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5 July 27th, 2011 No More Kinsey on DAYS! Shelby Young Out!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Days of our Lives apparently has given Shelby Young her walking papers and as revealed by Soap Opera Digest today the young actress was already wrapped taping of the NBC sudser.

Young’s portrayal of the teenage Kinsey, many times was comic relief for the younger set in Salem.  No word what precipitates Kinsey’s departure from Salem yet.

Many may also know that Shelby Young appeared in last year’s smash motion picture, The Social Network!

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  1. Hilary says:

    This isn’t remotely shocking given where we know Days is going starting in September. I don’t see her purpose, never have. Perfectly nice girl, I’m sure, but I ff’d thru the four whole scenes she was ever in.


  2. KESM says:

    Well, if they go forward with Will/Sonny past Sept, they need friends to add to the story. She was one of Will/Gabbi’s group. Ironic this comes out the day Kinsey befriends Sonny onscreen and we’ve been seeing just a bit more of her lately. Can’t imagine they would save much money here.

    Best of luck to the actress.


  3. Skyla says:

    Well I’m disappointed, I always found her refreshing and funny and wished they’d do more with her. I really wanted her to have some connection with Nicole, like maybe a baby she gave up as a teen or something like that. I wish her luck on everything she does and hope this door closing means a window is opening to bigger and better things for her.


  4. dfcrutch says:

    Just when her role is heating up! I hope she has something much better to go to…. Days wasn’t using her talents as much as they should have.She was starting to be a real support for the ladies as they fall. IE. Nicole, Chloe.


  5. Robin86 says:

    Too bad. Actually liked Kinsey. A little self absorbed and clueless at times but at least she wasn’t as boring as some of the other teens.


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