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6 May 31st, 2017 NASHVILLE’s Midseason Return: Who’s Scarlett’s Baby Daddy? What Is Zack Hiding From Will? Rachel Bilson Debuts!

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CMT’s Nashville returns (9PMET/8PMct) Thursday night, June 1st withall new episodes for its back-half of its fifth season. Following the shocking and traumatic death of Rayna James and the series departure of leading lady Connie Britton, the final half of the season picks-up several weeks after Rayna’s funeral as new stories develop and other stories stem off of the death of the beloved character.

Chief among the questions waiting to be answered is just who is the father of Scarlett’s (Claire Bowen) baby?  Is it Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) or is it her music video director, Damien?

Meanwhile now that Zack and Will (Chris Carmack) our officially a couple, something is casting a shadow on their relationship. What is Zack hiding from his country-western singing boyfriend?

New characters will be coming on to to the canvas to shake things up including: The OC and Hart of Dixie star, Rachel Bilson who will play Alyssa.  As Deacon (Charles Esten) takes over Highway 65 from the late Rayna and tries to make it a successful label again, it is Alyssa who come into the picture as a way to rescue the fledgling company.

Check out the midseason return trailer for Nashville after the jump.  Then let us know what you are most looking forward to seeing in the last half of the season? Comment below.

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  1. Calie says:

    Spoiler – if you have not watched then do not read further.

    I was not happy with who the father is not of Scarlett’s baby.

    The writers are not using Jonathan Jackson in the right way. He is not a prop for other characters. Avery won our dislike and now our hearts, do not waste the character.

    Just love Daphne. She is a treasure and age appropriate. So believable.

    Zach is simply not right for Will.


    sonniorsolita replied

    It was soap writing 101 to make him the father of Scarlett’s baby, though. That will make drama for sure.

    Hm, I don’t see Avery as a “prop.” He and Juliette are equally important to that story of their relationship.

    Yes, the actress playing Daphne is wonderful. They wrote Maddie a little callous about her mom’s death in that episode, I thought.

    Just glad that Will has any sort of story and I like how they are playing it that Will is just kind of in awe of the fact he could land a boyfriend with Zach’s money, prestige, fame, etc. That’s believable. We’ll see what happens when that glow wears off!


    rebecca1 replied

    I agree, Calie. I was disappointed, too, in the baby daddy reveal. But, as sonniorsolita says…it’s a soap.

    Love Daphne, too. She’s adorable. Not only is she dealing with her mom’s death but her own dad, Teddy, is in jail. It’s natural that she feels like an outsider…although Deacon is trying so hard to make her feel loved and reassured that she’s like his own…the truth is that Maddie and him share that father/daughter bond. I’m also impressed by both sisters voices. They were always great but they sound even better!

    I’m hating the gospel angle. And, I still miss Luke and Layla….

    Oh! And they better not fire Rayna’s manager!!!

    Soaphound replied

    Oh, Calie, thanks for saying it. Will deserves so much better than Zach. Zach just seems superficial, at least so far. Will’s real chemistry is with Gunnar and I love the subtleties Chris Carmack reveals with little looks toward his “best friend” that show so much more. I’ve been in that position and the pain never goes away. Overall, I’m glad our show is staying put for a while. We need more Will, more live performances, less Maddie and some new eye candy for Will (and us) and some strong, talented ladies to add to the mix. Also, stop chopping off Sam Palladio’s hair!


    rebecca1 replied

    haha…agree! I liked Gunnar’s look best the first season. So good-looking! I’ve gotten used to Charlotte’s shorn locks…she has beautiful hair and I missed it at first but now I can’t see her going back to it.

    sonniorsolita replied

    “We need more Will, more live performances, less Maddie and some new eye candy for Will (and us) and some strong, talented ladies to add to the mix. ”
    Hear, hear, Soaphound!

    Also, if Will and Gunnar “go there,” that would be a soapy plot twist for sure! Imagine the scrunched-up look on Scarlett’s face, lol!

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