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64 May 4th, 2016 New GH Promo & Nathan Varni Teases: “Everything Will Change Forever For One Major Character!”


Looks like an upcoming car crash will change the life of a major character involved in on the upcoming Monday, May 9th episode of General Hospital!

The fist clues of who it is comes in the form of the new promo for the Daytime Emmy Award-winning drama series. This bit of intel comes directly from GH’s ABC executive Nathan Varni, who teases on his facebook page:  “New promo for General Hospital is up for this week! And just a heads up, spread the word and make sure you watch or set your dvr’s for Monday May 9th’s game changing episode of General Hospital. It is definitely must see as everything will change forever for one major character. Don’t miss a very special episode of ABC’s General Hospital 5/9/16″

What viewers see in the promo is imprisoned Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) being transferred to a another facility with Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) in the backseat of a car, and Dante Falconeri  (Dominc Zamprogna) in the front seat and someone else driving.  Meanwhile, there looks to be another vehicle that is coming straight at them.

Watch the General Hospital game-changer after the jump!  Then let us know  … do you think Carlos, Nathan, Dante or someone else will meet their demise …  or perhaps be in peril with alife-changingmedical condition?  Share your theories in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    LOL ..
    I won’t hold my breath..
    GH has become more than lame ..
    No matter how much hype is spewed about a great exciting whatever it falls flat, every time.


    Theresa replied

    The storyline with Anna trying to get justice for Duke is getting so old, I can’t stand to watch it anymore. I DVR and when that comes on I fast forward, they are dragging that out and I hate what the writers are doing to Franco, they made him nice and now they are making him dark again.


    Patrick replied

    I am so not looking forward to Franco “spiral”

    it’s funny to root for an actor… who’s so good at layering his artistic impression

    he does comedic so well… with his facial expressions alone… LOL… OK he’s part Todd forever and batty Franco

    dang it! when RH first premiered on GH… as Todd with Connie… @Crimson… it roared… and I’m so glad the show is moving away from caustic and “over” with Nina

    once again… GH is showcasing and featuring “Jason” at the expense of Roger Howarth

    steer away from this… and do not let his character… ( who , i’m with you, has made leaps and giving Franco “humane” quality )

    LOL… I want the dark dastardly side of what Roger Howarth brings… only .. if it’s to drive his character on to new and better things for … gotta love him… Franco

    imagine him and Liz… or better yet.. bring back Connie Falconeri… Kelly Sullivan is available… she’s the right character with the same drive… and energy

  2. kim champion says:

    Oh, no not Dante!!!!!!!!!


  3. Soaphound says:

    My guess is that Carlos will let escape and/or be rescued. I’m sorry, I know Carlos shot Duke, but that loathsome Julian is even more guilty and now also of Hale Garrett’s murder (unless they’re deliberately misleading us). Either way, Alexis needs to start putting what’s left of her conscience ahead of her heart…and her libido!


    Harry replied

    Right and don’t forget, Julian ordered the hit on Duke.
    Alexis has always known this to be true and she married the slimy bastard anyway.


    Theresa replied

    The storyline with Anna trying to get justice for Duke is getting so old, I can’t stand to watch it anymore. I DVR and when that comes on I fast forward, they are dragging that out and I hate what the writers are doing to Franco, they made him nice and now they are making him dark again.

    Shay replied

    @Harry….That’s because Alexis has “mobster groupie-itis” If it’s not one thug, then it’s another….they seem to be the only type of guy that gets her juices flowing. (And they flow like the Amazon!)

    Timmm replied

    We have holster sniffers, groupies and sports obsessed women [See Kardashians for any of the listed!] and then there is Alexis. It amazes me that Kristina is worried what Alexis or Sonny will think because she MIGHT be a lesbian. Really? Hey Krissy, loving another girl is NOTHING compared to what mommy and daddy did, done and do!

    Rebecca1 replied

    I so detest being redundant, but seems we all are since our opinions of characters don’t seem to change…but Alexis knowing what Julian did is no different than Sam or Elizabeth knowing what Jason did, Hayden/Rachel and Elizabeth knowing what Nicolas did or Rick did, Olivia knowing knowing what Johnny and Sonny did, Carly knowing what Sonny did, Diane knowing what Max did…Robin knowing what Jason and Sonny did…and in the words of Yul Brynner, excetera, excetera.

    The Waltons have left the building…

    Shay replied

    Ain’t gonna happen, Soaphound! Just look at Exhibit A on today’s episode….as usual, Alexis took the low road and opted for a roll in the hay rather than face the truth about her duplicitous, devious dude. Talk about making the same mistakes over…and over….and over again!!!!! She’ll never change as long as that libido of hers reigns supreme!


    Rose replied

    I think it was way more than a “roll in the hay” and what happened with Alexis today. I hope she’s finally waking up. The range of emotions on her face was amazing from start to finish as she finally started to face the reality of Julian. Not saying it was pretty, but a final crash of her emotions…trying to blank out what she has suspected down deep since Julian asked her to help Carlos…her mind finally starting to put two and two together when she looked at her briefcase and Julian’s access to it…then asking him to tell her the truth…her begging him to tell her he loved her over and over (probably a lot of baggage here based on her upbringing)…to what I would call “unsatisfying” sex instead of lovemaking to seal the deal for promises and vows he made to her…maybe even Anna’s and her daughter’s words echoing in her mind.

  4. Rodd says:

    It’s hard to tell just from the short promo. Carlos isn’t really that major (he’s not in the opening credits), so that leads to believe it will be Dante or Nathan. Since Nathan has the whole “who is Claudette” story going and Dante’s “reunion” story with Lulu doesn’t seem to be picking up any speed, I lean more toward it being him. ~ Oh, who knows? There are so many avenues to go down. I’ll just have to watch and see…Which, I’m happy to do.


    Rodd replied

    OH, I do think that if Carlos was the one effected in the accident, it may give the writers a chance to keep JVP on the canvass as a reformed Carlos. LOL!


    MT replied

    Dante needs to die and the beautiful and talented but uneeded Olivia needs to leave town along LuLu until she’s recasted. Laura has connections all over the canvas including her son, she doesn’t need Lulu tbh

    j9 replied

    Maybe Carlos will save the Governor’s other daughter’s life and he will be pardoned, LOL! Hey, it worked for Sonny!

    terry replied

    i think Jason is driving other car and the crash he hits his head and regains his memory

    su0000 replied

    I would rather have Carlo’s than either Nathan or Dante- they both bore me to stone.
    The whoopie moment might be a thrill but as always what about after the after the moment, that is when it goes blah..
    It’s going to need a really hard hitting plot line to not fail .

    Patrick replied

    I hope it’s not Sabrina… returning “home” to Port Charles… as the newly married wife of Carlos… bringing their son home

    could it be Sabrina… i’ll be crushed if it is… after all this would be like the same thing that happened to Sage (@Y&R)… she crashed before she could tell Nick about their son

    now it’s Sabrina … returning to Port Charles with their son…

    I Loved it … when Carlos told Michael (ugh! he’s so dire)

    LOL when Carlos told Michael he’s married to Sabrina

    it just bites ! lame! as if Sonny is cohercing Jason…. ( you don’t know it yet but YOU LOVED MIchael… are you going to help him or not ) does Sonny want Jason to Kill Sonny ???? LAME!

    this stuff about Carly…. God ! slow down already… Finn all smiles getting CUTE with Carly…. as she’s welcoming him to Port Charles… she had nothing else to say but talk about Roxie the lizard and how Josslyn would love knowing he’s staying…. and then they start talking about… how body parts are being stolen… etc

    CArly looks that shocked…. dang! OK this is “drama” here they go… forced pairing… Carly and Finn

    just saying…

    when Frank Valentini centers EVERY THING in and around Sonny and Carly…


    they are not even fun to watch or interesting… and just lack

    neither of these characters really meld… blend… or or bonded with any one on the show… except…. for the millionth billionth trillionth time… how it’s all for their kids



    Theresa replied

    I agree, Sonny and Carly are boring anymore. I like Finn. They need to stop dragging out storylines for months on end and come up with some good stuff.

    Timmm replied

    I think after the car crash Nathan will have a brain injury that will allow him to finally act!


    Shay replied

    Ouch! God will get you for that one, Timmm….or at least our CeeCeeGirl will, if she ever makes it back here. Where for art thou, CeeCee????

  5. Lisa says:

    I think it’s going to be Dante – I mean he’s happy with LuLu again ,and ya can’t have that on a soap.


  6. Scoma60 says:

    This promo just highlights how out of touch ABC/GH are with viewers.
    GH just did a van accident on the way to prison. That time it was Sonny/Ava/Julian.
    I’m so fed up with all the criminals who populate GH.They never pay & the show tries and romanticize them. They’re murderers: Sonny, Jason,Julian,Carlos,Ava,Paul,etc…
    GH needs to scrap all these thugs & get back to telling classic soap w/o guns & violence.
    In 2016 with rampant gun violence in America it’s really in bad taste.


  7. Linda says:

    Don’t hurt Det. Sexypants!!


  8. Mary SF says:

    My guess is Sonny ordered someone to take out Carlos but told them to make it look like an accident and Dante will be the character affected — which means Sonny will have to live with the guilt of what ever happens to Dante– I don’t think they will kill Dante, but a life threatening injury seems the more likely scenario– they could go the route Days did in Jan and have Dante needing a transplant of some sort and Carlos is brain dead and his organ is harvested to save Dante, who after the transplant starts acting like Carlos– sorry I forgot Ron’s not writing this– whatever happens my hope against hope it will be something original and different. I mean both Days and Y&R did car crashes this year– can GH come up with a new spin on this theme?


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    No…Dante thinks he is Claudette and the love of Nathan’s life…lol


    Patrick replied

    I read in the SOD issue… this is all going down…. May 9th

    it’s more than likely going to be Dante…. as this gives Sonny and Carly MORE drama and “big” story….

    argh! Just as Frank Valentini said…. ” on behalf of the cast – LED BY – Laura Wright and Maurice Benard

    give me a break already….

    thankfully… at least it seems the writers are splitting up … HOPEFULLY

    Julian and Alexis… she’s such a snore… Nina has to be more fun than Alexis

    Jason and Sam… May 9th !!!! heads up… he gets “ALL” his memory back

    thank the soap gods… apples and oranges

    he looks at Sam
    he looks at Liz

    he’s still stupid lame and so uninteresting if he chooses Sam

    hopefully he dumps Sam and really and truly bonds as a Quartermaine

    everythings being so NEAT and bow tied and happy all around for Jason and Sam that it’s sappy sugar coated and snooze

    rolling LOL… thank you JimH another hilarious quip


    Patrick replied

    i’ll try at times to let debby downer break


    these “new’ writers… as said…. do some FUN things with the couples that are so heavily featured…. course I don’t think it’s possible

    some serious dullard w/snore

    carly and sonny
    alexis and Julian
    sam and Jason


    posts seem to be getting excited …. @ the prospect and potential… vavavoom

    Dillan and Kiki
    Aaron and Kristina
    Julian and Nina
    Ned and Olivia
    Franco and Liz
    Mac and Felicia

    the new station nurse ala “tributary” Amy Vining
    heck for that matter… Monica and Tracy lovefest

    I have totally given up on Sonny and Carly… AND Jason and Sam

    GH feature the above mentioned NEW coupling

  9. SW says:

    Definitely Dante! Sniff!


  10. Alan says:

    The only GH change I’d be interested in is one involving new head writers.


    Theresa replied

    I agree with you Alan, these writers are horrible.


    Dawn replied

    Yes! Can Frank be in the car


    Timmm replied

    Frank leads GH and the just won an Emmy. He is NOT the problem!

    Dan replied

    That’s really classy, Dawn. So much for Michael Fairman’s post the other week about civility on this page. In one ear and out the other, as usual.

  11. Charday says:

    Let’s hope it’s Dante (or Sonny or Franco). :-)


    Theresa replied

    Sonny and Carly are so boring anymore, I fast forward when there around.


  12. Michael says:

    I will wait and see who it is since that clip doesn’t really show anything.


  13. Daisy says:

    Anyone but Dante. I’d rather the accident take out half a dozen newbies than lose a central character like Dante.


  14. Rod says:

    I know it won’t be but let it be Nathan


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Dont i wish…but i have better chance of being struck by lightening twice-lol


    Timmm replied

    Nathan is someone’s favorite over at ABC?

  15. Freeman Griffin says:

    Based on hints I have heard elsewhere, I believe they are killing off Dante.

    I have been so bored with GH lately that I will likely skip it. I have also been bored with Days. I have been loving B&B and Y&R, which is the exact opposite of where I was with my soaps last year at this time. (sigh)


    Shay replied

    @Freeman Griffin….GH already killed off the character of Dante, or at least his very essence, when they had him dally with Vapid Val.


    Timmm replied

    Hi Shay, I totally agree, no matter what books he read on marriage his little “Dante” was a bad boy and Lulu should have moved on! Kill Dante and hopefully Michael and Morgan will be crossing the street the same time!

    Shay replied

    I hear you, Timmm! Lulu is now the proud recipient of Vapid Val’s sloppy leftovers….ick, and double ick! I wouldn’t miss Dante a whit if he were to end up as roadkill and the same goes for those witless wonders, Mikey and Morgan! (And speaking of the “Mikester,” what’s the first thing he does after being handed back ELQ and its CEO position on a silver platter? Immediately go to work like any sane person? Nope. Go to Disneyworld to celebrate? Oh, no….he goes out of the country to hunt down the equally inane Sabs who dumped him like yesterday’s trash whilst carrying a gangster’s offspring. Yeah, there’s the sort of genius of a guy that should be running a corporation! I can only hope that Tracy recovers her sensibilities and soon before there is another hostile takeover of her father’s beloved firm!)

  16. Samantha Smedley says:

    Can’t say for sure but I believe the person to be afftected will be Carlos.


  17. Tristan says:

    It has already been spoiled that on this “special” episode Jason regains all of his memories. He is driving the other car.


    Patrick replied

    The April 29th ep:

    it was a good day… to laugh w/ Sonny

    his mobster theatrics … had me rolling

    he’s telling Carly… “Our Jason is gone” because “Jason” will not… on command … when ordered to put out a hit on Carlos, for Michael.

    Sonny was telling Jason… you wouldn’t even question your actions… or motivations… etc…

    I will give prop to Jason… when he responds to Sonny… I have too much to lose.
    IE: his wife and KIDS… that Jason never had before… so it was LOL to think that Sonny didn’t think of Jason Kids… but sure as heck wanted his kids taken care of

    so… whatever does play out… it will all play into the reveal of the “car crash”

    and of course… at the very end of that ep… theirs the man of the hour… definition of masculine and thrills and chills…. at the police station… Jason mystique is seen watching Carlos and Michael

    I don’t know … what the writers will end up doing… with Jason… if he has too much to lose… ie: working with Sonny. but WILL go around town beating and killing any one who hurts Sam… OK whatever

    it’s so dime store bubblegum and cute

    GH simply has got to use Billy Miller talent… as a “Q” and as a doctor


    Timmm replied

    Why is Jason driving the van?


  18. Lucy D. says:

    I think Carlos dies. Nathan gets injured & Jason regains his memories


    Patrick replied

    that’s my fear… after all the dumbing down of characters and plot point drive

    think Sonny and Anna together… in a story ??? that will never happen again… at least “not” allies


    Sonny with no respect avenges his manhood… and Carlos is snuffed
    Anna exacts Duke murderer

    Nathan was just recently stabbed… LOL… would this curtail Maxie and Sam super sleuthing Claudette for a while… till a storyline is out of the bag

    I think it’s going to be Dante… what else have we got to do… but continually REEL Sonny and Carly… it’s all about their family and it’s all about his kids

    OK.. i’m the real Debbie downer

    Jason and Sam still belong together after his 110% REAL emerge ?

    if the writers continually spotlight this lame leather jacket duo… at the expense of Quartermainia

    oh wait… Alexis mounts an all out save my marriage


    Lucy D. replied

    I hope Dante doesn’t die. I read that Dr O and Maxie have a bonding moment–so I assumed it was over worry for Nathan.

    Patrick replied

    I hope… Dr. O… since being fired as “chief of staff” is not on her way out

    no matter how much posts were in a huff about her position

    the treat of Dr. Leisl is still that

    GH really needs to play up her part as Aunt Leisl

    give some warmth and nurturing to Nina and her aunt

    Nina sure needs it

    Theresa replied

    I would like Sam and Jason to stay together but have a better storyline, work together as PI’s. I would like to see Julian with Alexis, she was so happy, he really wanted out of the mob for his family, but his stupid sister got him back in, he did it to save her.

  19. Theresa says:



  20. GemmaG says:

    I love RH as any character. He is the master of micro expressions, and I love to watch him do drama or comedy. He is gonna be scary Franco – yeah!!! I watch GH to see him. They are trying to go backwards to the Jason show, with Sam having bitchy ESP detective skills and everyone is supposed to want Jason to be a brain damaged monosyllable moron. ‘NUF! New writers / new writers / new writers!!!! Liking new Finn, new Griffin, and that funny new nurse Amy (she had me with ‘voice transplant’), so I can ignore the desire to go back to the old format for a little while longer (just a little). The actors make up for the writing, but comeonalready. Nina/Franco break up over a puppy? really?


  21. Jacob says:

    Dante gets a head injury, gets amnesia, and spends the next six months believing himself to be “Lester Pate” (that’s for us old “SOAP” fans) :)


  22. Jillie says:

    Wow! By reading all these comments I don’t understand why any of you bother to watch the show. You all would be the first to complain as soon as they cancel the show due to the fact that no one likes the way it is going these days. smh


  23. Kevin O. says:

    1) “GH” should get new writers STAT! 2) Nathan is sooooo boring. Kill him off and let Maxie play the field.


  24. Fanny says:

    When Sonny and Carly had a little chat regarding JASON who is, but isn’t
    last week….the disconnect was so evident between these characters who
    were once so close…needs to be addressed and put to rest. Otherwise why
    bring it up. Perfect segway…A Major car collision to restore Jason’s memories.
    Okay not the most inventive way to go about it, since every time HE’S been in a
    CAR it hasn’t gone so well for him. But alas for the fans, we’ll finally be able to
    put this long winded storyline in our rear view.


  25. TMG says:

    I would like to see Julian with Alexis why do they always have to make him the bad guy let his past be his past. I hope Nathan survives but it doesn’t look good for him it seems like they are trying to replace him with Griffin. Duke wasn’t such a good person himself he had a hit on Jordan does anyone remember that.


  26. Patricia Foote-Johnson says:

    My friends and i hope hale garrett is not dead that sonny,griffin or thepc cops saved him.Blake shelton is an exciting young actor gh needs to keep ,he is like a young tony geary, team him with kiki they could be the next luke and laura,his scene at the bar with alexis where he thumped on the bar reminded me of a young luke spencer.


  27. Lily says:

    Carlos is already dead, but I did hear that Lucas is going to be injured somehow, and Carly and Bobbi will have to make a “difficult decision.” Granted, this is from CDL, so I take it with a grain of salt. If they have Sonny and Carly split FOR ANY REASON I’M DONE WITH GH! Sonny and Carly are why I got into the show, why I keep watching the show, and I’ll keep watching as long as they’re together. I’ll come back when they reconcile again, because they always do. I know they have Avery’s custody issues coming up too, so hopefully they’ll be safe for a while.


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