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0 November 6th, 2009 News in on James Franco’s GH guest starring role!

jamesfranco_firstGH.jpgNews has surfaced about the role James Franco is currently taping at General Hospital, as we all prepare for November 20th when his character first hits screens.

Bob Guza head writer of GH talked with Michael Logan at TV Guide Magazine about Franco’s time on the show. “There have been reports that James is doing this to research a movie role but it’s just not true,” says GH head writer Bob Guza. “As bizarre as it sounds, he really wanted to do a soap and we didn’t go easy on him. His first day on the set we shot 130 pages. In the movies, that’d take six months! The memorization alone was a killer, but James has been fantastic.”

What we know: from all accounts his character’s name is Franco, and Franco will be connected to the mysterious C077X graffiti tag that’s been popping up all over Port Charles. He’s a psychotic yet self-deprecating artist who is fixated on death and will zero in on Jason Morgan, the heartthrob mobster played by Emmy-winner Steve Burton.

“Franco is fascinated with Jason and what he does for a living—he thinks they both love death and are essentially the same kind of guy,” Burton reports. “But then Jason refuses to meet with him and that’s when things start to go south.”   Stay tuned!

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