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2 February 17th, 2011 New webisode of “The Bay” – Coster, Wilson & Hutzler debut – Watch the Video!

A brand new installment of Gregori J. Martin’s web soap, The Bay was released today and it is full of eerie performances and story twists, and some heavy drama!  First Marie Wilson, who played NutMeg on As the World Turns for all she is worth and then some debuts in a nightmarish/dream sequence, and is in crazy mode again!  But, we love it! Then Tristan Rogers is finally back in a scene which features Thor Knai as his doctor when in walks soap legend, Nicolas Coster as Bay City’s Mayor,  and former DAYS heartthrob Brody Hutzler as the Mayor’s Press Secretary.  We won’t tell you what all transpires,  but On-Air On-Soaps feels there is a definite spark between the cute doc and the cute press secretary!

Later, in the most standout scene in the episode, Lilly Melgar as Janice and Jade Harlow as her daughter Lianna are trying to deal with Lianna’s suicide attempt and the fall-out from their relationship and secrets.   And still later, Dylan Bruce as menacing Brian, and Matt Ashford as his creepy on-screen alter-ego Steve Jensen, make us want to know… what the heck is going on with these two?  And what of poor Claire-Louise Sedgley? She has been tied up, beat up and scared throughout the entire series as Isabella!

Watch the new webisode of The Bay and let us know what storyline and characters you are into the most!

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  1. Jules says:

    Really enjoying all the storylines on The Bay.
    Fav characters so far are Sara, Marly & Lex.


    kaylee replied

    Marie Wilson and Mary Beth Evans ! Very exciting! Beautiful intense drama queens! Waiting for more of them!


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