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0 January 7th, 2009 “OLTL’s” Carlivati gives the lowdown on creative show titles!

carlvatti.jpgIn this weeks’ Soap Opera Digest’s “Extra, Extra” column, finally the question was posed to “OLTL’s” head writer Ron Carlivati about the clever use of titles popping up at the beginning of each episode.  In “On-Air On-Soaps” year end review, we kudo’d Ron for this new staple of the show.  Here is what Carlivati had to say about them:

“Oh yes, they will continue.  We had done the titles for a time awhile before they started showing up on the air.  We did them for ourselves and then it was (Executive Producer) Frank Valentini’s idea to start showing them on the screen, which we loved.  Of course, now that everyone sees them, it challenges us all the time to come up with good ones.  Some are better than others, but I think the fans love them.  And I like them. Sometime’s you’ll say, “What the heck is that?” and you have to watch the episode to see where that title came from,  “I’ve been to Mendorra, But I”ve Never been To Me” is one of my personal favorites.  Usually the writer of the episode comes up with their own title”

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