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3 January 19th, 2010 OLTL story shocker! Characters on deadly collision course!


One Life to Live is pulling out all stops beginning of February with a multi-car collision set-up which features 15 characters during a snowstorm on Llantano Mountain. OLTL’s executive, producer, Frank Valentini promises a massive explosion in the midst of this horror scene as well,  “It will be more epic in scale than the plane crash we staged [in 2006] and the impact more far-reaching. It’ll blow everyone’s mind.”

According to the exclusive released today by TV Guide Magazine: You can blame the whole mess on Mitch, who has kidnapped his daughter Jessica and taken her to his mountain hideaway. Ultimately 15 characters end up at the locale with various intentions—to save Jessica, to shoot Mitch, to reveal paternity secrets, to find out the fate of loved ones. Read more on juicy story teasers from this excerpt from TVG!

“Natalie is severely injured and Mitch gives Jessica electro-shock therapy which so warps her brain that she psychologically regresses to her teenage years. In a nutsy twist, a still–delusional Jessica will start a new life as a student at Llanview High! “This will be a chance for the audience to see what Jessica was like before the split personality,” Valentini says. “I think we all have a fantasy of going back to high school and retracing your steps. After a couple of really tough years, this’ll be an exciting second-chance story for Jessica.” And she won’t just be hittin’ the books at school—she’ll also find love there. (Valentini promises there’s no jailbait involved).

OLTL will also use the mountain catastrophe to bump off that demonically evil stripper Stacy Morasco who has become one of the most despised characters in soap history. Word is, her exit involves a fall through the ice and the use of some pretty spectacular effects. Valentini’s keeping mum about it, except to say “Whether you hate Stacy or love to hate her, February is your month. The end is going to be very satisfying for everybody. It’s really kind of delicious.”


  1. Doe says:

    can’t wait for February and particularly the demise of Stacy,and of course Mitch. I hope they don’t keep him on longer than necessary. He is very disturbing. I guess that means the actor is good, except he plays the same character wherever he goes. Can we have some happy story for a change?


  2. sj2260 says:

    you might not like Stacey, but at least the actor is giving a credible performance. you cannot say that about a couple of the other women in the same age bracket who are popular just because their characters are “nice”.


  3. Sarahjbrown1fan says:

    I am so glad Stacy is finally leaving and I hope all her lies are revealed before she leaves so Rex and Gigi can get back together because I am so not liking her with Schuyler.


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