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12 June 6th, 2015 New Details On MICHAEL’S AMAZING SOAP TRIVIA CHALLENGE! Will Give Soap Fans A Chance To Strut Their Knowledge On!

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

On-Air On-Soaps has learned some additional details on the plans for upcoming soap opera game show that will be part of the line-up of the new online destination coming this fall!

Originally titled: The Amazing Soap Trivia Challenge, the series has been rebranded as Michael’s Amazing Soap Trivia Challenge, referring to the series host, Guiding Light favorite, Michael O’Leary (Ex-Rick Bauer).  

In the series concept, during each episode three soap fans armed with a wealth of soap opera trivia knowledge will vie for cash prizes and more!  But they won’t be appearing before a studio audience … no!  They will be playing the game right at Michael O’Leary’s front porch!

In the coming weeks look for how you can be chosen as one of the lucky fans to participate on this unique game show experience – think Pee-wee’s Playhouse meets “Millionaire” meets Newhart – hosted by the charming and oh-so-funny, O’Leary!

And don’t forget, to receive all timely updates on upcoming series, promotions, previews, and how you can become a contestant on Michael’s Amazing Soap Trivia Challenge make sure to sign up today at!

What do you think of the concept of Michael’s Amazing Soap Trivia Challenge? Do you want to see how you can play the game on O’Leary’s front porch? Let us know!


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  1. vinman says:

    Have always wish there would be a “soap opera”game show!


  2. lou piikes says:

    Does this mean Michael is hosting the game show from his home? If so, what a concept for an online game show! !


    Blake replied

    I agree!


  3. Sue says:

    I guess a game show on Michael’s front porch might be as close as we can get to a Baur BBQ.


    lou piikes replied

    And the 4th of July is right around the corner. LOL


    Blake replied

    Good point! Yeah I sure miss the Bauer BBQ.


  4. Rodd says:

    Love the idea and can’t wait to see it played out. Maybe I’ll be a contestant some day. Woo-hoo!


  5. Blake says:

    This is a really cool idea. Glad to see Michael O’Leary again!


  6. Steve says:

    Always wanted a soap opera game show/ trivia ….cool. Am def intereested in being a contestant………


  7. Leonna says:

    What a great idea!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to put my soap knowledge to the test!!!! Can’t wait to hear more details!!!!! … Lol, Sue, on the Bauer Barbecue reference! That would be so fun!


  8. Donna Tarlton says:

    Would love to be on this


  9. Donna Tarlton says:

    Would love to participate in this game show


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