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16 May 28th, 2013 Nick Wechsler and Christa B. Allen On REVENGE’s Decision to Kill-Off Connor Paolo!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

A few weeks ago when ABC’s Revenge closed out it’s second season with some major cliffhangers one thing was promised, the death of a central character.  And as fans came to find out, it was Declan Porter played by Connor Paolo who met his maker after an explosion at the Grayson Global offices.

TV Guide has asked Connor Paolo for an exit interview which he reportedly, declined.  However, TVG spoke to his two main co-stars who shed light on Connor’s dismissal from the show.   First, Nick Wechsler who plays Declan’s brother, Jack related, “Connor wasn’t happy. But he also took it like a champ. I think on some level he was preparing himself for it because he knew he wasn’t being used that much   … the writers had a hard time finding a purpose for everyone, and he ended up not getting serviced.”

Christa B. Allen who plays Charlotte Grayson and who on-screen is pregnant with Declan’s baby shared upon  learning of Connor Paolo’s exit from the series, “I couldn’t hold it together.  Then Connor came in to the make-up trailer while I was still sobbing…  I know he was really dissatisfied with how little he had to do, so he’s going to find another role that enables him to show his talent.”

So Revenge fans, do you think the series made the right decision in killing-off the underutilized Connor Paolo? Do you think the powers-that-be figured with that character’s demise it would help propel the story next season for Charlotte and Jack further?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Chloe says:

    Declan was a bore & I won’t miss him. My only regret is that he didn’t take his equally boring brother with him when he left for the Pearly Gates.


    su0000 replied

    Jack will turn bad, real bad..
    I’d bet he and Emily the real Amanda Clarke team up to take down the Grayson’s..
    ( they be the revenge team … lol


    mo replied

    I like Emily and Daniel together.


  2. su0000 says:

    I really liked Declan .. sorry to not have any longer on Revenge..

    All I can see coming from the letting of Connor Paolo /Decon is that there will be a major change in Jack .. what what type of change?
    I bet he goes on a revenge trip too ..


  3. heidi says:

    Sorry to see anyone lose their job… but they really were not using him well. I had hoped it would be Ashely and that next season there could have been more with he and Charlotte and their baby. Best of luck to Paolo!


  4. jon says:

    Unimportant character.


  5. Rodd says:

    I love this guy! He was great on Gossip Girl and Revenge. I think it was a big mistake and am hoping that Noel learned Declan was in big trouble and spirited him away to protect him. Thus, the open door for his return at the end of next season. One can hope.


  6. Michelle says:

    Charlotte should be next to go. Both she and Declan really serve no purpose.


  7. John says:

    Never saw the body.


  8. Nikki says:

    I think Declan COULD have been used more, I think they could have done a lot with a character like his, but with a cast this talented and characters that are so compelling, these writers have to go with what they think will, not only drive a good storyline, but entertain the audience. So I completely understand the decision to kill him off and I will be interested, as usual, to see what happens next when it premieres in the fall.


  9. su0000 says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the daytime soaps were more like the prime time soaps; Revenge and Scandal.


  10. Robert Lee says:

    He’ll be back. No one saw him die.


  11. Lexie says:

    Declan was one of my favorite characters. I’m really sad to see him go. I don’t think they should have kicked him off the show he was a great part and he was just someone that was out of all the craziness. I really hope he’ll be back otherwise I will be very upset!


  12. Regina says:

    Declan was one of my favorite characters on the show, with Charolettes pregnancy Declan could have easily been more useful for those who were unsatisfied with a perfectly good character. I have been in denial since I saw the episode. I really thought it was some kind of trick.


  13. Will says:

    I think that Conor added a great deal more to Revenge than producers obviously did. I don’t know if it was this article that said that Declan had failed to connect with fans, but when I read that, it really irritated me. Connor is a very talented actor and does an amazing job bringing exceptional depth to his characters. I remeber when we were first introduced to Eric van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, I was never terribly fond of the character. I never really grew to completly like him either, but isn’t that the point of television drama’s? Not all of the characters are supposed be totally likable, and Conner manages to do a really great job of bringing those characteristics to life without comprimising their watchability factor.

    Declan Porter was miles apart from Eric van der Woodsen as far as characters go and he was really likable. The story lines between he and Charlotte were fun and interesting and it was satisfying to watch Conor grow into that role from season one to season two. I for one was totally pissed when they killed off Declan and it struck me as a poorly executed and a not very well thoughout move.

    Finally, I’ve been sensing that writers/producers could be planning on romanticly linking Charlotte and Jack. All I have to say to that is: perhaps the “powers that be” should take a little closer look at their (lack of) ability to connect with the revenge audioence and not place that blame so squarely on the actors. I still Love Revenge but it’s just a little less satisfying without Conor Paolo and Declan Porter.


  14. Ashley says:

    I liked Declan… I think the show woulda got more interesting if he and Charlotte had a baby… As long as they keep Nolan.. What is Margos purpose??


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