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11 April 18th, 2016 NOT SAFE FOR DAYTIME Video Preview: Y&R’s Joshua Morrow & Steve Burton Whisper Challenge, B&B’s Pierson Fodé Bold and Delicious!


CBS Daytime announced today the launch of Not Safe For Daytime.   They are promoting it as “an edgy new series of digital videos on its YouTube channel that highlights and promotes CBS Daytime’s popular programs.”

The webisodes are said to include: “inventive original skits, pop culture parodies and viral video spoofs, and feature stars from CBS Daytime’s #1 lineup.”  In the press release for the digital extras, Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Develoopment, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution related: “CBS Daytime has one of the most passionate and loyal audiences in television, reaching 28 million viewers each week.  We wanted to thank them by creating even more content, going behind the scenes of our series and showing a side of our talent that is, well, not safe for daytime TV! This is an irreverent, fun, ‘fresh’ way to bring CBS Daytime to our viewers everywhere at any time.”


After the jump, watch Not Safe For Daytime previews with “Bold and Delicious” featuring B&B’s Pierson Fodé (Thomas) who spoofs a sexy fast food burger commercial, and then Y&R’s Joshua Morrow and Steve Burton in the “Whisper Challenge”.  Inspired by popular video challenges featured on YouTube, The Young and the Restless actors whisper fun phrases to one another while wearing noise cancelling headphones.

Then let us know what you thought of the video concepts, and if you enjoyed them.  And look for in the days ahead:

Draw My Life with Sharon Osbourne: Inspired by the YouTube viral videos for “Draw My Life,” The Talk host tells her entertaining life story while humorous drawings illustrate her narrative.

Priceline with Sheryl Underwood & George Gray: The Talk host tries to cut in line at The Price Is Right, but find out what happens when Underwood runs into the show’s announcer, George Gray.

#LMAD: Behind the Deal: Announcer Jonathan Mangum of Let’s Make A Deal pitches game ideas to his favorite Zonk characters, The Donkey, Gorilla and Turtle, that could put them out of work.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Both HOT & hilarious !!


    Tatiana replied

    I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed the Whisper Challenge!


  2. Lou Piikes says:

    I’m not impressed by this video at all. CBS I expected so much more from you. This is a complete let down; you’re better than this.


  3. su0000 says:

    I save the YT channel in my faves, so will look in–

    Gotta hand it to CBS for luvin their soaps and promoting them..

    Frank Valentini and ehh somewhat Nathan Varni are promoting General Hospital on Twitter, that is the GH promotion twitter LOL ..

    Y&R and BB have an actual promotion team, yuppers a real promotion team that really promotes .. ( an actual real team)

    (ohh DOOL has a real promotion person or two..

    GH has no actual promotion..


  4. Rose says:

    I think Piersons character, Thomas, is a creep on B&B. This promo makes me want to up-chuck even more. Wonder how many mirrors he has to look at himself?

    As for GH, I think Kelly & Michael have a big audience…perfect time for Kelly to promote GH and their actors once in a while since GH seems to promote a lot of ABC’s other properties. Especially when hubby Mark is co-hosting. Or soaps in general since this is how she got her start playing Hayley on AMC, and where she met Mark. She could be a great resource on certain soap topics, like playing an alcoholic since she played one at one point.


    Elizabeth replied

    It is unfortunate that people make judgments about an actor based on the character he plays.


    Rose replied

    Elizabeth…I agree about making judgements on actors because of their characters. That’s why I specifically said his character. I just have been disappointed on the roles Pierson has had to play either on B&B or this promo.

  5. davlestev1 says:

    Why is this supposed to be funny. .I don’t see the added value to our drama series with low rent parodies and people buffooning for the camera. .I’m lost.


    Soaphound replied

    I’m afraid I have to agree. I just don’t get the point.


  6. Mark Y says:

    Josh is always very funny


  7. k/kay says:

    Disgusting not sexy at all never eat a cheeseburger again !!!!Ugh


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