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13 November 15th, 2011 OLTL Heats Up! Brody takes off with Liam! – Watch the Promo!


It’s a huge week on One Life to Live as John and Natalie finally band together for baby Liam, once John finds out he is Liam’s bio-dad!  But as luck would have it, Brody is not about to let Liam go and takes off with the little bundle of joy!

Kudos to Melissa Archer (Natalie), Michael Easton (John) and Mark Lawson (Brody) for making this story a home run as viewers have waited for the big payoff of when John would learn the truth and if it would finally send Natalie and John back into each others arms! Stay tuned.

For now watch this week’s One Life to Live promo after the jump!

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  1. Torrey says:

    I just wish ABC would have put a little more effort to promote this momentous occasion…. They shove those stupid Chew promos down the viewers throat about thirty times a day, but spend no time to promote OLTL that continues to do well in the ratings. So happy that this is finally happening!!!


  2. Michael Smith says:

    First off, Mark Lawson is killing it. Secondly, it is so frustrating that they are ruining his character (in similar fashion to the criminal end of Marty Saybrooke). I would have cheered a Brody and Jess reunion. Seeing Ford give those sad “puppy dog” looks at Jess after the character’s history of sadistic exploitation of her mental illness is a tad nauseating. One Life has been so good for so long; I feel they are piling on the missteps right before the end of their network run.


    Patsy replied

    agree agree agree !


  3. Blake says:

    OLTL really is killing it lately! With what happened at the wedding and airport, and now Rex sees Gigi, OLTL finally gets in the November sweeps.


  4. jennifer says:

    does anyone know the song in this promo?it was also used in dec when john proposed….dec 20 2010 thanks for all the help


  5. Blake says:

    I hope Brody can be redeemed. Maybe he could fight Ford for Jessica. And with a lot of actors not wanting to go to Prospect Park they could use another familiar young male face for the new version.
    Plus we don’t get to see a shirtless Brody anymore unfortunately.


  6. Colleen Kaleta says:

    Yes ABC stopped caring about this show and its so good.. thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the clip.. they havent promoted there soaps in year ,,thus cancelation because they stopped caring ..the Fans havent this is so good..Love it…


  7. heidi says:

    Tuesday’s episode was great with the Natalie/John/Brody/Liam storyline!


  8. ethel says:

    tuesday’s eppy was awesome – i just hate how they assassinated brody’s character…………..
    i am so glad that john found out that liam is his son BUT i do not want john with natalie – he deserves better than someone that slept with her sisters boyfriend………..jmo


  9. lipstickcat says:

    I feel so bad for Brody! First he was the father of 2 babies & now he has none! I hope he doesn’t get killed off but I think he will!


  10. soapy says:

    I’m really not digging how the superior character of Brody is being sacrificed at the Altar of St. John McBain.


  11. jp says:

    All the characters involved are doing a superb job to tell this story. I hope Brody is caught, sent to St. Ann’s and recovers. Not sure if Brody or Mark Lawson is moving on with OLTL when it goes to PP, but I do not want to see the character of Brody end up like Marty.


  12. Patsy says:

    I do feel so bad for Brody.


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