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20 October 17th, 2014 Next Week On THE TALK, The Newest Cast Members Of Y&R: Justin Hartley, Gina Tognoni, Scott Elrod & Burgess Jenkins!


CBS Daytime’s hit afternoon series, The Talk will be giving the newest additions to the cast of The Young and the Restless a royal welcome, when the ladies of the panel, Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert,  welcome to the show: Justin Hartley (Adam), Gina Tognoni (Phyllis), Scott Elrod (Joe) and Burgess Jenkins (Billy)!!

The Talk featuring the hottest new cast member of Y&R will air next Friday October 25th at 2PMET and 1PMPT/CT!  This will be the first television interview/appearance with Hartley since he took over the role of Adam Newman on Y&R, even though he is yet to debut on-air.

In addition, look for Gina Tognoni, Burgess Jenkins, and Hartley to speak on what it has been like to be a recast in their roles of Phyllis, Billy and Adam, respectively.  And as for Scott Elrod, while he is originating the role of Joe Clark on the CBS Daytime Drama, he also will play a pivotal role in story in the coming months.

So are you looking forward to seeing this fab foursome on The Talk? Let us know!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Justin Hartley (Adam) / dead in the water, to me..
    I am a big MM fan and he is the one and only Adam..

    Burgess Jenkins (Billy) / a huge fail, to me..

    Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) so far so good.. (still not thee Red, but OK..

    Scott Elrod (Joe) .. I like :)


    davlestev1 replied

    su0000 doesn’t it just tear at the very fabric of all that is true and good to have to relinquish any lingering negative thoughts of GT as Phyllis. Now people will clamor for either GT or MS whenever the character goes off on extended leave and returns. That didn’t even happen for the Jill Abbot recasts…we wanted Brenda Dickson back in all her glory and she will always be the definitive Jill but we love JessWalton…this time…altogether different. Why Burgess Jenkins continues to appear is a mystery. He has the Abbot look so that’s all I can figure. Never has so one so unsuited for a role been allowed so much dead air time. Well…Cady McClain now too..sooo..Justin i’m just not sure..MM understood and created Adam to a capital A..Justin just won’t come on with the same chops as capital T..i.e. GT..won’t be the same and may prove to be a hard sell..but in scenes with BJ he will SHINE SHINE SHINE…THAT will be JH saving grace..put him in ample scenes with nuBilly..a new Y&R star is born..oh don’t let me forget the signature su0000…LOL…LOL


    harry replied

    Dave, you forgot the quintessential smiley face.
    I honestly cannot understand anyone declaring that a recast will be dead in the water before they’ve even been given a chance? Maybe, just maybe, the new Adam will be a hit. As I recall when the first Adam vacated the role and Michael Muhney was cast, a collective roar of outrage could be heard coming from the bleachers. ‘No, no one can else can play Adam!” And then Michael happened.
    SU000, I will give you an A + for inconsistency. You claimed Phyllis could not be recast but now you admit (without really admitting that you were wrong) that Gina is working. You claimed Jason could not be recast but you have been singing from the rafters that Billy Miller is the ultimate Jason. I don’t mind you having strong opinions but you move from A to Z without any warning and trying to follow your train of thought would give one whiplash. And then you suffer from short term memory loss and do not seem to remember what you said a week ago.
    What I am saying here is you need to open your mind up to possibilities and stop prejudging new actors before they’ve been given a chance to get their footing.
    Some recasts will ultimately fail and some will triumph. Life happens, recasts happen–just ask Darren Stephens.

    CeeCee replied

    Oh, Su…you just like Joe !!!! How dare you just like?????….LOL.
    Seriously though, no one has the right to look so good…so scrumptious.


  2. Jimmy says:

    I think Gina is doing a great job with Phyllis so far. As for Justin, I’m really hopeful that he’ll do well in the role of Adam. After all, I don’t think they would have hired him if he wasn’t up to par for the role. I really like Scott and I’m looking forward to seeing where Joe’s story goes from here – I think he’ll be Matt Clark’s brother and it will somehow tie into the return of Amy Wilson…

    As for Burgess… words can’t describe how disappointed I am in his casting. He sounds like he’s reading the dialogue when he speaks, he cannot act nearly half as well as Billy Miller or even David Tom, and at times he looks older than Jack, and he’s supposed to be his much younger brother. Sure, he has okay chemistry with Melissa Claire Egan, but that’s because MCE has great chemistry with everyone. I really hope TPTB either take Billy off the canvas for a while or find a suitable actor for the role, soon! Ironically, I think Justin Hartley would have made a great Billy… but Burgess is a huge fail for me.


    CeeCee replied



    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I too once said Justin shouldve played Billy with Burgess as Joe and the actor playing Joe shouldve been Adam…


    Geena replied

    Gotta agree about the Billy recast. It’s been disappointing and I have a hard time buying him as a romantic lead. He just seems flat and awkward to me but MCE saves the whole thing. She’s really working overtime to sell it. AH doesn’t seem even bother putting much into it in the Villy scenes.

    I’m really excited about JH though. He’s always been great at interviews so it should be good. I’ve also enjoyed Gina’s performance and Scott Elrod is ok so far. His delivery is a little bit dull but he is very good looking and his character is mysterious.


  3. Christine says:

    So very excited to see Justin Hartley in action as Adam.

    I think Burgess Jenkins had a rough transition as Billy but he is growing on me. I really loved his scenes with little Sophie on Tuesday and he has incredible chemistry with Melissa Claire Egan.

    I love Gina but she’s not Phyllis to me. I loved Phyllis because she was this fiery loose cannon who was her own worst enemy not a cold and calculating terminator.

    Haven’t seen enough of Joe Clark to have an opinion.


    Jimmy replied

    Give Gina time, I’m sure she’ll become Phyllis for you. Trust me, I felt the same way because Michelle Stafford has always been Phyllis, but I think Gina is doing very well so far. She’s definitely one of the better recasts in Y&R’s recent history.

    And the only reason Burgess has chemistry with Melissa Claire Egan is because it’s Melissa Claire Egan, she has chemistry with everyone they pair her in scenes with, both romantically and not. BJ does not add to the scenes at all. And he also has very little chemistry with anyone else.


  4. KateA says:

    Burgess and Gina are better than the previous actors. Since I only started watching this soap after AMC was canceled, I don’t have the connection that long time viewers have. I am really liking Gina and Burgess a lot. MM was really good as Adam. The new Adam has a lot of work to be as good as he was. I just wish the new Adam would hurry up and start appearing as more than just an arm! I think Y&R is just getting better and better. The sets are brighter, the hairstyles and makeup are better. And Victor and Nikki are actually talking to each other instead of jaw clenching whispering! I have nothing but thumbs up for Y&R.


    Jay replied

    Burgess is better than Billy Miller? Hahahahaha. BM just won the Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy. Burgess won’t sniff one, EVER.


    Laurie replied

    KateA may have been referring to David Tom since technically he was the last one before BJ. IMO BJ is the worst recast in the last 20 yrs! I think even DO was doing fine. I’m surprised he is still there, too. He maybe could have come on as another character.
    I’m so irritated that ABC has dome nothing to promote Billy Miller at GH. Why not The View? Irks me.

    CeeCee replied

    Whaaaat???? Seriously? OMG. KateA, with all due respect, if by your own admission, you are not familiar with Miller and Stafford, how can you even begin to make a comparison? No way, no how . Gina is wonderful, but too soon to tell if she even comes close to what Michelle DID as Phyllis.
    Burgess? No comment.


    KateA replied

    I am familiar with Stafford and Miller. Billy Miller was on AMC before he went to Y&R. When I started watching Y&R, they were both still on the show. I had to fast forward through Stafford. Gina keeps me watching, I don’t go anywhere. Billy Miller is fine but I really like Burgess better. This is my opinion and I said I don’t have the connection to the previous actors that long time viewers have.

    CeeCee replied

    KateA, I stand corrected and I respect your opinion.

  5. Typical says:

    Love GT, SE and JH! Sorry BJ, but I’m just not in to you.


  6. missmeka1987 says:

    I just love legend Cady as Kelly that woman is beyond beautiful Gina is playing so great imo maybe I watch GH so I got use to MS being Nina and loving it as well I’m over her not playing Phylis Can’t stand the new Billy he is not attractive Haven’t seen much of Joe Seriously Gina T playing Phylis might be one of my favorite recast in a long time


  7. toscanti says:

    I’m Loving GT as “Phyllis”. The verdict is way out on JH as Nu Adam. BG is a terrible “Billy”, I FF through his scenes. JFP has complety slaughtered this show, she is the worst hack. Her initial statement when taking over was “I’m coming in with a scalpel to make slight necessary changes”. This witch has butchered our show with no remorse, unbelievable arrogance. I despise her for this. Please FIRE this whack job!


  8. itsreallyme says:

    sorry folks but im not caring about nu-phyllis, nor nu billy recast for the same reasons…they are nice enough but they are not the character they’ve been cast to play…i know those of you who like nu-phyllis like her because of some other soaps shes been on but she aint phyllis to me…and i actually find the whole phyllis story line so totally unbelievable that i cant get into it…and seriously, will jack just man up and lose the gaping mouthed fish face? for crying out loud…just tell the truth!! i will wait and see about the body replacement for Hands Newman but im not sure about that recast….jfp seems determined to recast characters and then change them completely…i think we need to put the breaks on casting new characters while tptb waste characters who are already on the show, like devon for one, they have made he and hilary totally unlikeable and useless, i hate their story line and yet i used to like them both…just my four cents worth though…


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