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12 July 15th, 2013 OLTL 45: Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser Discuss Their Emmys & Robin’s Debut as Dorian!


In honor of this week being One Life to Live’s 45th anniversary, MORE One Life to Live has a great sit-down interview with Llanview’s supercouple, Dorian and Viki, better known as Daytime Emmy winners, Robin Strasser (Dorian) and Erika Slezak (Viki)!

The two icons of One Life, discuss their Daytime Emmy victories, where Erika has won a record six in the Lead Actress field, and Robin has won once.  But as you will see, the ladies have good time with that one!

Later, Robin opens up about her very first day on the set, and how difficult it was for her to remember all the names of all the characters,  but Erika told her she would be very good in the part.   It’s an emotional, lovely moment that long time fans of the series will appreciate.

After the jump, watch two great clips of Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser dishing with each other … about each other! Then, share your thoughts on the on-screen chemistry between Viki and Dorian that has lasted for decades (and that has been so integral to the show),  and if you enjoyed these two clips from their new interview!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Love these ladies and their characters. So happy to have OLTL back.


    susan M. replied

    Triple Ditto!!!!!!!!!!


    Rodd replied

    Totally agree! Classy ladies.

  2. Brandi Bridges says:

    This was the best MORE show yet! Who doesn’t LOVE Erika Slezak – throw in a little Robin and you have perfection! This dynamic duo is fabulous together and we cannot get enough of them! Can’t wait for more of them on the next MORE show! Congrats OLTL on 45 amazing years!!


    Joshua replied

    Agreed. Too bad they never get any screen time on “One TEENAGE Life to Live.”


  3. Dennis says:

    This weeks MORE show was fantastic! More of the interview next week!


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    It made me wanting MORE…lol


  5. ethel says:

    their chemistry has always been off the charts – as far as i am concerned they are one of if not the best super couple of daytime ever!


  6. susan M. says:

    I alway’s thought these two ladies are such good actresses ! Can’t get enough of Viki and Dorian.. They have had their moments when they do get along but when they don’t
    watch out(KABOOM)! The fireworks will explode! Can’t wait till the new episodes start in August!


  7. RICKIE says:

    I remember one of Robin’s first scenes when she took over the role: She was talking with Gwendolyn Abbott (who was being played by Eileen Letchworth, presumably filling in for Joan Copeland) in the Lord living/drawing room. I always LOVED Robin’s work, but I would by lying by saying I didn’t adore Nancy Pinkerton and Claire Malis in the part. (It was only until they resurrected the part of Melinda — then played by Jane Badler — that I adjusted to Claire.) Robin soon won me over — she infused Dorian with verve and energy, and it was great to see her reuinted with her other great career screen partner, Jacquie Courtney (Pat Ashley).


  8. Johnny says:

    Wow I really am old I guess for I remember Nancy Pinkerton as Dorian, and I thought she was superb but vacated the role when the producers only offered her a modest raise, and she had “worked her socks off” making Dorian an interesting character. Back then, you didn’t know for sure if Dorian was sincere or not. Nancy Pinkerton managed to keep the viewers guessing by keeping Dorian’s appearances somewhere between nice and not so nice. Claire Malis followed her in the role, her portrayal was all right but never overly impressed me. Today, Dorian is played much more broader by Robin, not nearly as subtle as the character used to be but still an interesting portrayal.
    As for Erica Slezak, she’s always outstanding and practically the only reason I watch OLTL.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I’m right there with you. I remember Nancy Pinkerton and Claire Malis as well and definitely enjoyed their work. But, I have to say Dorian took on a whole new life with the advent of Robin Strasser. Robin has added so many layers and complexities to Dorian. You love her,. You hate her. You want to ring her neck. Then you feel for her because of her hurts and insecurities. With all due respect to the late Ms. Pinkerton and Ms. Malis and to Elaine Princi, no one can out Dorian Robin Strasser.

    Whenever Dorian and Viki are together, whether going at each other, or just talking, I am mesmerized by the magic of Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak.


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