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23 January 3rd, 2014 New GH Hunk Ryan Paevey’s Twitter Account Revealed To Be A Fake! The Real Ryan To Be On Twitter Soon!


General Hospital’s latest casting addition Ryan Paevey (Nathan West) has already been making a name for himself with his sexy good looks, and now is the unfortunate victim of social media fraud!  Quite quickly after the GH casting news for Paevey made the soap news online, the Twitter account with the handle @Ryan_Paevey showed up and the account holder was following several people within the industry, as well as making up tweets as if they were indeed the actor himself.

On-Air On-Soaps reached out this afternoon to Paevey’s management team of Justice & Ponder and spoke directly to representative, Rodney Ponder.   He informed us that Ryan thought his management team came up with the Twitter handle, while the management thought he did, which added to the confusion.   Once they realized an imposter went up on social media pretending to be Ryan, and posting messages that in no way sound like Paevey himself,  the management team alerted Twitter.   Ponder informed us that Ryan will shortly be up on Twitter with a verified account in the next week or so!

Earlier today the management team tweeted from their official account, “SOOOO, it turns out @Ryan_Paevey is not our client RYAN PAEVEY and we are alerting Twitter now that this is an impostor using his name.”

So the question remains, why are people so compelled to pretend to someone they are not, which is an unfortunate syndrome that crops up on Twitter from time to time?  Did you follow the fake Ryan’s account?  Are you looking forward to following the real Mr. Paevey’s tweets?  Let us know!


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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He and Elizabeth would make a great couple…however, i did see a look in Maxi’s eye that says’Spinneli who?’…lol


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Sometimes i wonder if some of this is a publicity stunt…just saying!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I have a feeling this guy wont be at GH long term…he’s got that movie star aura about him…so enjoy him in PC while you can

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    He is a future movie star…

    denisefan replied

    I doubt this is a publicity stunt. Ryan will get plenty of attention on GH. He is gorgeous and you are prolly right…. Ryan is a great prospect for Hollywood. Let’s enjoy a year of his acting and hopefully he will be ready for offers to star in some romantic movies.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    He also kinda reminds me of the late Paul Walker…imo


    smoochie replied

    I agree about him having “movie star” looks. I actually checked him out online to see where he’s been all this time ( he is 29 yrs old) and of course he’s been modeling since high school with some film credit Birds of a Feather (2011) and The Girl with the Gloves (2011). I guess you never know who is going to really make it on the “big” screen. The first time I saw Josh Duhamel on AMC I just knew he was the next big film star, and while he’s done quite a bit of work since leaving AMC, Transformers has been his most well known project besides marrying Fergie. Hopefully Josh will catch a break like Brad Cooper did and the same for Ryan. Hollywood is fickle and youth is an important commodity as it is fleeting. So is hair.

    Cindy replied

    That is the first thing I thought too. he looks exactly like Paul! Hair color change is about it. Oh yes, PW had blue eyes. He would have been a great candidate to portray him for the last F&F. But he was already involved in GH I suppose.

    Patrick replied

    it’s that black hair and blue eyes thing GOING ON

    and on and on

    and, SO – ON -

    Julie replied

    I thought so too. Maybe they should have had him take over for Paul Walker.

  2. deskyent says:

    I think it is sad when that happen’s. This morning on twitter. “soap central .com” I clicked on 2013 people of the year & it took my whole computer down. A Virus!! I was so mad! I needed a computer tec come in and get it out.


  3. smoochie says:

    I don’t tweet but my heart started twittering as soon as I saw Ryan’s debut on GH. I had to actively tell my heart to be still. Yes indeed. I haven’t felt like that about a new male actor in ages. For the short amount of time he appeared, I think he is definitely bringing some acting skills to the table, and so far has noticeably good chemistry with Maxie. ( something to look forward to after she eats, prays and finds love back in PC).


    Matthew replied

    Awww! Your comment made me smile.


    JLH replied

    I had to laugh when he had a towel scene within a couple days of his debut! He’s super-super-hot. Seems like he can act, too, but I have to admit to being mesmerized a bit too much to be objective!


    denisefan replied

    I am completely not objective when an actor with his presence makes my body go crazy!

  4. Chantal says:

    And I was glad to have received a response LOL!


  5. Angela says:

    I did follow the fake twitter account. Then things took a strange twist with another follower and it seemed very childish and crazy.. then woke today and found it was a fake.. just seems sad to me that someone would be that crazy and desperate..


  6. Jesenia says:

    I too was a victim of the fake Ryan Paevey twitter account. I definitely can not wait to start following the real Mr. Paevey’s tweets. It’s just sad to see that certain people have nothing better to do but pretend to be someone else.


  7. Kimberly says:

    Damn! I knew when he followed me it was too good to be true!


  8. Kim says:

    The person behind the impersonating Ryan account, their name is Holly. They were casting the blame off on a Brianna girl as well as soapfan31 but Holly has been a long time stalker of both of them. The way she was desperately trying to pass the blame onto those 2 made it obvious that it was HollysHere behind it and no one else.


  9. Rodd says:

    Signs of a sick mind???


  10. brian says:

    The scene from Fridays show where Anna vets him was amazing.


  11. ty says:

    I hope they don’t pair him with any of those women already on the show! Please hire some fresh face beauty. Those women have been around and around and around and……


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