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12 September 18th, 2011 NEW DEETS: On Melody Thomas Scott’s new Y&R contract … it’s for three years!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

More good news for Nikki Newman and long suffering Y&R fans who are clamoring for their favorite flawed heroine to get back on to the Genoa City canvas … pronto!  In an interview with, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) revealed that her new deal with the series is actually for three years, giving hope to her and the show in general!

Melody revealed, “I was thrilled to hear it was three years. That means they are thinking very positively about the state of everything. That’s great they are.”

The talented actress and long time Y&R staple also said via her Twitter account that she owes a lot of her ending back on the soap with a new contract to her legions of fans! Melody stated, ”If fans had not stepped up, I would not have a job today. I’m so grateful.”

And as far as if we will see our favorite boozy socialite still battling the bottle upon her return to GC in late November?  All Melody could say was something we all love to hear! I love Nikki drinking!” Scott said. “I like it as an actor. It’s much more fun, and everybody seems to prefer a drunk Nikki.”   So stay tuned!

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  1. nhuixnhuix says:

    Not to be a pest but doesn’t that prove that she lied when she earlier started to complain on Twitter about her lack of screentime but said it had nothing to do with difficult contract negotiations and the production company was just being rude to her? Hmmmm


  2. lisamaria says:

    Hurry back!! We miss you…can’t wait till Nikki returns. She is SO important to the show!! Yay!!!


  3. Jared says:

    AWESOME news! Y&R is MTS’s soap. I have become so concerned by the current Y&R regime’s patterns of stunt casting, rewriting history and ignoring the show’s prior excellence in delivering beautiful character-driven drama. Note to Y&R producers/writers: stop bringing on big-name actors and shoving characters in our faces that we don’t care about, and stop, and I mean stop now, with all this plot-driven story that insults our intelligence. Note to Sony: do start respecting the people who work at Y&R and those who have given this show their lives for decades. Dear Sony, these people make the money for Sony and CBS, so start showing so a little respect.


  4. lisa says:

    I am thrilled to bits Melody will be back on the show soon.
    But Judas Priest – Don’t put her back with Victor….it’s sooo done and doner.
    I’d like her to come back and take the “mustache” to task for continually interfering in Victoria’s life.
    And find her a new love interest.


  5. Lew says:

    I don’t want to see a drunk Nikki – Enuf already!!! I want to see her with a backbone and starting a life for herself and not focusing on the lives of her GROWN children. Y&R has not been the same without her and Victor maybe her soul-mate, but in the end he always disappoints her. The character deserves better.


  6. Amal says:

    Doesn’t matter to me if Nikki is drunk or sober, just thrilled Melody is back! Can’t wait for November…the day she returns is the day I start watching again! :D


  7. kalamaty says:

    HOORAY!!! Fantastic news! Congratulations to Melody and to Sony for coming to their senses. I can rest easy knowing my favorite desperate housewife is settling in for another three wonderful years!


  8. Brian Greene says:

    Good for Melody & Y&R–Yay! :)


  9. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    I like Melody Thomas Scott very much, and while I think that she is a talented actress, I truly cannot believe or understand why she should be making double the amount of money on Y&R that Eric Braeden makes. Melody is a good actress, and is a true beauty,and she is an important element to the success of the show, however Mr. Eric Braeden is an absolutely gifted, great actor, he stands alone as one of the best actors ever. How is it that an actor of his stature would be making less money? Without Eric Breaden Y&R would not have become the #1 soap, and because of him the show has maintained that status. If any one person on Y&R should be making more money than anyone, it should be Eric Braeden.


    Mae replied

    I absolutely agree Victor, Kay C. & Nikki makes this show!!


  10. Mrs. B says:

    Glad that Nikki”s back.
    Some glamour and style. All we need now is Dru back and that will complete Y&R


  11. Jen says:

    I remember when they hired that actress whose character rescued Nick after the plane crash. Her contract was for three years too. She didn’t last one year.


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