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16 June 6th, 2017 Nathan Fillion Talks His Time On OLTL Working With Robin Strasser & Erika Slezak On LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN!


Former Castle star, Nathan Fillion chatted about his time as Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live this week on Live with Kelly and Ryan when he was a guest on their Niagara Falls episodes.

While talking about his start in soaps, and playing an on-screen romance with an older woman, Dorian, played by Robin Strasser, he noted that because of that storyline he was hit on as a young man by older women via letters sent to him at the OLTL studios.

Fillion, not only made mention of Strasser, but his OLTL mom, Erika Slezak (Viki) during his segment.

Robin Strasser, who saw Fillion’s appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan tweeted: “Nathan Fillion If I only have one life to live, I’m so grateful-I got to work with him! He’s a VERY special man-Star Quality/Quality Star.”

Watch Nathan talk about his remembrances working on OLTL after the jump.  Then let us know, do you remember the Dorian/Joey romance and affair, and how upset Viki was over it? Comment below!

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  1. PennySoap says:

    I Miss Him…


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’m so happy Nathan mentioned his start at One Life to Live. Nathan did a great job as Joey. He’s so right. Working with Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser, if you’ve got an ounce of smarts, how could you possibly fail?

    I loved the Joey and Dorian storyline. It was shocking when it started. My reaction was the same as Viki’s in the beginning. As the story evolved, Joe grew into adulthood and Dorian grew to genuinely care for Joe. There was mutual care and respect between them for the rest of the series.


  3. fginaspy says:

    Nathan Fillion is the only actor I have ever heard be so honestly appreciative of his soap background. I applaud his gratefulness and openness to talk freely of his OLTL experience.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Hey, maybe he’s talking now because he wants to come on another soap.
    BTW, what’s he doing now that his primetime show is gone–and gone, perhaps, if we are to believe ANY of the leaked gossip about the in-fighting of the two stars (one of them, notably, Fillion himself), because he was a prime reason why it is gone. Too bad that egos can destroy such a beloved show. Professionals should be able to work together for the success of the show and to reward the loyal fans of the show. Look out for what you wish for; it might just happen and suddenly you are a persona non grata with no show


    fginaspy replied

    Personally, I didn’t watch his prime time show “Castle” because I didn’t find his co-star likable. Nor did I see the chemistry between their characters. I’ve always thought maybe she was the problem star. I based my earlier comments on other interviews he has done in print and on TV. He got along with his previous co-stars. After all his “Firefly” and OLTL co-stars even appeared on “Castle.”

  4. rose says:

    I have liked Nathan in everything he has been in starting with Joey on OLTL. I don’t even know if they were using the term cougar yet back then. But especially Firefly, Serenity and a really bad guy, Preacher, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The there is Castle. One thing I really liked about Castle is that there were guest appearances of actors from his previous shows, including the soaps…with Susan Sullivan (Another World) playing his mother Martha Rogers. What a wise mom, diva flair she had.

    And as I mentioned under the Kassie return to Days story, maybe current soaps could take a page from soaps when they had more fun, romance, lightness, and adventure to them than the constant dreary, depressing stuff we are seeing now on shows like GH.


    nancy dillingham replied

    I love Susan Sullivan–have since she was on the soaps. She, unlike others I could mention, seems the consummate professional. And now she no longer has a job on the primetime show we loved so much.


  5. Bruce says:

    I loved this and Nathan has always shown his respect for OLTL and I love that.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Wish he had shown more respect for his own show. (Sigh!) Egos CAN and DO get out of hand, don’t they?


    nancy dillingham replied

    Does this ego thing seem like deja vu? Shall I again refer to ugly happenings by another “star,” namely one who left GH about a year or so ago–and who left other people’s egos on the floor–where he stomped on them with his petty tantrums. But Genie is thriving and looking more relaxed and radiant than ever with her fan base intact and her ego firmly in check. Brava, Genie!

  6. Lisa Z says:

    He was awesome as Joey especially when his mom, Viki, was having one of her breakdowns. He was also very good in the movie, “Waitress”. He seems like such a nice guy.


  7. Jamesj75 says:

    What I remember most about that storyline is the way Dorian would lovingly (lustfully?) say, “Joe,” when everyone else was calling him “Joey.” I get it: she saw him as a man and wanted to use the more formal version of his name. But the relationship between Dorian and Joe brought out a tenderness in Dorian, giving her shades of grey — was it 50 shades of grey?!


    dmr replied

    YES! YES! YES! & she always somehow elongated “Joe…”


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hey dmr!

    It was fun stuff on OLTL! Good times… Take care, Friend!

  8. dmr says:

    Love Nathan. He has always spoken so highly of his start in daytime. I remember when Dorian and Joey had their affair. WOW! That was before it was hot to be a “cougar.” Now, that was some great daytime, lunchtime television and storytelling. I miss those days, those stories. On another note, can’t stand Kelly Ripa. Sorry, just can’t. So fake.


  9. Patricio says:

    I saw that episode and it was great that such a talented actor gave credit to his OLTL roots! He also had a small part in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN at that time also credited hid soap roots enabling him to cry on que!


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