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6 July 18th, 2014 NASHVILLE’s Hayden Panettiere’s Real-Life Pregnancy To Be Written Into The Series? If So, Baby Daddy Drama Ahead!

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ABC Nashville fans know that at the end of  last season, Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) had “angry sex” with Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson) the manipulative record executive, and she was beginning to reconcile with her then boyfriend, Avery (Jonathan Jackson), who she became infuriated with when he was spending time helping his ex, Scarlett (Claire Bowen) recover from her nervous breakdown!

Now comes word via TV Line that in lieu of series star Hayden Panettiere’s real-life, although unconfirmed pregnancy, and given these two plot points above ,it just may be that Juliette will be preggars when Nashville returns in September, and she won’t know who the baby daddy is!

So if the plot point does happen, do you hope the little bundle of joy’s is Avery’s or Jeff’s?  Or, do you wish that the pregnancy not be written into the story, in which if reports that Panettiere is pregnant are true, that show spends episodes covering it up having Juliette in shots hiding behind plants and things?  Let us know!

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  1. rebecca1 says:

    Hmmmm…that’s a toughie.

    On the one hand I’d like them to conceal her real life pregnancy and let the story unfold as it would have…leaving her character open to finding her way back to Avery unencumbered.

    And on the other hand, could be interesting if it was Avery’s…since he seems torn between her and Charlotte (who implied she was leaving Nashville but I’m hoping that’s not the case and she and Gunnar get back together).

    Verrrrry interesting if it’s Jeff’s. I LOVE Oliver Hudson but oh-so hate his character…But yet I see great dramatic possibilities with this scenario.


  2. su0000 says:

    Nashville would be much better if there were only one song per episode ..

    the music/songs suck lol ..
    maybe it’s good for country western fans, but us normal people don’t get into that whalin’ ..

    ((ohh my dog died and wife she left with my flannel shirt a chevy truck I cry with the whippoorwills tonight i will drink til I die- crap is too lame haahaa)


  3. Tali says:

    Hope it’s Avery’s and writing it into the story is fine.


  4. paul48 says:

    It’s “in light of” her pregnancy, not in lieu of.


  5. Iakovos says:

    A baby may shake Juliette into reality (but I hope not). Love the music but hope the show delves more into the drama come Season 3. we’ve faded out Rayna and Tandy’s father and that side of the plotscape. Would like to see Teddy fade, too. I want more nuanced storytelling and a little more time devoted to twists and turns. Things happen too quickly or nothing happens. I’d like more suspense. This baby story may give us some of that though science ruins that with the quick blood test. We’ll see in September, yes?


  6. rebecca1 says:

    meant Scarlett…not Charlotte!


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