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3 August 2nd, 2013 OLTL and Y&R Favorite Nathan Purdee Joins The Cast Of Tainted Dreams!


Another familiar face from daytime has joined the ever-growing and ever-intriguing cast of Tainted Dreams! Today, popular Veteran One Life to Live (“Hank Gannon”) and The Young and the Restless (“Nathan Hastings”) star Nathan Purdee has signed on to play “Ethan Washington,” a network President of Daytime TV in the new web series from NYC Brand Productions.

According to series creator and executive producer, Sonia Blangiardo, “I needed someone with gravitas and experience playing strong, uber-confident men, and Nathan Purdee was at the top of my list. We are very fortunate to have Nathan join our cast.”

Blangiardo goes on to say, “The character of ‘Ethan Washington’ is overconfident, never in doubt, a real force to be reckoned with, feared by other executives, actors, and crew.”

No stranger to playing powerful, tough men in film, television and theatre, Nathan Purdee most recently appeared as a Congressman in Netflix’s megahit House of Cards.   Purdee is best known to soap fans as “Hank Gannon,” the no-nonsense Llanview District Attorney on One Life to Live from 1992-2003. Prior to that, Purdee played reformed mobster turned private investigator “Nathan Hastings, Sr.” on The Young and the Restless from 1984-1992.   

Tainted Dreams continues filming over the next week and half in and around New York City.

So, what do you think about Sonia’s choice of Nathan Purdee for the role of Ethan Washington?  Is your interest piqued for Tainted Dreams?



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  1. Rachel says:

    I’d love it if he came back to OLTL at some point!


  2. ethel says:

    awesome news!!!


  3. Sandy says:

    With all the talent coming to Tainted Dreams, I hope they can afford all of the actors! Keep them coming but don’t disappoint us by starting a new series then have it taken away. Been through that with AMC and OLTL and the void was painful. I am wondering why AMC and OLTL is ending their first season already. I wish Michael that you would get the answers for us and also find out when the second season starts. Michael, do you even read for yourself what people write in about? I don’t see any responses you might have if you do. Talk to the fans.


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