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12 May 23rd, 2013 NASHVILLE’s Season Finale! A Major Car Crash And So Much More!


Talk about throwing every soap opera cliffhanger device into one not-to-be-missed episode! The folks at ABC’s Nashville delivered their season one finale last night which TV Line aptly dubbed,  “A huge reveal, a new pregnancy, a proposal and a car accident involving two of the lead characters? Good god, Nashville – save something for next season!”

But whatever the case, there was a lot for viewers to wrap their heads around! But the biggest part, Deacon (Charles Esten) fell of the wagon after 13 years of sobriety after finding out that Maddie is his bio-daughter and Rayna lied about it all these years!  When Rayna (Connie Britton) tries to stop a drunken Deacon from a getting behind the wheel after Juliette’s memorial performance for her mother at the Bluebird a fight ensured!  She gets behind the wheel instead and the two of them argue and get into a car accident and Deacon’s SUV rolls over several times! Are they going to come out of this alive? Well, we hope so! They are the series leads, along with Hayden Panettiere (Juliette)!

Elsewhere, Gunnar (Sal Palladio) proposed to Scarlett (Claire Bowen), Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley)  says she is pregnant with Teddy’s (Eric Close) child, Juliette learns her mother sacrificed her own life to protect Juliette and so much more!

OK weigh-in! What did you think of the season finale of Nashville?  Did you love the performances of Connie Britton, Charles Esten and Hayden Panettiere as much as we did?

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  1. Lynn Deal says:

    Great finale — but wow – long time to wait to see what happens with everyone . Sure hope they replay this the week before next season as a reminder of everything going on . Can’t wait !!!!!


  2. claudiakurzyna says:

    I thought it was a great episode! So great, that it is an episode that I will definitely watch a second time!


  3. Tali says:

    Loved it!! Worse thing – have to wait until Fall for the next episode.


  4. Carol Bryan says:

    One word: AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for next season….this will be torture!


  5. rebecca says:

    Absolutely loved it! Totally addicted to this show and am so glad it was renewed. Wish there was a way to promote it to all the daytime soap fans to up the ratings so we can be sure it’ll stay on air for a while.

    As for the season finale…perfect. It’s too long a wait til the new season.


  6. calie says:

    Love Nashville. I could finally see – not sure I forgive – in the last thirty minutes Rayna’s choice to keep Deacon from their daughter. Charles Esten succeeded in making his character unrecognizable to his fans. I love what they have done with the characters of Juliette and Avery ( separately). I look forward to the story of Will next season.


    Vicsze replied

    I agree Callie. His drunken & violent behaviour certainly gave us a glimpse of what he must have been like before he became sober. Let’s hope they both survive so that we can see how all their relationships change now that the truth is out. Hopefully Deacon can have some sort of a relationship with Maddie.
    I can’t wait until Nashville returns. Love the show so much.


  7. west virgina fan says:

    There isn’t a character on this show that doesn’t have multiple levels–good for Rayna’s achiles heel to come out the same attitude of her tenderness with Juliette.
    And I like the contrast between the sins of the flesh and the common–affairs, drug addiction, hair trigger tempers, and the sins of the poweful–wheeling dealing, embezzlement, corrupt uses of power. Who is Teddy to think of himself as better than Deacon with his backstabbing political opponents and shady deals–and at the same time, who would want an out of control addict around children.
    Well done and looking forward to next season. (and I agree that I particularly like the redeeming qualities finally shown by Juliette and Avery–both of them two good actors and characters to be stuck in one note selfish twentysomething hood.


    rebecca replied

    I think Avery was shown to be a good guy almost as soon as he turned his back on his band and Scarlet. He seemed remorseful and wistful…

    I love Jonathan Jackson (Lucky GH and now Avery.

    With that said I’m still rooting for Scarlet and Gunner…though I’m thinking they may pair Avery and Scarlet back together…


  8. pampam917 says:

    WOW!! This finale was the absolutely the best one of all the season finales this year! Excellent writing and of course acting, I was crying the whole time…I am ABSOLUTELY HEART BROKEN that I have to wait till fall to watch what happens next…OH, and let’s not forget the FANTASTIC SONGS they showcase during the scenes..Each song fits like a glove with the acting sequence it’s associated with…EXCEPTIONAL TV!! Thank you for a fantastic first year, it was all it was hyped as and more, exceptional tv♥


  9. Joanne says:

    Loved the season finale – it seems so long until next season. Can’t wait.


  10. Amanda says:



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