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10 August 1st, 2011 NBC says it’s sticking with DAYS for now!

At today’s Television Critics Association panel for NBC in Los Angeles, Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment, addressed the future of the only soap on the peacock network, Days of our Lives.

Greenblatt said, “At the moment, we are happy with its performance. I think it will be on for a while.  Talk about aging shows.  My hat is off to them as they creatively keep these things going. It is the only soap that we have. I think it does relatively well for us.”

According to theHollywoodknow. who also attended the TCA’s, Greenblatt stated for all the cast changes at Days,  that the network had not dictated any of those. “None of those changes have been at our request,” he said.

As to whether or not he thinks the soap might pick up additional audience once the two ABC shows air their finales, he says, “I  think you might be right that some of these [soaps] going away may open up an audience. You may also be seeing this genre going into the twilight years with all the other talks shows and games shows [coming up].”

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  1. leah says:

    gee- wish they could teach respect for fans and loyalty to soaps to that ass at ABC- oops -my bad i mean mr. frons


  2. LUMI says:

    what they say and what they do is a big ?
    there is already talk that Days is gone 2012,thats why they bringing back John and Marlena and the other vets?????
    I sure hope not.


  3. Robin86 says:

    Umm, Isn’t this their usual story and they stick to it… til they don’t? The show is safe… til it ain’t…


  4. joya says:

    This show is on it’s way out as well, lack of diversity on soaps are so out right now. Most people are tired of seeing the same type of people get all the intriging story lines while others are used as back ground post.


    Avelina replied



  5. AlistairCrane says:

    Days was renewed earlier this year through September 2013 with an option to renew through September 14.


    AlistairCrane replied

    *September 2014 obviously.


  6. LUMI says:

    shows can be drop at any time so can contracts no metter if you have a 5 year contract or more or less,thats the way it is.
    I hope Days will be on till there 50th year and more.


  7. junebuggnc says:

    Well, I for one am not sticking with Days! I’m getting tired of characters being fired, written off only to have them brought back a year or two later. I grew up on the CBS soaps and I really can’t remember this happening there. This is not what this fan wants. September 22 will be the last episode of Days that I will ever watch again. Sorry, Days! SEE YA!!!


  8. Vickie says:

    To me, the majority of the talk shows are people moaning and groaning about something or promoting something they are doing. That’s not an escape on every day life…Soaps have lasted because people work hard and soaps allow people a chance to relax and watch characters that have been a part of their lives for such a long time. Talk shows are going to get OLD as more and more networks try and replicate the ones that are already on TV. Then, after they have cancelled their soaps, they are going to be scrambling to figure out what to put into that timeslot that will last more than one season! Put more money and faith into the soaps and you continue to have longevity. I personally do not find the majority of talk shows at all entertaining. I watch the news, read the newspapers, and discuss important world events…I GET the REAL world. Then, when it’s time to escape a bit, soaps give me enjoyment that I crave to conclude my day. Be inventive networks…You have a formula that works…You just need to put a few spins on it here and there…just like LIFE!


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