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0 May 26th, 2010 OLTL shoot location scenes to usher in new family, a mystery, & Dani/Nate!


One Life to Live has been filming very special sequences for their upcoming new storyline.  The cast and crew set foot in Mercer County, New Jersey this week to tape at the Quarry Swimming Club.

According to OLTL spokesperson, Lauri Hogan, what brings the town folk of Llanview to the quarry is the following:   “It is revealed that Danielle and Nate have feelings for each other.”  And, this summer One Life to Live is introducing a new family to the canvas, and into this story line with Dani and Nate.  It  has a bit of mystery involved as the duo discover something!

Hogan went on to clarify, “Nate is not just cheering her up at the quarry. (The quarry is part of the exterior shoot)  Their discovery, you’ll see that somebody else is looking for it.  There’s going to be a lot of mystery surrounding (the new character of) James from the first minute you meet him.”

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