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0 August 15th, 2009 NEW: Soapside Advocate’s Guide to Daytime w/”DAYS” Louise Sorel and more!

louiseSorel.jpg“DAYS” returning Louise Sorel talks with Michael Fairman in the lead story of his new Soapside: Advocate’s Guide to Daytime column.  Everyone’s favorite wacky Aunt Viv discusses: her firing from the show back in the 90′s, the “Burying Carly Alive storyline”, and more dish. Plus previews of the next beats in “OLTL’s” KISH, “Y&R’s” Adam and Rafe, and “GL’s” Otalia storyline and updates. Check out all the topics covered below:

* Louise Sorel’s exciting return to daytime as Vivian, Is Viv the Auntie Mame of Daytime gone haywire?

*Morgan Fairchild on playing the first Lipstick Lesbian and playing a bitch

*KISH is it/Preview of what’s ahead

*St. John sounds off on Adam/Rafe,

*Chappell video and news on “Venice”

*Otalia Watch- Natalia Returns preggars

*Guiding Light Packs it up in Peapack

*Adonis 2009 Update- Beemer and Hansis booted

*AMC moves West…Will Lucci?

*Unpleasant Moment of the Week- Y&R’s Zapato is killed-off..Call Humane Society or Nancy Grace!

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