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12 November 11th, 2015 Nathaniel Marston Continues Struggle & Remains In Critical Condition After Car Accident

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Former One Life to Live star Nathaniel Martston is still in very critical condition after the latest updates from his mother Elizabeth Jackson, following his horrific car accident on Halloween weekend.  Marston played Al Holden and Michael McBain on the now defunct ABC soap opera.

The last update posted on Jackson’s facebook page was from November 10th where she related on the status of his health crisis:  “Hello Dear Friends and Family…No change today… Another rough day… Nate is scheduled for a brain scan tonight and if fluid has not dissipated he will have surgery to reduce pressure on brain on Wed Nov 11. Doing my best to remain strong. Must rest now… Thank you soo much for your love , kindness, prayers and positive and generous support. It really means so much to me.. Sending all of you love, light and Gods blessings.XOXOXOXOOXOXO”

Previous to that, in another tough and heartbreaking post, Elizabeth noted on November 9th: ” Dearest cherished friends and family so sorry for not posting a daily update until now, but it has been a really difficult day for me because I had a complete mental meltdown.. Doing my best to stay strong and hopeful and I am back on track, mainly because I can feel your prayers positive, thoughts and love lifting me back up. Thank you! Enough about me… Nathaniel was and is so wide awake and has been since early this afternoon.. In my last post I shared that Dr.s were and remain concerned about fluid build up in his skull due to the brain shearing injury. Because Nathaniel is so much more alert today than he has been this is a really good sign. While Dr.’s have scheduled surgery to alleviate the pressure on his brain by drilling two small hole in his skull for Wed Nov 11. Dr.’s will perform a brain scan on Wed prior to surgery to see if fluid has begun to dissipate on its own..If in fact the fluid is dissipating on its own surgery will be cancelled… so lets continue to pray that this surgery will not be necessary. When I was finally able to get a grip on myself tonight I sat down to reflect on the number of miracles which have already been given to us in the last 10 days. First Nate was thrown from the truck which saved his life.. Not sure if y’all saw the cab of the truck, but if so you understand that had he stayed inside he would have been taken out in a million pieces. (The truck looks like it went through a crusher)…This did not happen and Nathaniel does not have a visible cut or bruise on his face, hands, or feet.. He has a few minor abrasions on his legs.. How does this happen to a man who went threw a windshield??? Gods will and love…that’s how.. Next I found out and this is something I did not know… Nathaniel’s heart is on the right hand side of his body this is called ‘Situs inversus’ and this only occurs in .01% of the human population. All of the damage to his ribs and lungs is on the left hand side of his body. Had his heart been located in the normal place on the left, Nate would not have survived the accident. Next miracle is that Nathaniel has survived two operations and 10 days later he is still fighting the good fight. Finally Nathaniel has reunited our family. My only brother and nephew and I have been out of contact and have not spoken since 2007. As soon as I emailed my brother that Nathaniel was in a horrific car accident my brother and his son were on a plane from NYC with my nephew and were here the same day. Nathaniel’s brother Ikaika, sister Lani and father (not the sperm donor of 40 years ago) and the only father Nathaniel has ever known and a man who has not left the island of Kauai to visit the mainland since 1970 got on a plane and was here the next day…Final miracle happened today when I was able to read Nathaniel lips as he asked me for a Pepsi… Because Nathaniel is still on a ventilator he cant talk or drink a Pepsi, but Praise God because the ventilator in attached to the tracheotomy instead of by tubes down his mouth and throat, I was able to read his lips and understand what he was trying to say.. Pray that Nathaniel is off the vent soon so he can have a Pepsi.. OK? If God was able to raise Lazarus from the dead I feel confident that he can knit Nathaniel’s broken bones back together and heal the damaged nerves in his neck, Right??? Sending each and everyone of you peace, love and light… Thank you for your prayers, love, support and hope.. God is and has been hearing our prayers and I am confident that Nathaniel has a huge mission and that his purpose on this Earth to show us that with God anything is possible… Sending peace ,love and light to each and everyone of you… Warmest wishes, Elizabeth”

On-Air On-Soaps will continue to update you as developments warrant on Nathaniel’s condition.  In the meantime, please send your prayers his way.   Share your comments below.

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  1. JLH says:

    So sad. I pray Nathaniel and his loved ones get good news soon…


  2. Sheryl says:

    Prayers, Love ,and Hugs for everyone,


  3. elm51 says:

    wow – i am in tears just reading this michael – i will continue to pray for complete healing for nathaniel……………… heart really goes out to his mother


  4. Rose says:

    I didn’t realize how severe Nathaniel’s injury were. Putting out positive thoughts for his recovery.


  5. Ashleigh says:

    Ugh. My heart breaks for them. Thank the Lord for her holding on to the blessings in this valley. Praying for peace and rest for her and God’s healing touch for Nathaniel.


  6. BeBoppaLula-Vet from the Get says:

    Nathaniel , I am but one of your many fans, and have enjoyed you on OLTL- I have missed seeing you.
    Ever since I found out about your accident, I have been praying for your full recovery and meditating on asking for God’s healing,hands and white light energy to enfold you . God Speed.


  7. blake says:

    I keep checking Elizabeth Jackson’s FB page many times during the day for updates. He is supposed to be have had surgery on his brain today. They are always in my thoughts and my prayers. Keep fighting Nathaniel!


  8. Rebecca Zertuche says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Nathaniel. I send you both a loving hug.


  9. dylan says:

    Mr. Michael Fairman…do you have any way of allowing me to send a personal message, e-mail, or letter to Nathaniel’s mother? I have gone through some things in my life that I would like to share with her as a way of possibly comforting her or bringing her some hope and faith. If you have any way, or know of any way, please help me. I cry every time I read her posts!


    Michael Fairman replied

    Dear Dylan:
    Let me see what I can find out.
    Thanks for reaching out.
    And I cry too reading this last post.


    dylan replied

    Thank you so much Mr. FAIRMAN! I dont always post the nicest messages on your site…..but I really want to send her a personal message!! Thank you thank you!

  10. Mo says:

    Wow, didn’t know he was conceived with a sperm donor. It’s obvious she loves him a lot.


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