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29 July 17th, 2015 Olivia Rose Keegan Cast As DAYS Claire Brady! Martha Madison Tweets: “If TeenysTweeting And I Had A Baby, This … My TV Kid!”


Days of our Lives had been very busy stacking their show for a big fall and winter push in the ratings, that should make the upcoming 5oth anniversary season of the long running NBC daytime drama series one for the records book.

While the series has brought back Jason Cook as Shawn-Douglas Brady and Martha Madison as Belle, they have also SORAS’d their child, Claire!  After the talent search it was actress/singer Olivia Rose Keegan who has nabbed the coveted part!  When viewers last saw the character of Claire in 2008, she was very little girl who left Salem with her parents.

Fans of DAYS have already noticed the striking resemblance to the original Belle, General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Madison. So much so, that Madison took to Twitter calling it out in a very cute way, and welcoming her new TV daughter relating: “If @teenystweeting and I had a baby, this … #myTVkid

As for Keegan, she has appeared on numerous television series including: Modern Family and Sam & Cat.  Olivia is also quite the musical performer – in fact via her Instagram account – she has been touting her cover of Adele’s “Crazy For You”.  You can watch it after the jump!  So, what do you think of the casting of Olivia as Claire Brady? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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  1. Ray says:

    I am excited about this casting. I think this age demographic is missing from the show.

    Although I am thrilled to see so many of the older actors coming back, I would love to see some of the money spent on some new sets. I am so tired of EVERYTHING happening in the Salem Town Square and the park. It seems no one has a home. Paul is still living in a hotel. What happened to the set where Abe and Lexie lived, which was previously Bo and Hope’s home. I would love to see the Salem Dock come back. That was where so many great scenes were shot.

    I am also glad to see Phillip is coming back. I think this will hopefully give Kate more to do on the show. I am loving here scenes with Justin and hope there is a romance around the corner. Adrienne and Justin’s scenes do not have the same magic.

    I keep reading about all of the actors leaving the show. It is hard to watch the show every day knowing that the majority of the actors will not be on DOOL in the next few months. Xander and Serena are taking up way too much time.

    I hope in the next few months that we see a new side of Nicole. I love this character and am tired of seeing her bouncing back and forth between Eric and Daniel. Been there, done that.


    Mo replied

    I too am tired of the sets we see. Bring back the DiMera living room and foyer and door and stairway. Did we sacrifice this to have the college set? If so, not a good trade. Maybe in the fall…


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I agree…bring back the Dimera mansion…the show is getting a reboot in the character department, and it needs a reboot in the set department as well…sometimes that grass carpet that passes for the lawn on ‘The Brady Bunch’ seems more realistic than that park on Days…lol

    4ever DAYS replied

    I recall Abe and Lexie’s home was the previous home of Roman and Marlena.

    Bo and Hope’s house and John and Marlena’s penthouse are coming back!!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Do you know if those will be the original Bo and Hope’s house and John and Marlena’s penthouse or will those sets be reacasts…lol…just joking!!!

    Patrick replied

    have to share, 3 quotes, from “Days of OUR Lives” executive producer, Ken Corday… from the SOD 7/13/15, issue
    (soap opera digest)

    “… he called the cast, together”

    KD: “we have to raise the bar. Failure is not an option here. The show will be 50 in November. We must get picked up for another two years, and in order to do so, we have to not reinvent ourselves but go back to basics to what has made the show great in the past…”

    “…there has been positive fan reaction…”

    KD: “In the course of basically four weeks, you will not recognize the show from what it is in August to what it will be in September. That much better. in the course of four months, people will be absolutely flabbergasted at what we’ve done”

    “…answering to critics… of past reboot to what’s happening now”

    KD: “…from the lighting to the music to the costumes to the set design to the writing to the acting to the direction and the production. It’s just unbelievable…”

    I well up with emotion for this stuff

    Wallah! 5 days a WEEK

    Salem’ Alive and well

    NBC / Sony / Days of OUR Lives – sponsors advertisement… primal scream


    Patrick replied

    I did it again:

    KD : equals KC : Ken Corday

    4ever DAYS replied

    KD is acceptable because we have a “Constant Craving” for DAYS!!!!!

    Scott N replied

    Actually Abe Lexii’s house was Roman an Marlena’s old house.


  2. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    She is definitely doe-eyed, and I think that will fit the character of Claire very well. I’m excited for the new DAYS ahead of us!


  3. Kevin says:

    She doesn’t look anything like Martha Madison … but she looks everything like Kirsten Storms.

    Storms would have had to have given birth to her at 14 or 15, though.


  4. Mo says:

    She’s very pretty. Hope she can act. Looking forward to the stories to come!


  5. Michael says:

    Great casting news, Love it and thanks to The Weekly Countdown: for tweeting it too in which Martha Madison responded


  6. 4ever DAYS says:

    She is stunningly beautiful and is a talented singer! I hope she is a good actress or becomes very good in little time.

    I can’t wait!!!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    All these cast additions and returns are exciting so far and i hope they have storylines to match that excitement…i want to sing ‘Happy ‘DAYS’ Are Here Again!’, and not ‘Wasted ‘DAYS’, And Wasted Nights!’ like i did with the ‘Daysaster’ returns several years ago with Jack, Carrie and Austin ect.,…lol


    4ever DAYS replied

    LOL, Jimh! I’m right there with you!!

    Patrick replied

    my last … wish list?

    Carrie and Anna , as i’ve always hearkened… Carrie Brady… to carrie the torch… passed down from Sami Brady… or to older sister… to carrie the tradition of Brady matriarch and/or heroine… ooh la la.. can we say Justin Kiriakis

    Anna DiMera… who wouldn’t flirt and fall for this vivacious “creature”
    simply the best add to feature all the menfolk plus
    now that doesn’t lessen how much I’d LOVE for Nicole to have something, someone, any thing.. to add to her belong… her mother… Faye.

    and as posted… a visit .. by Vivian Alamaine… would be the frosting on the cake.. and due justice… even I would agree… Louise Sorel deserves respect and commands a position of just due… the subliminally esoteric phenom…

    “i’m so sorry Louise Sorel ” I love you

  7. richard says:

    SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!! I hope she is paired with JJ!!!! And that her and Paige will be friends!!!!!!! Excellent casting!!!!


    SixBells replied

    JJ is Claire’s grandmother’s cousin’s son. Unless they relocate Salem to the Ozarks, that may be keeping it a little too “in the family.” ;)


    richard replied

    LMFAO!!! Good point….she couldn’t date the incoming Joey Johnson either could she??

    4ever DAYS replied

    Claire is also jailbait.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    True…but id like to see her with Rory…theyd make a cute couple!!!

  8. Cookie says:

    I was thinking that someone like Haley Pullos (Molly from GH) will take over the role. But I think I’ll give this kid a shot!


  9. Aaron says:

    She’s very beautiful and looks like the perfect mix between Kirsten Storms and Martha Madison, the two Belle’s LOL!!

    Can’t wait till November.

    But who is Claire gonna date LOL she’s related to pretty much everyone in Salem LOL maybe a SOARSED Theo Carver or Chase Jennings. I bet there will be some triangle involving Claire/Chase/Ciara.!!!


  10. Aaron says:

    I’m hoping she’s good actress


  11. miley says:

    If Adien is leaving would Chase be leaving too.


  12. Abs says:

    Her voice sounds a lot like Kirsten Storms when she was a teen on the show. I also think she resembles Kirsten Storms.


  13. dee says:

    WOW!!!, I saw yr performance on Day;s for Sierra. I haven’t seen a song/performance that moved me in a long time. That voice is going somewhere, I am 50yrs,old , and don’t usually listen to young peoples music, OMG!! Everybody including my age is just waiting for a CD from yoy. BRAVO young lady, you can clearly sing, and yr choice of music seems to affect all ages. BRILLIANT!! I want more!! I was really moved by that performnce , I taped it ’till you break a CD. YR acting is great, BUT, THAT VOICE, is definately going to affect millions dear girl.


  14. dee says:

    Keep singing , u sound like an angel!!!!


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