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16 January 31st, 2014 NATAS Debuts New Daytime Blog Page! The Debate Rages On: Should Daytime Emmys Return To Their Roots And Be Broadcast During The Day?

Today NATAS’ official website unveiled its new Daytime Television Blog Page with its first entry, which discusses the evolution and its dedicated to  NATAS history and the influence and contributions that daytime programming has had on American culture over the years.

The new blog post contains some memorable clips including Luke and Laura’s classic wedding on General Hospital to the day Walter Cronkite broke into As the World Turns with the shocking news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and more!

In addition, the new blog piece brings up the debate that is still raging today:  Should the Daytime Emmys who often are struggling to find a primetime home for their awards show, go back to their roots and have the show air during the day?

Their first post ends with: “In the beginning, a category defined as “Outstanding Achievement in Daytime Programming” was added for a one time only presentation in 1968. Due to voting rules of the time, judges could opt to either award one or decide whether no one nominated was deserving of the golden statuette. This snub outraged the Daytime community and led to the first separate awards show made just for daytime programming, which was broadcast in 1974 from the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center in New York, with hosts Barbara Walters and Peter Marshall.  Originally aired during the daytime hours, they moved to nighttime in 1991. The debate over whether it should return to daytime has raged on since.”

So, what do you think should the Daytime Emmys air during the day? And not as an evening red carpet affair? Let us know!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Doesn’t matter as long as they air it on a chanel I can watch it on!!!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    They should be in daytime…you dont see primetime emmys in daytime so daytime emmys should be in daytime!!!


  3. MK says:

    I have been suggesting this for the past 5 years, and going back to the basics and focus on the daytime audience in daytime. It could pre-empt a talk show for the day.


    SZima replied

    Hopefully they would pre-empt two shows so we’d have a couple hours.
    Three o’clock on a Friday afternoon would be nice, then everyone could still dress up for the occasion.
    Gotta have a Red Carpet, ya know! LOL


  4. Shortcanuck says:

    Last year’s Emmys were a disgrace and if NATAS doesn’t care @ producing a decent product they should get out of daytime. The Emmys have always been about the actors, and they have been ridiculed enough. The networks reaping profits off the backs of daytime fans, should be held accountable. Either a network show, daytime makes sense, or give it up.


  5. moshane58 says:

    Fine with me..


  6. Dylan says:

    No , they should stay in primetime because more people would watch it. Back when it aired during the day , it was when more people who watched daytime were stay-home parents or retired among other possibilities. The only way it should broadcast is LIVE coast to coast on either broadcast or a cable net that everyone who is a fan of daytime has access to (e.g. Broadcast : Fox , The CW , My Network TV or NBC Cable : A&E , CNN , Fox News , E! or Bravo! ). That is there only option until HLN returns to there corner and airs them, but maybe produce it with the people who produce CNN Heroes , for more better quality and less “crappy cable look”.


  7. 4everDAYS says:

    Brian Williams should present the awards during the NBC Nightly News broadcast!!! Turnabout is fair play!!! “We interrupt this news broadcast to hand out daytime emmy awards”.


    4everDAYS replied

    At the very least, Ken Corday should co-host the nightly news for one night!


    4everDAYS replied

    With Big Bird!!!

  8. Sam says:

    Personally I couldn’t give a *******. Now that OLTL is finally gone, I am done with soaps. The daytime Emmys have be a ****** ** ****** show the last few years. No show is better than what they have put on. Everything is digital now, email the actors their awards. How about in nighttime? ;-)


  9. PatF says:

    Sure. Have them during the day.

    CBS has such a strong Daytime lineup, that I think they should pick it up.

    I’m sure they’ll be winning some Emmys this year, just like all the years past.

    Self promotion.


  10. Sue says:

    As an aside, it has always bugged me that NATAS is Satan spelled backwards…


    Gmbenet replied

    I think you are on to something BIG! LOL!


  11. Gmbenet says:

    Before stating my opinion about airing the Daytime Emmy’s show at night or during the daytime, I would like to know which tv show has a higher rating among viewers: Daytime Emmy’s or Primetime Emmy’s. My guess is Daytime Emmy’s.

    HSN has been doing an excellent job the last two years with their handling of the Daytime Enny’s. Although there may have been a few mishaps, HSN gets a A+ from me for showing much deserved respect to that segment of the television industry.

    Now to my opinion on the question asked. Keep it at night AND keep it on HSN! Any mishaps HSN may commit can be fixed. What is harder to do is find a network to show proper respect to the people who work in the Daytime industry. Such people deserve to walk the nightime “Red Carpet” with all the glitz and glamour that comes with it. They entertain five days a week without the type of hiatus that is common with primetime shows. These people deserve a celebrated night out.

    Part of my enjoyment watching the Daytime Emmy’s on HSN is seeing the entertainers whose work I enjoy so much enjoy themselves – and feeling that I am somehow a part of it because of the interaction through social media between the entertainers and their fans. If the Daytime Emmy’s were held during the day, that realtime interaction between the entertainers and their fans would be greatly diminished. That would be unfair to the fans.


  12. Analan says:

    I have watched the soap AMC from episode 1 until the very last. It was by far much better then the GE soap,they did not have to bring the Mob or the frequent explosions, all the bombing to make it interesting. They had the viewers, but for some reasons, the network decided that the some dumb cooking shows, for already exploding,overweight populations will be much better.
    Wrong,there are very few people watching it, most people I know,switch to Fox news or just look a for a interesting movie at another channel to fill that slot.
    AMC was a great soap with terrific story line,keeping us coming back daily always waiting for the next time,another day.
    Susan Lucci is a great actor & her crew was also second to none. Taking good actors from the AMC & ALTL to make it good at GE,is a big mistake, there is nothing great about GE story,it seems that the GH soap seems to be always struggling with trying to make it watchable. OK ABC you keep on taking good shows from the daytime & bribg on more junk, we are just going to CNN & FOX for something to learn ,because your new crap” does not match up anymore. you must be number 9 or 15 .going down fast- freefall


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