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16 January 24th, 2015 NBC Orders New Primetime Medical Soap Pilot HEART MATTERS!


The peacock network, NBC, ordered three pilots on Friday for the 2015-2016 season, and one of them is a medical based soap entitled, Heart Matters.

Heart Matters is medical soap about Alex Panettiere, a heart transplant surgeon who struggles to balance her romantic and professional life with her career! Amy Brenneman (Private Practice) and Brad Silberling will executive-produce alongside writer Jill Gordon (My So-Called Life). Susan Carlson, Eric Carlson, Kelly Meyer and Kathy Magliato will co-executive-produce.

Heart Matters is inspired by the life of Dr Kathy Magliato and her memoirs.   As to who will play the title role … that has yet to be announced.

The two other series going to pilot for NBC are from The Flash EP, Greg Berlanti entitled Blindspot, and Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s Unveiled.

What do you think about the premise of Heart Matters? Who do you think will play or should play the title role?  Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    ”What do you think about the premise of Heart Matters? ”

    I think it will be a snore and pale in comparison to the other primetime soaps..
    I say– a snore …


    4ever DAYS replied

    I agree. Anyway, haven’t viewers had their fill of primetime medical soaps?


    su0000 replied

    I guess not..
    no way would waste an hour watch a heart transplant surgeon who struggles to balance her romantic and professional life with her career…. snore..

    davlestev1 replied

    And then they threw in RomaDowney for good measure…TOUCHED BY AN ANNOYANCE!!! ..Sooo sick of her!!!


    KansasGuest replied

    Roma Downey is producing another series for NBC. She’s not involved in the HEART MATTERS pilot.

  2. Rose says:

    May watch GH but it’s way more than a medical show. Not interested in a med show during prime time. Plus any of the trailers for prime time med shows have made them seem way to dramatic and serious for me, especially at night. As it is I spend enough time muting, or switching channels, when all of the depressing pharmaceutical ads come on.


    davlestev1 replied

    LOL..and they’re bringing back NigthWatch which is supposed to be in the U.S.A. but the sets look like they’re in another country doing Doctors without borders…so off putting…I do like the new show on A&E NightWatch about the Police/EMT/FireFighters in New Orleans…not bad.


  3. Val says:

    I’m open to who plays the female lead. All I want is another devilicious doctor role for Vincent Irizarry! :)


    KateA replied

    That would be wonderful to have Vincent back!


  4. Carol says:

    I am looking forward to giving it a shot. I watch Days but at this point I am not very happy with the storyline. The writers need to rethink what they are doing to the show.


  5. Mary SF says:

    Way too early in the process to care– prime time dramas a dime a dozen when in comes to ordering pilots, most never get a shot. But the day any network announces a new daytime drama that I would love to see, but I ain’t holding my breath on that one ever happening.


    su0000 replied

    In 10 years daytime tv will be junk programming and infomercials..
    There will no longer be investing in daytime, it is dying ..

    the soaps need to find a home on cable, the sooner the better..


    Jack Turner replied

    Maybe even LESS than ten years the way things are going.

  6. KansasGuest says:

    I have not watched a medical series on a regular basis since EMERGENCY! was on reruns after school. Not even ST. ELSEWHERE or ER. So, no…this show won’t be for me. As for nighttime soaps, this sounds rather provincial for NBC. I thought they were looking to attract a younger audience with edgier fare (GRIMM, THE BLACKLIST, CONSTANTINE). This sounds too boring even for CBS. Medical-based dramas are passe since HOUSE ended.


  7. Jack Turner says:

    Gee, Heart Matters….as if we need another medical themed evening tv show…..not interested at all.
    Bring back ALL MY CHILDREN combined with One Life to Live….call it LANDVIEW and air it at night. That I would watch.


  8. Brett says:

    Why not focus their attention on DAYS instead of creating new shows, other than the gay story, that soap is in need of repair.


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