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6 August 9th, 2010 NEW: “What if”…GH’s Luke met OLTL’s Viki? Watch the Video!


In a remarkable and moving new webisode of the and online web series, What If, six-time Daytime Emmy winners, General Hospital’s Anthony Geary (Luke) , and One Life to Live’s, Erika Slezak (Viki) discuss conditions of the heart when trapped in an elevator.  

The webisode titled Pain in My Heart is certainly apropos for both these characters who suffer from medical heart conditions and loves lost and won.  

Watch the video after the jump of these two soap titans acting up a storm, and you just might want to grab the hankies beforehand.  Just sayin’.

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  1. Brian says:

    very sweet. keep expecting more to happen, but still it was very good.


  2. Doe says:

    Are there any two actors that can top this “What Ifs?” I just loved this . It was so sweet and so beautifully acted. I don’t think there is a better actor than Anthony Geary. He is one that you know will give you something fabulous every time he is on screen. I have been watching him forever . He really glides through his role with such finness. Erica is no slouch either. You can always expect her to pull your heart strings, and she is the mainstay of OLTL.Putting these two actors together was brilliant. Loved it!!!!!


  3. Sharon says:

    The best What If so far and I expect it will be the best What If of the bunch! I wish we could see TG & ES on screen for real. Why couldn’t one of them travel to the other’s city for business of some kind and meet? These are two fabulous multiple Emmy winning actors who are at the top of their game! Loved it!!!


  4. diane says:

    all three are GREAT!


    diane replied

    Everyone should be at a party to see what will happen.


  5. Tricia says:

    All of these “what if’s” were done so extremely well! I really enjoyed and laughed along with them! Of course we would expect no less with the tallented actors and actresses combining them this way was brilliant! Thanks for the fun!


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