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4 March 26th, 2012 OLTL Favorite, Fiona Hutchison Joins The Cast of THE BAY!


Yet another daytime fave is joining the cast of The Bay, when the series resumes with season two this April!

Best known for her work as Gabrielle Medina on One Life to Live, and Jenna Bradshaw on Guiding Light,  Fiona Hutchison joins the cast in a mysterious new role that will have her linked to many residents in Bay City.

The said, “mystery woman” first lights up computer screens the first week of May and will be caught in a web of deceit! Along with previously announced casting additions of John Reilly, Scott Bailey and Brian Gaskill, The Bay happily welcomes her to their stellar cast for some intriguing installments.

So, who do you think Fiona will play in The Bay?  Let us know!

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  1. barbara t says:

    This is sad first nora now gabriel,Good for them that have have found work doing what they do best ,All this does is remind me what I have lost,I miss One life to live.


  2. Penny says:

    Love Fiona Hutchinson! Looking forward to seeing her on The Bay! Great addition by Gregori Martin. The second part of season two can’t get here fast enough.


  3. Miahappy says:

    Such an amazing cast Gregori has gathered. I can’t wait for more from The Bay. It’s like a soap All Star cast!!!!

    Bravo, Gregori!


  4. Lorena says:

    OMG!! Cast just keeps on growing nd growing.. Gregori def has a “just how BIG, STELLAR, talented of a cast can we go??” mentality/ drive happening ha I LIKE!!! Loving all things The Bay! :) Welcome on board The Bay wave Fiona! Exciting times :D Have feeling Emma finally going to be revealed?¡? Ohh such sweet drama ;) )


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