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31 November 15th, 2012 Next Week On GH: The Farewell To Edward Quartermaine! Head Scribe Ron Carlivati On What To Expect!


Next week on General Hospital, familiar faces and turkey day traditions mark the emotional goodbye to the beloved Edward Quartermaine all the more special and significant.  As soap fans know, John Ingle who passed away in September played Edward for all he is worth and then some.  And so, GH head writer Ron Carlivati decided to craft a demise for the character that would have high emotional stakes for the Q family and resonate with the fans of the series!

In the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest on newsstand now, Carlivati discusses why the decision was made to bring Robin Christopher (Skye) and Wally Kurth (Ned) back to the fold at this time, and not others with a connection to Edward, plus what Edward’s death will mean for Tracy (Jane Elliot) and Monica (Leslie Charleson), and what will happen to ELQ?   Here are a few excerpts!

Carlivati on the choice of returning characters,  Skye and Ned, from a large list of MIA Quartermaines and relatives:  “There’s definitely the opportunity there to bring back as many people as you possibly could, but logistically, that’s not possible.   And also, I don’t want to overshadow the reactions of everybody who is already there on the canvas.  There is a point where it gets to be a balance.  Yes, it would be great to have 50 people come back, but at some point, it really wasn’t practical, and so we tried to zero in on a couple who made sense and would have the most impact.  Ultimately, that’s what happened and we are thrilled to have Ned and Skye present at Thanksgiving.”

Carlivati on how Tracy will be impacted by Edward’s death: “For Tracy, the loss of her father will absolutely be an important life moment. It was a relationship that was often contentious, but I think the audience understands how much those two loved each other, even though they were often at each other’s throats. So I think for Tracy, it is going to be very, very difficult for her to accept that this man is gone.”

Carlivati on how Monica will be impacted by Edward’s death:  “For all intent and purposes, he’s her father. They’ve lived in the same house for how many years? I think it will definitely takes its tool on Monica as well.   I think, oddly, that this is a place where Monica and Tracy may end up finding some common ground in their love for Edward.   And I think that’s  a very real thing that people put aside their differences at a time like this.”

Carlivati on the fate of ELQ:  “Obviously, this is an incredibly wealthy family and the fate of the company (ELQ) is something that had been fought over for years. So you can imagine that when the patriarch and the head of the company is not able to be there to run it anymore, there is some potential there fora possible power grab.”

So soapers, are you happy about the choice of Skye and Ned returning?  Are you ready to say goodbye to Edward Quartermaine?  Who do you think will get their hands on ELQ first after the reading of Edward’s will? Weigh-in!

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  1. Violet says:

    I’m incredibly sad to say good bye to Edward and to Mr. Ingle. I wish there were some way to keep the character of Edward alive, but letting him die with Mr. Ingle does seem appropriate. Plus. Tracy and Monica’s ages probably dictate it.

    On the other hand, I’m thrilled, thrilled to see Ned back! I hope he can stay and fight for ELQ. I dont want a quick “driveby” from Ned. When was the last time anyone even mentioned ELQ on the show? I seem to remember a casual mention a couple of months or more ago around the time of the water poisoning, but doesn’t count.

    I wish Dillon would come back for his mom and Auntie. I really liked his character.


  2. su0000 says:

    I absolutely love love love seeing some of my favorites return even if for a shot stint..
    I understand the budged and that not all can be under contract with GH., but! to be able to see long gone loved characters again is so awesome..
    I love how the stories move quickly and turn into other directions that bring my fav vets back into stories .
    No other soaps have or are bring back all the many many vets for their fans, as GH!
    RC and FV are going way out for us the fans. I appreciate their efforts to keep GH alive and climbing to the top! .


  3. Decker Moss says:

    So sad, but I am loving GH now. I think everything will be left to Michael.


  4. heidi says:

    Glad to see Ned come back and with Wally playing him. Would love to have him back more along with Dillon. Skye is always fun to have back and look forward to her usual antics. I can’t wait for Jane Elliot’s performances as Tracy! Tracy is such a great character and Jane nails her every moment she is given. Sounds like Tracy may get the house away from Monica for awhile and looking forward to that. I hope that the farewell for Edwad/John is done well… he was so beloved and so very talented! Miss you John! Thanksgiving’s/holiday’s are always interesting at the Q’s.


  5. Tammy says:

    I do think this will be a very bittersweet story for us longtime viewers (30+ yrs)
    I think it will be good for monica and tracy to finally come to turns with there Sister ship, but so sad to say good-bye to Mr.Q and Mr.Engles.He will surely be missed by all of us !


  6. Bonnie says:

    Yes, I always liked Skye and Ned, just wish they could stay around longer. It is going to be a very emotional funeral, maybe more so then Robin’s. Humm, well it could be baby Daniel. I am not sure if Edward had a favortie grandchild, but he had a soft spot for Jason.

    He should leave it to Tracy being his daughter and Ned being the first and eldest Granchild. But this is a soap so…


  7. ashlee says:

    Those two are always good to return. However, is this show EVER going to re-mention Jimmy Lee Holt, Edward‘s son? I still say the show should grab Tom Eplin to play that part. He could really shake things up, and he has been away from soaps for 10 years.


  8. dg says:

    Fans will be disappointed with only 2 returns but GH has budget const
    raints. I just hope Cartini takes this opportunity to create strong story that will return the much neglected Q family to the front burner. The family, John Ingle and ELQ have been neglected for over a decade now. In the 90s much of the Qs multilayered drama centered around AJ and Michael. All the elements to recreate that classic drama is in place now. I hope Cartini doesn’t blow it. The only weak acting link is Chad Duel.
    Also I want a dramatic death for Edward. No more of this he died in his sleep junk. Why not have him die of a massive coronary after seeing AJ alive. Talk about drama. I won’t hold my breath waiting for Cartini to handle this right. They are master’s of cliffhangers, sensationalism and convoluted plots. But they are weak when it comes to crafting well developed , multilayered, intelligent long arc stories.


    Patrick replied

    I agree, that, Chad Duel…. as Michael… which is a pivotal character… IMO… isn’t playing the part… he lacks something… i’m not convinced he’s Michael. geez.. for a younger actor… to reel with stalwarts like carly and sonny… and almost every one else… around him… i’ts gotta be tough. especially, now… because of AJ home… and his screen time with Star.


    Rodd replied

    Totally disagree. I think Chad is fantastic!

    hfirkins replied

    I completely disagree as well. I think Chad is doing a fantastic job. I was just thinking that the other day watching GH with my husband.


    Troy Turner replied

    Blah Blah Blah-just another unneccessary cheap shot from people with anti-soap agendas. Get over yourselves


  9. Jamie says:

    Oh my, I have been waiting/dreading these episodes. I’m gonna be a mess! I usually watch GH while I am getting ready for work in the morning, but I have a feeling that for the sake of my make up, I’m going to have to watch after work instead. Very excited to hear that Ned is coming back. I wish there was room for more to return. (Esp Vanessa Marcil. It would be amazing to see her and Ned bonding again and she had a great relationship with Edward) Just to see some for a few days is always a treat.


  10. Kathy says:

    Tracy will be relentless on trying to get her hands on ELQ. I can see Tracy and AJ going up against each other to get the company. Sonny may try as a payback to Monica for bring AJ back.


  11. MBmomof3 says:

    Miss Edward/John Ingle…but this is going to be soooo good:)


  12. Beacon says:

    Loved Edward and Skye’s relationship. I feel like she was more of a daughter to him than Tracy ever tried to be, which is why Tracy despises her. John Ingle and Robin Christopher had a terrific bond on screen. There was a real love and regard there.


  13. Ann says:

    I love Ned but Skye makes sense? Where are Brenda, who Edward loved like a daughter and would have a much bigger story than Skye? Where is Brooklyn, his granddaughter? Where is Dillon, his grandson? Skye is who he settled on?


  14. Rusty says:

    I really wish they would bring somebody (anybody) else but Skye. I can’t stand her character. She is so needy and insecure and it gets on my nerves. I usually skip the scenes with her in them as much as possible. So disappointed they’re bringing her back.


  15. mike says:

    Mr. Ingle will be greatly missed. The actor and character could never be replaced. I think they should bring in a new ruthless mogul to try to take over ELQ and maybe be a love interest for Tracy. Jerry ver Dorn/Clint Buchanan would be perfect.


  16. Anji says:

    I’m thrilled that Wally Kurth is returning as Ned. The Quartermaines definitely need their gatekeeper more than ever now. I really want to see Ned stay for the long all. I think there is a lot more that can be down with Ned and of course with ELQ too. Please RC and FV bring back Wally Kurth as Ned again and this time permanently.

    I’m really going to miss John Ingle/Edward. :(


  17. stef says:

    There is a teeny, tiny part of me dreading this episode for the mere fact that I’m NOT ready to say goodbye to Edward Quartermaine! (nor was I ready to say goodbye to John Ingle when he passed away!) I have full confidence that GH is going to do this right and give Edward/John the recognition they both deserve and earned! I already have tissues at the top of my grocery shopping list in preparation for this!


  18. Patrick says:

    Tracy Quartermaine… I’d like to see beyond her tough exterior… her quipping witicisms… bely her steely resolve… what makes her vulnerable… what makes her tick… the passing of her father, is an opportune time… ie: when, Alan came back and touched her on the shoulder… that was a reveal. it’s a shame that Joe scully jr. isn’t around to play with her… he had that potential.


    Patrick replied

    ie: I loved that Joe Scully told tracy before he died… that he shared his “antidote” with Tracy…. I had hoped for her to get emotional…. that made me emotional…


  19. ALI says:

    I think faison should be involved or Helena because he put faison away years ago by setting him up and his final word was u and ur family will pay or Helena as she said the same thing because of Nicholas over Emily! As far as ELQ there should be a contest between Tracy Ned Skye may the best Q win! Micheals character isn’t strong enough nor are his acting abilities to go up against these 3 power houses


    susan M. replied

    Robert Scorpio is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have alway’s liked him. He will find out that Duke isn’t Duke… Olivia “s premonition she saw a different person when looking at the fake Duke. Robert was talking to LuLu about the fake Duke that it is to good to be true…So something is off… She mentioned something about a mask to Robert. Doesn’t Anna realize it isn’t Duke when they kissed?? And Faison was about to answer the door with no mask on & heard Anna’s voice. Can he get that mask on fast enough or on properley !!!! I hope Anna pulls the mask off….


    Patrick replied

    I laughed when, as soon as Robert, came on screen, and showed up at Anna’s door… Robert, no sooner, ribbed and eschewed Anna… for “falling” for Duke… LOL…. it was cute as well… that australian demeanor….

  20. Christy says:

    I think it would be lovely if ELQ were left to Lois and Ned and Skye…. and Tracy. Those four together would be a lot of good material!

    as far as missing relatives, there aren’t a lot left. Em, Jason, Alan are all dead – so maybe they’ll be surprise ghosts?? Edward and Lila, are really dead, so they won’t be seen unless in old footage, which would be lovely!

    but if they want others to say goodbye, like Bobbi! maybe Ned could read messages from Edward’s ‘myface’ page! I just went to a funeral and his son and daughter took turns reading all the comments on the guy’s facebook page – and they showed photos of the guy while they were reading. it was really nice, especially for people that couldn’t attend, at least we all got to hear their thoughts – how they met him, funny stories, kind thoughts.

    they could say, Audrey Hardy wrote…., Bobbi Spencer wrote…


  21. RobertC says:

    I think Edward should have been killed off when he gave the cure so Emma could live when Jerry Jax poisoned Port Charles as then his death would have meaned something.


  22. Troy Turner says:

    For those of you hoping for a Ned long stay, Wally Kurth is on DAYS. It’s my understanding that DAYS OK’d Kurth’s appearance since Ingle was a member of their family as well


  23. Rodd says:

    SPOIKER ALERT: (If you’re reading this prior to watching Edward’s death play out on GH) Just watched the last two days of GH dealing with Edward’s death. Tear-stained cheeks. That about sums it up. It was beautifully written and imaginative; a great mix of vintage Edward clips. The detail that went into shooting this was spectactular; from the hands of the actor playing Edward on his deathbed, to the one playing Edward’s “back” as the family remembered to sing before eating. And then to see such close resemblances playing Edward and Lila going to the stairs and walking up into the light…Breath-taking! Kudos to all invovled in this tender and touching farewell to Edward and John Ingle.


  24. Utahgirl says:

    Hope Decker comes back to Port Charles!!! I’m sure they would recast the part but that’s fine!!!


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