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18 May 24th, 2013 NEXT WEEK is “SNOOP WEEK” On One Life to Live! Watch A Sneak Peek!

Photo Credit: David Russell/TOLN

Snoop Lion, also known as Snoop Dogg, is back in Llanview starting next week on Tuesday, May 28, as he joins the cast of Prospect Park/The OnLine Network’s revival of One Life to Live.

In a prior announcement, Prospect Park/The OnLine Network revealed that they partnered with Snoop Lion to produce and feature on the new One Life to Live theme song titled, “Brand New Start,” featuring soulful singer, IZA, who is newly signed to Boss Lady Entertainment and Snoop’s Berhane Sound System label. The song is available to stream here:

Snoop Lion will be appearing as himself in brand new episodes beginning On Tuesday May 28th, followed by the Thursday May 30th, June 4th and June 6th episodes.

On the series, Snoop Lion is set to visit the fictional town of Llanview to promote his new film, Reincarnated (available on iTunes and in-stores now), which documents his enlightening transformation from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion. Snoop ends up making a powerful impact on Matthew Buchanan (Robert Gorrie) and also appears in multiple scenes with new and returning favorites including, Robert S. Woods, Hillary B. Smith, Corbin Bleu and Kelley Missal.

Snoop Lion is no stranger to the cast of One Life to Live, as he has made several cameo appearances as Snoop Dogg when the show previously aired on ABC. To celebrate Snoop’s return to Llanview, The OnLine Network will makeover their website and social networks by using Snoop Lion’s popular and innovative photo-bombing app “Snoopify” to encourage One Life to Live fans to interact via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The week of May 27th, the OnLine Network’s Instagram (@OneLifeToLive) is hosting a “Snoopify” take over which will exclusively feature images of the cast that have been manipulated with an array of iconic Snoop symbols and Rastafarian-inspired stickers from the app itself. In addition, fans will be encouraged to use the hashtag #SnoopOLTL to share their own “Snoopified” images and favorite moments from the new Snoop Lion episodes all over social media.

Watch a sneak peek from Snoop’s visit to Llanview below where he meets up with his old pal, Bo Buchanan! Then, let us know if you are excited to see Snoop mix it up in Llanview, one more time!

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  1. Mike says:

    That was good..


  2. madluv4ya says:

    I don’t understand why they want him on this show?!?! He can’t act and he’s not a good role model for anyone-not just kids.


    jimh replied

    Id rather see guest appearances by some of the vets like Jessica, Roxie or R.J.


    Al replied

    “I don’t understand why they want him on this show?!?! He can’t act and he’s not a good role model for anyone-not just kids.”

    Wait, so this show should only feature characters who are good role models? Um…this is a show where 2 of the main characters are not only rapists but also brothers who at different times raped the same woman. So if viewers were able to accept that without falling to pieces, I don’t think Snoop playing himself for a few episodes is going to bring about the downfall of audience morality and rise in juvenile delinquency.

    It’s all fiction…people shouldn’t look to entertainment for their role models.

    (BTW…”madluv4ya” doesn’t sound like the name of an appropriate role model. Land sakes…won’t someone think of the children?!)

    As for his acting ability being a reason Snoop shouldn’t appear…if that’s the criteria for who gets to be on this show, Snoop should be a regular cast member and Andrew Trischitta should be working at a Foot Locker in the mall,

    I’m not even a big fan of Snoop’s, but I appreciate that he’s a very vocal fan of the show. And he’s been on several times over the years, so this isn’t just another gimmicky casting choice (like Jwoww).


    Kayla replied

    Totally agree with what you posted. Also soaps are not meant for children really. And it is not as if Snoop comes on the show and does nothing but swear and do immoral things!

  3. Daisy says:

    Oh great…just what this show DOESNT need.


    jimh replied

    Snoop dogg…Snoop lion…Snooze whenever he appears!


    Johnny replied

    LoL – nothing against Snoop but c’mon the show needs a helping hand in another way ~


    Christy replied

    not as bad as that other guy they had guest star earlier that was an odd, out of place character, at the Shelter club. You know who I mean? he had odd hair, manerisms, tats or piercings… think he’s a rapper?

    Snoops ok. They’ve had several musical guests in the past.


  4. OLTL Love says:

    I welcome Snoop Lion. He is a great actor and an avid OLTL lover os if we have a celebrity why not let it be someone who loves the show and has been on before.

    People need to role model themselves and their own children, his wife isn’t complaining and I don’t hear about his kids being busted on shows like TMZ so obviously he is doing somethhing right. As for him not being an actor or being able to act, check his roster he has done several productions ond movies on the big screen, although not an emmy winner but he can act. Yall act like people gotta be award winners to appear on this show and you sound like haters.


  5. Tori says:

    I love One life to live new theme song and I love the full version even more. I get so frustrated when I hearba song I enjoy but its not available for purchase. It would have made sense if they had release the theme song when the first episode was made available. I can only hope they will make” Brand new start” available to the millions of fans for One Life To Live.


  6. su0000 says:

    Having Snoop is great!
    He has more fans than all of the OLTL cast put together..
    I like snoop !!
    Seems some people are too old and grumpy to enjoy life and changes theses days..


  7. Llanviewer717 says:

    I had not heard the entire theme song. It is a beautiful song and the vocals are wonderful. Thank you for posting the link.

    Welcome back Snoop. I’m so glad that he is a OLTL fan and not afraid to put his talent where his mouth is by writing the new theme song and by appearing. This die hard OLTL fan greatly appreciates his efforts.


  8. KarenB says:

    I just don’t get it. People have been so upset every since these 2 shows were cancelled and now that we have been lucky enough to get them back people just can’t stop complaining about them! Good grief people they are just getting their feet wet and you are all ready to throw them an anchor. Can’t you all just be greatful that they are back and give them some time?

    You don’t like the stories,the actors,the writers,the guests,how long the episodes run,how often the episodes run. Now you don’t like it because they are not good role models for kids. If you want role models for the kids then go watch Sesame Street.

    I am very happy that these shows are back and if maybe something about them disappoints me I get past it. I wanted them back,got them back and I will not ever utter one complaint about them because I don’t want to lose them again.

    Sorry just had to vent.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    Very well said.


  9. SZima says:

    With OLTL airing only a total of 48 minutes a week, why the hell are they wasting my time with this drivel? These Snoop scenes will just be more to skip through. I’m already skipping at least 1/3 of the show now…if I skip anymore I might as well just stop watching.

    Hey, I think I’m going to be saving myself $7.99 a month! ;)


    KarenB replied

    They aren’t wasting your time…you are. If you feel that way why do you bother to tune in?

    Stop wasting your time and go to the gym or something if that’s how you feel.


  10. Jim says:

    One word: Ugh.


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