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5 October 3rd, 2012 NEW: Revenge Sexy Cast Photo Shoot From Tyler Shields!

Photo Credit: Tyler Shields

Ah, those handsome men and sexy women of the Hamptons caught up in the web of deceit and betrayal of Emily Thorne and The Grayson’s,  stopped by Tyler Shields studios to take some provocative, sexy,  and twisted cast photos!  But hey, what else would we expect from the sizzling and alluring primetime soap opera!

The photographer posted the photos on his website  And for those who don’t know of Shields work, he got his start directing music videos then began photography. Tyler is known for his work with video portraits and his photography work in the art and celebrity form.

Now take a look at the some startling imagery featuring Revenge cast members: Gabriel Mann, Emily VanCamp, Nick Wechsler, Christa Allen, Ashley Madekwe, Josh Bowman, and Connor Paolo, and then let us know which picture is your fave?

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  1. su0000 says:

    I love Revenge and I am now addicted to it !1
    ABC has some great shows/entertainment this season !!
    (including GH)


  2. bc says:

    Handsome men and pretty women of revenge of course have to be majority white people and 1 part black actress. this is how hollywood operates. hollywood defines what is attractive as being white and racial minorities that closely resemble white standards of physical appearance. It’s a part of hollywood’s brainwashing society by marginalizing racial minorities. This is prevalent. This happens especially on soap operas bec they are abt romantic relationships and therefore need conventional leading men and women who are defined by hollywood as white. Even tv shows w/ less conventional leading actors have to demonize racial minorities. Isn’t it odd that CBS’s hit comedy “theory” only has their white nerds w/ romantic relationships. Howie gets married. Sheldon has bernadette. then there’s the other guy w/ Penny. But the only Indian character Raj has to date a closeted lesbian and consider marrying her. The only Indian character Raj has to date one of his talking gadgets while the other white nerds have romantic storylines. And yet Raj is actually the handsomest! hollywood keeps losing revenues and their audience keeps shrinking bec of these offensive portrayals. revenge had the opportunity to give more roles to Asian americans given that emily’s revenge scheming is entirely bec of her training from Asian character Takeda. But as usual hollywood chooses to actively belittle Asians by not giving Takeda a romantic storyline and by having majority of Victoria’s help be Asian women.


    k replied

    Finally someone on this board who sees the light. Couldn’t agree more.


    cindy replied



  3. Iakovos says:

    I do like the series REVENGE, but these photographs are not my taste.


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