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10 October 22nd, 2010 OLTL holds steady in ratings at #4 with loss of viewers, while DAYS up one notch with gain!

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Since last week’s ratings, On-Air On-Soaps fans of Days of our Lives have been posting their critiques and criticisms over the basement dwelling position of the folks in Salem.  Now the new ratings have come out for the week of October 11-15 and we can report that DAYS slightly improved in the ratings to #5 out of six soaps with an increase of total viewers of 75,000.

However, the converse is true for One Life to Live which shot up to #4 last week.  While it is still holding on to that position, the show lost the most viewers of any soap last week with a slide of soapers totaling a minus 108,000!   The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful were the only other soaps besides DAYS to have an increase of viewers for that week.

After the jump check out the official ratings supplied by Soap Opera Network!

Ratings for the week October 11-15, 2010

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,031,000 (+57,000/-276,000)
2. B&B 3,215,000 (+95,000/-276,000)
3. GH 2,524,000 (-47,000/-56,000)
4. OLTL 2,451,000 (-108,000/-116,000)
5. DAYS 2,413,000 (+75,000/-626,000)
6. AMC 2,410,000 (-21,000/-192,000)

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  1. jackie says:

    the other soaps are boring. One life to live is exciting. It should be #1 not #4


    Ann replied

    Nothing is going to change at GH until they get new writiers!!!


  2. JamesScott4eva says:

    the ratings for DAYS went up as people are tuning in to see James Scott. EJ was in a coma for more than a month while Sami was all over Rafe. Nobody cared much for them and now that EJ is back, people want to see him. Having their lead actor in a coma cost DAYS alot of viewers. They are going to have to do major damage control to increase their viewings even more. I am a James Scott and EJ fan first and Im also a die hard EJAMI fan. I can’t for EJ to take rafe down.


  3. lew says:

    Producers and writers please listen to the fans! But, the fans and some soap magazine critics have to understand that new characters (newbies – hate that word) have to be introduced, in order to keep story going. This is a difficult time for soaps and we have to hang in there and applaud the shows when something is done right and voice our opinions constructively, when we feel something is off.


  4. sheree says:

    I am really concerned for my ultimate soap Days of our Lives!! They really have made some bad bad choices this year and now the show is paying for these bad decisions. KC shouldn’t tell US what couple we want to see, now look what has happened to the ratings since he practically told us no more Ejami and Safe is the direction they are going. He destroyed this whole entire summer of Ejami and with the shooting certainly grossed out many viewers of all ages. Second bad choice putting one of his lead characters in a coma for almost a month!! Thus, putting safe in the limelight boring viewers to death with same old same old, and the storyline could not go anywhere without Ej!! So yes, now the ratings will start to go up because Ej/JS is up and about and now this story can start moving along. Third bad choice is taking away all the romance, there are no decent couples anymore, the only one they do have is Bricole. So pls pls for this show do not break them up too. They add a fresh exciting element to this show. I suggest keeping all the couples that have history and chemistry together. There is rally going on to bring Bope back together. Breaking them up was a very very silly mistake imagine all the viewers they have lost considering Bope has been a couple for oh about 20 years!! Also this show needs a revamp, modernise the entire outlook of this show. Ejami are perfect example of a modern couple, they make an awesome Mr and Mrs Smith type couple oozing power, passion and action with a touch of humour. If you get the story right, they would be out of this WORLD!! The bed wrestle is exactly what I am talking about, with Ejami it does not have to the white picket fence and perfect family story. No, with them it can be so so powerful and action packed I get excited just thinking about the potential they could bring. I have a feeling Rafe is kind of popular not really my cup of tea, but I think it would be better to give him his own story, something fresh and original romance with maybe Stephanie or even Jennifer. That is exactly what this show needs, Modernisation!!


    lovingit replied

    ITA and just want to add if they would just do what they keep talking about and bring back the romance, family, good writing, and fast moving sl the ratings would improve. Keep force feeding us things we don’t want like Safe and drawn out sl and the ratings will continue to decline.


    kitkat replied

    Not everyone wants to see Ejami, as there are many Safe and Ejole fans out there. There are even many Lumi fans waiting for Lucas’ return. Many viewers are tired of the “Sami and/or EJ” show. There are other cast members, many of them vets, that we want to see as we care about them. Also, if the stories weren’t so predictable and so long and drawn out, perhaps viewers wouldn’t abandon the show having more of a vested interest. You can stop watching for a month, and when you return it’s as if you haven’t left at all. Gotta get some of these stories moving along ASAP!


  5. lew says:

    I agree with Jackie’s post about OLTL.


  6. Bettyrj says:

    I agree with Sheree’s comments about Days. I, too, am an EJami fan. What have they done with our Samantha Gene? Made her into a murdering monster! And allowing her son and boy friend to help her in the cover up. We had EJami love this summer but the writers were only teasing us to keep us watching. Did they take notice of the ratings going down because of the horrible attempted murder and our favorite in a coma for almost a month? James Scott and Alison Sweeney are a gold mine and TPTB need to utilize and capitalize on their talent. They could have so much fun writing for EJ and Sami – maybe they need to watch some of the old videos and get a clue as to their charm and attraction to the viewers out here in cyberspace.


    kitkat replied

    I am a long time viewer. JS and AS are not a goldmine to all viewers. Some of us are plain out sick and tired of them, and actually wait for days (no pun intended) when neither is on so we can sit back and enjoy the characters we do care about. Bo and Hope are still a supercouple and deserve more onscreen time!


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