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2 February 26th, 2015 OLTL Alum Ryan Phillippe Talks SECRETS and LIES As New Series Is Set To Premiere Sunday!


One Life to Live fans remember the young Ryan Phillippe as Billy Douglas, the gay teenager who came out and thus was at the epicenter of a major scandal in Llanview.  Ryan was a major part of an important tale of the time in the early 90′s.  Now, he is back on ABC in his new series, Secrets and Lies premiering this Sunday night at 9PMET.

In the new dramatic series, the motion picture and television star plays Ben Crawford, who seems like your everyday good guy next door neighbor, and a loving father of two in a rocky marriage.

When tragedy strikes and his neighbors child is murdered, Ben becomes the prime suspect.  But, as viewer will learn, there may be more to Ben than meets the eye.  Secrets and Lies co-stars Juliette Lewis, who is trying to prove that Phillippe’s Ben is guilty of the crime.

Thursday on Good Morning America, Ryan Phillippe sat down with GMA co-anchor Amy Robach to discuss his new role and why he decided to be a part of this project.  The actor related: “One thing that drew me to it was that every man aspect.  Imagine if your father or husband or boyfriend came across the body and immediately became the prime suspect and what does that do to your life, to your family, to your friends, yeah, it’s pretty compelling, I think.”

Phillippe, a dad in real life,  said that was one of the major reasons he took the part: “It was one of the reasons why I ultimately took the job is reading what the kids go through as a result of his being under suspicion and you do think sometimes when you choose a public career, what are you doing to your children, in terms of how that can be disruptive to them! I’ve never been accused of murder, thankfully.” (Laughs)

Robach also showed a clip from the HBO series Girls starring Lena Dunham, where the pronunciation of Ryan’s last name was a topic of hilarious fodder.  Phillippe said he did see the episode,  and for those whoever questioned how to say Ryan’s last name this should clear it up once and for all.

Watch the charming Ryan Phillippe in his interview below.  Then let us know, do you remember his time as Billy Douglas on One Life?  Will you be checking out Secret and Lies?  Did you know how to say Ryan’s last name correctly?  Let us know!

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  1. Llanviewer717 says:

    I definitely remember Billy Douglas and the story of Marty Saybrook, masterfully played by Susan Haskall, accusing Reverend Andrew Carpenter of having an “improper” relationship with Billy. It was a terrific story about a young man coming to grips with his sexuality and the damage homophobia has on people and a community. The high point of the story featured a display of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.

    OLTL was not afraid to tackle important social issues. I love OLTL!!!!!!!

    No, I was not aware of the correct pronunciation of Ryan’s last name.


  2. elm51 says:

    loved him as billy douglas on oltl – i have seen him in other projects – he is such a great actor – i have by dvr set for secrets and lies!


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