we see Scarlett take some more pills!  So where is this all leading?  TV Guide spoke to the uber-talented Claire Bowen to get some insight into Scarlett’s plight!  Here are a few excerpts below!

Claire on Scarlett’s failed personal relationships:  “She’s been treated like a doormat by so many people, and she has let it happen because she’s respected them and loved them. … I hope that she lets go of her need to please people. That’s something I’ve been through as well. Eventually, somebody breaks you and you’re like, ‘Oh … OK.’ And it’s not a selfish thing. It’s self-preservation, I think.”

Claire on where Scarlett’s relationship is headed with Avery (Jonathan Jackson) now that he seems to be transfixed by Juliette (Hayden Panettiere):  “You can’t tell what’s going to happen in life.  You’ve watched Avery’s]character develop into a much more level, stable, amicable person who’s a bit happier for other people now. And that’s the boy she fell in love with. … It’s just like, holy s—, there’s this boy that I fell in love with years and years ago. You’re back. Because he disappeared for a long time.”

Claire on the pressure Scarlett is having in her professional life that leads her to popping-pills:  “I think she’s coming to the end of her tether, really.  She didn’t anticipate any of this at all. … She didn’t have any grand ideas of being a performer. She just created things. So the whole thing, it’s a big rollercoaster for her.”

So, what do you think of the story turn where it looks like Scarlett will become dependent on pills?  Who do you want Scarlett to end up with ….Gunnar, Avery or someone new?  Do you think Scarlett can ever truly forgive Zoey for winning the heart of Gunnar?  Weigh-in!

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  1. vicsze says:

    I pray that the writers do not make this show too dark & depressing, I know that they do need to cdeate drama but sometimes it turns viewers off & ruins a show. Gunnar & Scarlett could be pure magic together & I want to see that that relationship evolve & blossom. Some happiness is being ordered.


  2. carol says:

    Love Claire. Best voice on the show. Give us more duets with Gunther.


  3. rebecca1 says:

    Hmmmmm…I like the character of Scarlett very much. As I recall…she dumped Gunnar. (Have to read a synopsis on that…don’t remember.) So though I LOVED them together I can’t blame him for moving on. It’s always tricky to see a friend with an ex, so I don’t know how her friendship with Zoey will pan out.

    Though I love Jonathan Jackson and his character Avery, I’m liking him a lot with Juliette. And…I was hoping for a Gunnar/Scarlett reunion…really liked them together. But now I’m not so sure if I want them back together either!

    Zoey’s a boring but stable character so at this point she and Gunnar aren’t interesting. However, now that they’re going to be having her sing too…I think the competition is going to heat up in more ways than one.

    So to answer all your questions Michael, my answer is…I dont know! LOL.

    What I do know is Nashville is one of my favorite shows…love it! And, great interview! Claire Bowen seems like a genuinely nice person.


  4. Sharonda says:

    Her voice reminds me of a wounded humming bird that fell from its nest on my roof. I thought it was dead, so I got a dust pan and was going to throw it in the sewer because I didn’t want ants to get to it and start eating it and he was still breathing so I got the ladder and put it back in the nest. Main point, her voice is unique, but her mannerisms when she lifts her arms a little while she sings is irritating, pretty much like if I laid the bird there -I’m pretty sure he would have gotten irritated with ants all over him. The character needs to mature and get slapped in the face to real life and chances, you only get so many before they run out. She needs a wake up call that Scarlett.


  5. Judith says:

    I hate the way they have thrown in the drugs with Scarlett’s story. I don’t think she is all that well written to begin with and this isn’t going to make anything better.


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