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3 August 6th, 2010 NEW Photos: GH’s Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Maurice Benard!


ABC Daytime has released some brand new images from a photo shoot with Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) and Maurice Benard (Sonny).  This marks the first time the sexy and exciting duo have been together in this setting for the first time in nearly eight years!

As we get ready next week for the Brenda invasion starting on Monday, August 9th, when mistaking Claire Walsh for Brenda, Sonny tries to distract himself from his memories of Brenda by pursuing Claire.  However Sonny still cannot get her out of his mind – and he remembers the first time he told Brenda he loved her.

Then Tuesday, August 10th it’s the three hour programming block which takes over the ABC Daytime lineup that day, called Brenda Barrett’s Men: A Special General Hospital Marathon.  And then Wednesday August 11th the highly touted and anticipated return of Brenda herself in an all new GH episode.   

Courtesy/ABCSo get ready, and we  hope you found the images enticing! Could Sonny and Brenda finally find their way back to each other this time?  Stay tuned!

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  1. semaj says:

    i hope sonny and brenda reunite and i want some brenda and robin scenes


  2. Nicole says:

    General Hospital has done it!! reuniting the best couple in soap opera history.
    Let them finally be happy and have a child>

    what is wrong with Claire? she is delusional to think Sonny will give her a child, its ridiculous that the only woman sonny really really truly loved never gave him a child> that’s crazy.



    Denise replied

    I love this promo ” the man, the father, the moving target” it brings to mind the Bionic man lol. I simply can’t wait until Brenda and Sonny hook up again the waiting is to much , when i she going to get to Port Charles already I am ready to see some Brenda and Sonny angst already!


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