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6 March 21st, 2010 Nicholas Rodriguez talks on being the spoiler for Kish!

Photo: Annette Tanner

Nicholas Rodriguez talks about his time at One Life to Live as the spoiler for Kish,and being part of the important same-sex storyline.  Also telling is Nicholas admits his big emotional exit scene was originally cut down to a few lines, but at the last minute he went and performed it for the OLTL brass and they put it back!  It was spectacular as many remember and even his acting partners, Brett Claywell and Scott Evans had detailed and commented on his performance in several recent interviews.  Rodriguez is currently turning heads in his performance in the play A Light in the Piazza in Washington D.C. at the famous Arena Stage.  Here are a few excerpts below from his new feature!

Nicholas on getting the opportunity to be a part of  the gay storyline: “It was a surprise — and a blessing. There was an overwhelming fan reaction and from the media about that storyline, and it’s been great for me to see how the gay community is longing for these non-stereotypical characters. In a lot of ways, I felt like Nick was very similar to me. He was in the forefront of gay activism, and I relate to that. That’s why I thought I couldn’t lie about being gay while I played someone like him. It all happened so fast, I didn’t have time to be worried about being typecast as a gay man. I guess if I had time to think it through, I might have been scared.”

Nicholas on his feelings that Nick turned into a villain at the end of his run: “I was getting scared towards the end about how they were going to write him off, and I was afraid that he was getting too malicious. So I chose to play him as scared; he was the victim of this gay bashing — and that’s why he did what he did. They wrote this great final monologue for Nick, and I worked on it for weeks, and then, when I saw the script, it had been cut down to two lines. So I went to the writers and I showed them my work and they put the whole thing back in. I was so happy I stuck up for myself.”

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  1. Megan says:

    actually i didnt like the character of Nick and hated the way he deceived and manipulated Kyle and i dont believe for one moment that he ever loved him but just used him to fulfil his own agenda….he was never a viable love interest for kyle so just took away valuable airtime that belonged to Kyle and Oliver and I was glad to see him get out of their lives….


  2. Jeri says:

    I, too, think that Nick should have only been on the show for the 4-5 episodes he was originally supposed to be on. Carrying the Nick character over into a whole “gay bashing” storyline turned viewers off, especially following on the heels of the whole Dorian lesbian wedding fiasco. (That’s where you saw ratings start to dip).

    Kish should have been allowed to stand on their own and keeping the Nick character around so long took too much time away from the Kish love story. Very few viewers cared about Nick and most viewers just wanted him gone as soon as possible so the storyline could go back to focusing on Kyle and Oliver. I think the Nick character did more harm to the Kish storyline than good, and even started making Kyle look totally stupid. Kyle was supposed to be a pretty street-smart saavy guy. The Nick character took the street-smart saavy guy Kyle was and made him into a wimp! The storyline would have been much better had Nick only stayed around for the original 4-5 episodes he was supposed to be in and then “got the hell outta Dodge.” Kish should have been the focus of the storyline and Nick ended up being nothing more than an unwanted distraction. He was never part of the actual storyline, nor should he have been. JMHO


  3. Poirot says:

    Nick should have been on the show longer.


  4. Margaret says:

    I couldnt stand sleazy Nick and he didnt belong in the Kyle and Oliver love story and far too much time was wasted on him…..even in his final scene with Kyle he tried to manipulate him to gain sympathy by using the excuse that he was scared to be alone as the reason for his actions in trying to split up him and Oliver….obviously he gave no thought to Oliver being alone if Kyle had fallen for his schemes….right to the very end he tried to cover by blaming everything on Oliver’s jealousy and pretending that he didnt realize how much Kyle loved Oliver when he knew from the very start that Oliver was the love of kyle’s life…I just wish he had left town sooner so that we could have had more time with Kish. especailly now that we are losing them much too soon…….


  5. Denise Robinson says:

    Thank you, Michael for posting up this interview with Nick. As a “Kish” fan, I was able to separate my need to see Kyle and Oliver together RIGHT NOW, in order to enjoy and appreciate Nick Chavez’s role and place in the storyline and Nick Rodriguez’s contribution in helping to bring this storyline to life.

    I was saddened that his role was cut short in the show. He didn’t have to be only involved in the KISH storyline after they finally reunited, but hindsight’s a definite you-know-what.

    Now, by mid-April all of Llanview’s gays will be off screen.


  6. Honeysuckle says:

    BION I’m iempsrsed! Cool post!


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