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23 December 21st, 2016 NEXT WEEK: Kimberly McCullough and Ryan Carnes Make Returns To GH!


Is there a doctor in the house?  How about two of them?  On their way back to Port Charles are two characters fans love.

First up, returning on the December 27th episodes is Ryan Carnes as Dr. Lucas Jones,  and on the December 28th episode, Kimberly McCullough is back as Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake for another guest appearance.

In addition, as viewers have seen this week Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) has come back to Port Charles to visit Grandma Anna Devane!

Now according to a rep for the series who spoke with ABC Soaps In Depth, both Robin and Emma will be in and out of Port Charles over the next few months.  McCullough tapes these new episodes back in early Decemver.


As for Lucas, shortly after marrying Brad (Parry Shen), he has been gone from the canvas, but since Ryan Carnes is recurring with the show, he can pop up at any time, but he is definitely home for the holidays on the ABC soap opera?

So, are you glad to see Robin, Lucas, and Emma for the holidays on GH? Comment below!

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  1. AJ says:

    Sadly, I assume Ryan/Lucas’ appearance will be a simple family Xmas appearance and then he’ll disappear again. Hope I’m wrong…


    Sherrie Rhyno replied

    Yes l am truly miss Robin and her hubby and child. Robin would be absolutely good to save Sonny from a lieing Nell so Carly and Sonny can keep their love alive they too are fantastic for each other as their Son Morgan comes home . Nell needs to be caught her cell smashed to pieces so she can’t hurt Sonny and Carly.Bring back all the fantastic couples again. Keep them l miss the original Jason too. Sam and Jason are perfect living family. Alexas needs to pull her shit together and get Julien out of her life. She belongs with Jax


    Silvana De Nardis replied

    Sherrie I’m with you 100%, Well said.

    karen karroll replied

    I Love and Miss All three of them.I wish They will come back more often.


  2. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    It’ll be great to see both characters back. Ryan has been gone too long.
    Can’t wait to see them back.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Who is Lucas…gone sooo long i forgot…his father in alll that has happened and not around…nephew Morgan maybe dead and a funeral and Lucas not around comforting Carly…recurring or not he should be around for some of those stories…and where is Mac?


  4. Tim S. says:

    I do like seeing the characters return every so often. It was good to see Maxies mom this week.. I don’t see her too often and forget her name…. but still good to see her


    Rebecca1 replied

    Her name is Felicia (Kristina Wagner). She and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) were a huge phenomena years ago.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Where is Mac…

    Rebecca1 replied

    I know, Jim. Mac (and his portrayer John York) were just tossed aside. Horrible. I LOVE Anna (and Finola) but as soon as she became police commissioner they demoted Mac and basically left him in the dust. Totally disrespectful to a charming actor/ character sho was on the show consistently for so many years.

    AJ replied

    Felicia Scorpio (Mac’s wife). Formerly Felicia Jones (Frisco (Jack Wagner)’s wife and the bio parents of Maxie)


    Joel replied

    I’ve been wondering that too! Mac was gone for a good while, but then resurfaced to team up with Anna when she was investigating Paul Hornsby. Mac then disappeared when his brother, Robert, made a guest appearance to assist Anna. Then Robert left town, and Mac hasn’t been seen for what seems like a year! Felicia pops up occasionally, but it would be nice to see Mac back in action! Mac was a cop and Felicia a private eye! The possibilities are endless!

  5. su0000 says:

    I like Lucus..
    I want to see him with Felix, too..
    The 3 (Brad, Felix and Lucus) were really great together.

    0OOOH NO..
    Robin returns on my Birthday…
    whatta gift I hope the receipt is included.. lol


  6. davlestev1 says:

    The writers sole focus are on a handful of characters and not a town full of citizens we all know and love..this is the Altman Passanante soap curse..write the show into a’s what they do.


    sherpi56 replied

    Everytime the writers put more people on the canvas at one time, all you hear is people complaing that there are too many story lines to follow. It doesn’t matter WHO is writing GH, they wrong, no matter what they do.
    The constant whining and complaining gets old real fast.


  7. jlh says:

    I’m always up for a Robin appearance/return, but Lucas…heck yeah! Hope the writers actually utilize the character. He should be a mainstay in Port Chuck.


  8. curacaoman says:

    Michael Sutton would make an awesome Patrick Drake recast, just sayin’. We do know he has chemistry with Kimberly


  9. Timmm says:

    Lucas? Never heard of him!


  10. Kevin O. says:

    Kill Brad and let Lucas turn to Felix in his grief. Lucas and Felix would make a great couple, then give them some stories. (Maybe Lucas turning to Sonny to find Brad’s killer, against Carly’s advice.)


  11. aria says:

    i hope theres a scene where lucas and carly talk, surely lucas must feel guilty by the fact that his nephew was killed for a bomb meant for his dad? he must have some kind of weird feelings about that if anything…


  12. Rodd says:

    Always glad when Robin and Emma come for a visit.

    I hope Ryan pops up more often. I miss him as Lucas. Lucas should have been at Morgan’s funeral or at Julian’s bedside to shew him out. Dare I hope we see more of Lucas and Brad in 2017?

    For that matter, the entire nursing staff has been MIA since GH closed its doors. Only Liz shows up regularly and Amy showed up once. What about Epiphany and Felix? Oh, golly! They were the soul of the 10th floor nurses’ station for so long and now not to see them at all is like gutting the set.


  13. robbie says:

    Would to see Lucas anytime, but in an actual storyline. Brad was far more interesting when he was a bad boy creepin’ on straight guys. Let him revert to that, and then the gay guys would all have story possibilities. Gay or straight, happy marriages on soaps are boring.


  14. Violet Lemm says:

    I miss Epiphany! She was always on everyones butt, including Drake Jr. as she called Patrick. I really miss both characters, although I do see the good Dr. as Billy Abbott on Y&R, but I still miss him as Dr. DRAKE.


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