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25 April 24th, 2013 OLTL Cast Members Tell You How To Watch New Episodes on Hulu and Hulu Plus!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

We are seriously counting down to the return of All My Children and One Life to Live which premiere’s Monday April 29th on Hulu and Hulu Plus and iTunes! And now,  in this just released video from The Online Network several of the cast members from both shows take some time out to show you the audience, just what is the difference between Hulu and Hulu Plus and how to log in and see the return of Pine Valley and Llanview!

Check out One Life to Live’s Robert Gorrie, Laura Harrier, Corbin Bleu, Erika Slezak, Jerry verDorn and Melissa Archer, Josh Kelly and Andrew Trischitta take you through the steps and understanding how to see your favorite shows as they begin their new journey in their new online and mobile app homes!

We loved this video and hope it helps answers some of your questions about costs for Hulu Plus only at $7.99, while Hulu which is completely free!

Watch the video after the jump and let us know if you thought it was helpful or not!

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  1. ron says:

    I’m happy they made this video because reading people’s rants about this was annoying the hell out of me! And for those who keep saying put it back on tv stop your bitching and be grateful that these shows are back and have the potential to be a groundbreaking success for the soap genre.


    Robert replied

    I agree with you about the rants people were posting. Some just like drama which is why they watch soaps. Ten to one next week the very same drama queens will be crying about not being able to watch the shows online because sometimes you just can’t fix stupid! :-)


    jimh replied

    There are many fans of these shows PP will loose because some do not get internet for different reasons. Whats so wrong with people in the U.S. wanting it on their fx too so they can also watch in the comfort of their homes. More viewers the more success for these shows! Wouldnt you want that?

    jimh replied

    Im on my own campaign to hopefully convince some cable channels to air repeats of the shows after their original internet airings…my old computer doesnt support hulu so i am one of those people who cant watch on the internet.

    jimh replied

    Whats wrong with some people wanting it on a cable channel…Candians who couldnt get these shows via the internet are getting it on a cable network which is a good thing. The more viewers the better! There are many people in the U.S. who want the same chance to watch these shows but dont have internet for whatever reason. Having it on a cable network here on our fx or maybe mtv could increase viewership and making both shows bigger success. I see nothing wrong if they were on cable too, especially when PP is new and needs all the help it can get with the reboots!


    ron replied

    I have nothing against the shows being on cable
    I hope they will be so successful online that cable networks would want them. My problem is fans being close- minded about some changes. They worked so hard to bring back the shows and some fans seem so ungrateful.

    Kelly replied

    I completely agree! And jimh – it may be time to get a new computer. They are not that expensive and it’s worthwhile investment all the way around!

  2. MBmomof3 says:

    I’m there! So cool.


  3. Scott says:

    Sounds Good!


  4. jimh says:

    Instead of ABC focusing too much on M.E. K.A. and R.H., they should create a new 30 min. soap for weekdays at 12:30 pm call ‘All My Life To Live’ staring Susan Lucci as Victoria Banning owner of The Manner newspaper with Bobbie Eakes as her rival Dr. Doreen Kramerst, and Trevor St. John as Erik Kane, Vickis half brother who discovers that his identical twin brother Victor Banning J.R. played by Micheal E. Knight has been impersonating him for the last 8 years and married to his one true love Blaine Kramerst, Doreens niece, played by Gina Tognoni. It could be a big hit!


    Brian Frons(NOT!) replied

    Dont you know a thing about name copywrite laws? ABC anyway is good only for talk and cooking shows, and lawsuits! By the way i want nothing to do with those reboots unless i get a new job at Prospect Park! lol


    Brian Frons(NOT!) replied

    P.S. why do i feel like ive been banned by those hulu sites? lol

  5. heidi says:

    Now that’s a good video showing people who are not aware of Hulu or Hulu Plus… what to do! Well done! Can’t wait!

    I hope anyone who wants to watch them has a way or chance too… would be nice if people reached out to people who need help getting to it whatever their constraints. PP would be great if they gave away some tablets to some more challenged individuals in a contest or promotion. Many libraries have computers and headsets that may allow people to watch their stories there on Hulu for those without internet access or computers… check it out!


  6. Rodd says:

    Simple, informative, (non-offensive), and classy, just like the OLTL I’ve come to know.


  7. su0000 says:

    Better yet..
    why don’t the people who know nothing of the internet nor HuLu ask their son, daughters, grandchildren, neighbors , nephews, etc etc. to help.
    They would be able to set them up and get them to HuLu is 3 minuets..

    (when there is the will there is a way)


  8. Joshua says:

    Once you guys purchase a Roku ($98) to stream the soaps from your PC to your TV, YOU. WILL. BE. HOOKED!

    “The Roku Experience” reminds me of the first time I discovered and went on the internet all those years ago. It is amazing and beyond worth the price!


    su0000 replied

    There are more than one Roku think there are 4 starting at 59.99..
    Just go to… ..
    also through amazon you get a Roku for 50 plus too ..


    Joshua replied

    This is true. The basic ones start around $59 or $69 but the reason I purchased the $98 (premiere one) was because I didn’t want to stream wirelessly but wanted to use my ethernet cable.

    I heard that if you use an ethernet cable vs. going wireless, you get a better picture and guess what? THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE 100% Since hooking up about two months ago, I haven’t had one single problem with “buffering” or a bad picture or anything.

  9. Gloria E says:

    I still wish I could get my shows on TV only because I have a stupid laptop that doesn’t work very well period..& I can’t afford to get a new took me forever just to get on the hulu website..


    su0000 replied

    If you do not have a good higher speed internet you will not be able to watch very well, it might be your internet speed, not your PC ..


    Gloria E replied

    Its the computer not the internet speed I have the highest AT&T provides..

  10. Johnny says:

    I do not understand what the problem is – just go to any Electronic Store (or On line) and buy a RoKu box for about 59 bucks. Hook it up to your TV set, and you can stream Hulu Plus (it’s a whopping 7.99/mo) and that’s pretty much it. Once you start watching TV online in this manner, you won’t want to bother with broadcast TV where you are literally bombarded with tv commercials, which I can no longer tolerate. I am not a young person, and I can do it, and I have a 91 year old Aunt who sends me e mail and watches on-line streaming – why are people making it more complicated than it needs to be? Trust me, the Producers want to give the viewers every opportunity to be able to watch the shows. I could watch it on my Computer, I just choose to pay extra and have it streamed on my TV set, because I like to watch it propped up at night in my bedroom, that’s just my choice.


    mallie replied

    To be fair, there are people (college students, older people on fixed incomes, and people who live month to month with children and other expenses) for whom $59 and $7.99 ARE a lot of money. They aren’t just whining. They may or may not already have cable (remember these soaps were on free TV before) or already pay $100+ for cable and adding to that any more becomes burdensome, and it’s not like they can trade away cable (which may be bundled or that they and their other family members watch and enjoy already) for 2 shows. I work with people who have almost no money to spare–they decline going to lunch (even McDonalds) with the group because they’ve brought their lunch to save money or who worry every day about all their expenses, from children in college to a water heater that’s breaking down. As the senior manager, I make much more than they do and neither a Roku box nor Hulu+ is too much for me, but so many of the admins, interns, and customer service reps (our entry level and/or lowest paying jobs requiring only a high school diploma) don’t make enough–especially often with spouses who are laid off or similarly underemployed–to just spend $59 plus an additional $7.99 a month on 2 shows (yes, they will get more for it, but they don’t need or want that more–it’s to get two shows). I know some people are whining like the sky is falling and they really need to dial it down. But for those who genuinely don’t have the money, telling them (though I’m sure no one here meant it in a negative way) to get a new computer because “they really aren’t that expensive anymore” or joke that it’s only a “whopping 7.99″ after you get the $59 hardware is (unintentionally) insensitive. Many people still don’t have high speed interent because they are rural or can’t afford it. There are a lot of people–many of whom, like the elderly living off of social security or the kindness of their grown children, who are long-term fans of AMC and OLTL–who honestly aren’t whining, but will have to do without because the shows aren’t on a free network anymore and/or on a service (cable) they ALREADY pay for.


    Johnny replied

    I understand what you state here – my own mom is on a fixed income, trust me I can relate. But, when people complain “the shows should come back to abc-tv” or that “another station should pick up the shows” I am thinking, well it is what it is – and I see many a younger co-worker who breeze by me in the hallway so busy looking down at their phone and communicating that no one bothers to say hello to a live person standing next to them. These same people (some of them, not all) are whining about Hulu Plus costing extra. Keep in mind by having Hulu Plus they will also be getting Movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., not just the new versions of AMC / OLTL – but, you responded to my comment in an intelligent and thoughtful manner so I have to respect you for that.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    I live in Canada so I am not able to view the videos. Do you have a solution?


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