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2 March 14th, 2010 OLTL’s Brett Claywell tweets his night at the GLAAD Awards!

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In a series of tweets, One Life to Live’s amazing Brett Claywell (Kyle) let his fans know a bit of his GLAAD Media Award night experience which was sure to be filled with conflicting emotions.  In the end, Claywell seemed a bit miffed by the accolade, as One Life to Live was awarded the prize for Outstanding Daily Drama Series!

Claywell on twitter: “I’m proud of what we did and all we accomplished. Thanks for all of the love and support. Forever grateful… On the way to the GLAAD awards. Cars picking Scott up now too. In spite of recent news, gonna be nice to celebrate what we did, together … About to present Outstanding Drama Series with Scott and Ron!! … Was a fun night. Would have thought they would have acknowledged our work at least, but not so. Oh well! We still won…I think…”

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  1. Margaret says:

    Brett had every right to be miffed and the fact that their work wasnt acknowledged proves that ABC didnt appreciate the two most talented actors they had…Brett and Scott put their hearts and souls into this story and their committmnet to it was truly inspiring and their legion of loyal fans do appreciate them and will love them forever….the fact that Brett and Scott showed up at the event to represent the show that treated them so shabbily proves that they are better men than Frank Valentini and Brian Frons could ever hope to be……


  2. christa lyon says:

    brett and scott they were awsome at least of their actors will keep thier storylinem open and now they are missed and win 6 time s better when abc will countiue with klye and oliver storyline and bring oliver fish kyle lewis and their child sierra rose to bring them wwith it was sad how they were written off the show. brett and scott they both in committmnet with each other so please make right deision to make with one life to live bring brett claywell as(kyle lewis ) and scott evans as (oliver fish


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