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23 April 24th, 2014 NBC and USA To Adapt Telemundo Telenovelas Into English-Language Shows!


Looks like more soaps will soon enter the primetime arena! Today, via The Hollywood Reporter announced that NBC and it’s cable network USA will adapt English-language versions of  hit Telemundo telenovelas: Senor de los Cielos (The Lord of the Skies), Telemundo’s highest-rated novela last season, averaging 2.3 million viewers nightly, and USA is developing the upcoming Mujer de Acero (Woman of Steel).

According to THR, “El Senor de los Cielos is the story of Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya) one of the most prominent Mexican drug lords from the 1990s, whose ambition was to become one of the richest and most powerful men in Mexico.

The telenovela generated more than 35 million page views on, spurring a seven-part midseason web companion series – El Capitulo Secreto (The Secret Episode) — that bridged the first season cliffhanger with the second season, which began last Tuesday.”

For those who may need some info just what is a ‘telenovela”: The telenovela is a widely popular and enduring genre in the Spanish-language entertainment market. The series can run for just a handful of episodes or more than 100, airing weeknights and typically ending with a cliffhanger to hook audiences night after night.  In an increasingly time-shifted universe, telenovelas are still overwhelmingly viewed live.

“Developing this hugely popular telenovela allows us to not only showcase the great plotlines and stories that have captured Spanish-speaking audiences in an English-language adaptation, but it gives us the great opportunity to work hand in hand with our NBCUniversal partners at Telemundo,” said Jennifer Salke, president, NBC Entertainment. “We can’t wait to get started.”

So what do you think of the adapting of more telenovelas?  Seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon banking on their success for their storylines and audience!  Do the storyline concepts of the two mentioned in the post interest you?  Who would you like to see cast in them? Weigh-in!

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  1. janice says:

    here’s the bigger question: Why do the ‘powers that be’ at the big 3 networks assume that soaps will sell and win over audiences in primetime, yet want to abolish them in daytime? It’s never made sense to me. Long live soaps….daytime soaps especially.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I kind of agree with what you are saying but daytime or primetime ill take my soaps where ever i can get them as long as the are good!!!


    Omar replied

    Agree 100% I’ll take them anytime I can get them.

  2. su0000 says:

    That PO’s me!
    The network will run a Spanish telenovela/soap prime time evening’s,
    and let our soaps suffer dwindling viewer numbers during daytime ..

    And, telenovela’s are violent etc..
    So.. for those who complain about a mobster in GH wait for the cartel telenovela ..
    I will like it IF the dubbing is done well .. not a fan of subtitles ..


    EC replied

    The US versions will not be dubbed or have subtitles. They are being adapted into English and will be cast with English speaking actors, similar to Devious Maids. I’m sure many daytime soap stars who are out of work will be auditioning.


  3. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’m really not interested in a story about a drug lord. Too bad NBC couldn’t buy OLTL and AMC. But, I realize the alphabet people won’t sell.


  4. Shay says:

    What a clever idea…NOT! Less than a decade ago, one of the minor networks….(MyNetworkTV)….tried this same thing, and it went down in flames despite attracting such marquis names as Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek. There were three or four different stories, and only one was even watchable…oddly enough, it had the least known cast members, but the plot was passable. Quite frankly, I don’t understand soap showrunners’ obsession with this format….it has totally ruined GH’s storytelling ability as opposed to the traditional method of presenting tales. In addition, the telenovelas are so campy and over-the-top melodramatic that they are more comical than the usual classy affairs one has come to expect in primetime soapies. I say if you want this form of entertainment, then just go to Telemundo.


    davlestev1 replied

    LOL @Shay..even though daytime was in much better shape back then I was all over these shows on MyNetwork..They were silly..cliched..but packed a passable punch more or less. I was disappointed when they went off. Remember the one that had Tatum O’neal on it?? Some of those shows were an outright hoot.


    Shay replied

    Oh yeah, davlestev1, I remember them well. They were so bad they were unforgettable, although the one with the two cute blond Italian restaurateur brothers from NJ who fled to the West Coast to escape the mob was the best one from a storyline point of view. I actually watched all of those episodes. But the Bo Derek/Morgan Fairchild vehicle lost me, even though I tried to stick with it…I just couldn’t waste the VCR hours, when as you pointed out, we still had more daytime drama variety from which to choose. I vaguely recall the program with Tatum…she was such a trainwreck back then that no soap could outdo her real life story!!!! LOL….As for your suggestion about rebooting the great nighttime soaps of yesteryear, there was mention of bringing back “Falcon Crest,” although I cannot imagine it without the late, great Jane Wyman! And even if they don’t do a “Knots” redux, then at least some of their characters should re-emerge on “Dallas,” especially Donna Mills….once her “Swiss Sis” gig with Dr. O. ends, of course! “Peyton Place” was before my time, but I do know that Mia Farrow and Ryan O’Neal played the show’s “supercouple”…. Allison and Rodney, I think???? Quite frankly, no updated plot for the two of them could surpass their real-life sagas….the tales are so outlandish they would be deemed unbelievable even by soap standards! In the words of true telenovelas (not to mention, Bart Simpson….) “Ay caramba!!!!!”

    Jack Welles replied

    Wasn’t one of them some God-awful thing with Bo Derek who absolutely cannot act her way out of a paper bag – I tried to watch it and it was just atrocious – was a few years back -

  5. Mo says:

    Ugly Betty was a success so why not?


    EC replied

    Devious Maids is also doing well and it was adapted from a Mexican show.


    davlestev1 replied

    And why not resurrect FalconCrest or KnotsLanding for that matter…Hell..update PeytonPlace and throw that back on the screens. I guarantee you people will jump on that bandwagon to at least see how it goes.

  6. Kate A says:

    Don’t like GH so I know I won’t be watching. Violence is the last thing I want to watch.


  7. Phillip Brooks says:

    It helpss that ComcastNBCUNIversal OWNS Telemundo so its easier to translate them to NBC/USA


  8. Rapids says:

    I think the shows will be geared to the ever increasing Latino market. Apparently Latinos watch daytime soaps in significant numbers. I’m not interested.


    Lou Piikes replied

    I don’t think so. Otherwise why translate the telenovelas to the English audience in the first place.


    Rapids replied

    Many Latinos are bilingual, especially second and third generation. TV programs are developed for minorities too and they are in English.

    18foxtrot replied

    Rapids, I am living her In Africa, (thanks, don’t need your condolences), and telemundo is a big hit, granted these dumbass people are entertained by anything that comes on from the west. What pisses me of is how the cheap non-professional voice over actors are so stupid and can’t act or lend their voice in a way that would make them the professionals they claim to be.. i.e. Margret on Precious Rose, an overacting wannabe actress, Lola Volcan’s voice over actress, with their overacting squeak voice. Hate them all… My wife watches them until I come in and change the channel… Especially hate the way they use the complete name when addressing each other… i.e. Lola Sanchez Martinez Gonzales Volcan your are a bitch,,,, Don’t call me that Andrea Sanchez Martinez Gonzalez Suarez.. It makes the Latino community sick..


  9. vera says:

    i would love this because i was introduced to telenovelas in 2009 by ny former patient. i loved them alot i loved gata savaje innnocente de ti, and another i forgot the name but it starred eduardo yanez adela noreaga. and the one mariana de la noches. i love the actors helena rojo and ceasar i forgot his last name,laura flores pablo montero omg too many to name. oh ninal conde. so yeah im all for it bring it on.


  10. vera says:

    oops i think i misunerstood the concept. i thought they were bringing telenovelas to primetime and translating them into english. with the original actors . oops. oh well i love telenovelas and i wish i get get them in english


  11. Jack Welles says:

    Personally, it freakin’ annoys me that something like this is considered, but no one could breathe honest life back into ALL MY CHILDREN or One Life to Live – instead they became butchered and not even salvaged at the hands of brainless, witless, clueless PROSPECT PARK ~ cannot stress enough how badly they mismanaged absolutely everything and BLAMED every one else.
    I realize that it is highly unlikely that these two iconic soaps will ever see the light of day again thanks to the combined mishandling of ABC-TV and Prospect Park whom I sincerely hope never come anywhere near a soap again – and no, I’m not sitting around hoping for a miracle – it just totally annoys me that to this day, Prospect Park has not offered any kind of explanation, no apology whatsoever to long time fans, many of whom watched the shows for 40+ years – NOTHING – just declare bankruptcy and the heck with the actors, crew and Fans – I am sorry but I really think it’s despicable.


  12. savannah says:

    How the heck do i watch el senor de los cielos in english im going crazy trying to do this please someone help


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