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10 May 18th, 2016 OLTL Favorites Reunite As Kassie DePaiva Meets Up With Renee Elise Goldsberry After Seeing HAMILTON!

Photo: KDePaivaTwitter

If you want to get misty-eyed and take a trip down Llanview memory lane, look no further than last night’s Broadway performance of the Tony-nominated musical Hamilton!

The show which co-stars Tony nominee, Renee Elise Goldsberry (ex-Evangeline Williamson, OLTL) received a very special guest audience member at last night’s performance.  None other than Kassie DePaiva (Ex-Blair Cramer, OLTL) sat in the theatre and watched her former One Life castmate, sing up a storm and more.

Afterwards the two met up for a photo and DePaiva tweeted, “Saw the stellar @reneeelisegolds in the brilliant #Hamilton tonight. There are no words. I wept with pride.”

Followed by a very touching tweet from Goldsberry:  “Cried through that show just knowing u were in the same room with me again 4 a few hours. I miss u @KassieDePaiva!”

Bring out the hankies now!  So One Life to Live fans, what do you think of this nice moments between performers, friends and former castmates? Comment below!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Kassie: “…There are no words. I wept with pride.” ”

    Renee : “Cried through that show just knowing u were in the same room with me again”

    how beautiful is that


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is a very nice story. Kassie and Renee are terrific actresses and singers. And, from what I’ve read, terrific people too. Too bad Blair and Evangeline never did a duet. How this brings back excellent memories of our beloved One Life to Live which I continue to miss every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for posting this Michael.


    Omar replied

    Miss my OLTL dearly to this day..They both had great chemistry in the show back then..I remember a scene when Blair went to visit Evangeline in her home, to tell her how sorry she was about her accident that left her blind..Of course the two ladies dislike each other because of Todd…When E got tired of B telling her how sorry she was and hinting to her to stay away from Todd, E tell B to please leave and that she will walk her out..A spiteful B then leans towards E ear and tells her “That ok, Evangeline..I’ll SEEEEEE myself out” leaving a blind E fuming..I must have rewind that scene many times..I am weird that way.

    Congrats to Renee…Hamilton is an instant classic that showcases her talents..Best of luck in the Tonys..As for Kassie, well she needs to be back on the soaps..I just love her..Days made a huge mistake firing her..GH should try to cast her.


  3. MC says:

    Lucky enough to see the show last week and @Reneelisegolds is indeed brilliant along with the rest of her castmates. Good to see these gals together again.


  4. Marilyn says:

    I too saw the show in February. Goldsberry is a standout in a cast of standouts. Fingers crossed that she wins the Tony. She sings my favorite song on the Original Cast Recording, plus a bunch of others. Well worth the price. I’ve been obsessed with it for months now.


  5. Iakovos says:

    Example of just how talented OLTL casts were during those 40 years. The series IMHO always sported such strong talents from the theatre community in NYC. I miss New York-based soaps.


  6. Trophy Lady says:

    Oh my word! How I miss Evangeline and Blair, and my entire Llanview crew so, so much! OLTL was really the best soap on so many levels. I can only hope that ABC realizes what a blow it was to cancel their best soap!

    I’d love to see “Evangeline” with more of her Llanview friends. I hope more of them stop by to see Hamilton, and pose for pics afterwards!


  7. CTwildheart says:

    Love to see genuine friendships. Miss seeing both of them on OLTL.


  8. Linda Rasmussen says:

    I was introduced to Hamilton by my college student grand daughter. I knew nothing about the musical in December ’15. When she showed me some video clips of it with Renee, I screamed, “I know who she is! That’s Evangeline!” I was immediately and constantly corrected by her that no, that is Renee Elise Goldsberry.. Ok I have it now.. She is Angelica! I too hope all of the OLTL cast comes to see Hamilton and that they pose for some backstage photos.. ABC made some awful mistakes dumping the best soaps on TV.


  9. Tina Gray says:

    sigh. The best…………..


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