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8 August 7th, 2012 Nolan’s New Love Interest on Season Two Of Revenge Revealed? Dilshad Vadsaria Joins The Cast!

The beautiful and alluring Dilshad Vadsaria has been added to the cast of season two of the hit ABC primetime soap, Revenge!   The actress last seen on the series Greek is joining the sudsy land of the Hamptons where she will Padma, who according to TV Line is described as, ” a gorgeous, fiercely intelligent, pop culture savvy financial whiz who brings her own spin to her job at Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) company.”

The rumor mill has been that the series is bringing in a love interest for Gabriel Mann’s seemingly bisexual character of Nolan Ross.  Gabriel Mann teased last month about Nolan’s new female flame that she, “may not be from this country and she may work in my world of technology as well.”  Revenge‘s season two premieres on Sept. 30th on ABC!

Who do you want to see Nolan with?  A new female flame?  Emily Thorne? Or, some a new guy from the Hamptons? Let us know!

  1. MK says:

    Guys only please


  2. su0000 says:

    Nolan with a woman, no.. I do not like that..
    I love Nolan as he is and that is very unique..
    I do want his character ruined..
    why do they have a need to mess with perfection..


    chrissy replied

    I agree Nolan is going to loos his charm I love him gay not only that no way would Nolan be BI! He is Gay. Why do writers screw with perfection. Pfff I was hoping Peter Porte was going to be cast as the other Grayson son.


  3. ctcsport says:

    cop out


  4. toscanti says:

    He is gay! A guy only .


  5. lana says:

    This “chick” my end up being a dude, you never know, now that would be interesting.


  6. Rodd says:

    Nolan should only be with a guy. Please! Really? They set it up too well with that weasel who tried to shoot everyone last season. Bi doesn’t cut it for how I see Nolan.


  7. SZima says:

    I’m interested in seeing him with a woman. I didn’t buy that he was gay, but I do see him as being bi.
    He’s a scoundrel who will sleep with whomever to get what he wants. Love his character!


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