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7 August 21st, 2013 OLTL’s Corbin Bleu & Robert S. Woods Talk Jeffrey’s Dark Side, Clint’s Meltdown, Erika Slezak, Phil Carey & More!

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On Monday night, after the season finale of One Life to Live, the Blog Talk Radio series TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman played host to a special One Life special featuring series favorites; Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey King) and Daytime Emmy winner, Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan).  During the broadcast, Corbin and Bob answered several questions from Michael, and then fielded numerous questions from callers.

Hot topics of the night included: Jeffrey’s turn to the dark side, if Jeffrey is really into Destiny or just faking it to integrate himself into her life, and the Buchanans life, as part of his mission orders from the Organization, what made Bob Woods decide to return to One Life to Live for the reboot, after he said he was retired and done with the show, how much he missed Phil Carey (Asa), what both Corbin and Bob thought of  the one and only Erika Slezak (Viki), and what they both thought of the performance of Jerry verDorn (Clint) who goes ballistic in the season finale at the Man of the Year Gala!

Here are some excerpts of some of the night’s most popular questions and Corbin and Bob’s responses.  However, there is much more contained in the entire TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman OLTL Season Finale Show! You can listen to the player below to hear the broadcast!

What did they think of being on set watching Jerry verDorn in the scene where Clint had his meltdown in Club Shelter?

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

CORBIN:  Man, was that scary! Being in the room, that moment when he tosses the table over, and everybody goes over there to grab him, the reaction from everyone in that room was 100% real.  He was completely in it, and when he started losing it, you could feel the heat coming off that man, and everybody backed up, because no one wanted to get hit! (Laughs)

ROBERT:  It was a lot of fun.  I was like a member of the audience, because he was on a roll. He was driving the ship and taking it some place. As Corbin said, he threw everything into it.

Corbin, the rumor has been that one of the main reasons you wanted to take on the role of Jeffrey King, was that you knew from the outset that he was going to turn out to be bad?  True?

CORBIN:  Exactly! It has been funny to see the reaction from the fans! Of course, a lot of them are extremely shocked and I knew about this from the get go, so I was ready for it.  Before I even signed on, that was one of the conversations I had … what Jeffrey’s arc was going to be.   There is so much more to come about too.  It just got revealed, he is part of the cult and that there is going to be a lot of changes from him, and who his character is linked in with. But beyond that, there is so much more that is going to be shown about his character.  I really love where Jeffrey is going to be going. You have to understand, whether or not what his intentions have been up to this point, he has still been there in this town with these people, and the experiences he has had are real. There has been some beautiful and wonderful moments with characters that he has encountered. So those experiences are going to take a toll on him as he goes about his mission.  But they did tell me from the beginning, “What we have in mind is for you is to eventually become a villain! And I said, “Really? And then, my ears perked up and I was all ears!


What does Jeffrey really feel for Destiny (Laura Harrier), since he is on a big date with her the night of the Man of the Year gala, and these two seem to have a very apparent attraction for one another?

CORBIN:  Jeffrey does like Destiny and his feelings for her are real. Now, whether or not his intentions with her, and where those are going with her, is still up in the air, and how that continues. But he definitely has feelings for her.

What can you both say about working with six-time Daytime Emmy winner, Erika Slezak?

ROBERT:  Well, I screen-tested with her, and it was really cute because she was pregnant at the time, so we did the test in the Banner office, and she never got up. (Laughs)  But she helped me tremendously in that test and went to bat for me. So I owe Erika a lot. I am eternally grateful to Erika Slezak.

CORBIN: I am in love with her and I love that woman. She is the epitome of classy and she is so talented. The first day I met her, it was just like, “You are a beautiful person.” I learned every day from her on set.  She is just one of those peoples and stars who you look at across the room and she just has such poise. I feel like there is always a wind fan blowing on her hair, (laughs). She has that elegance going for her.


Bob, what made you decide to return to One Life to Live after you had retired and said you were done with the show when ABC cancelled it?

ROBERT: When the show ended with ABC, I said, “That’s it. I am burnt out. I am gone.” But when Jennifer Pepperman (EP, OLTL) called me a year or so later, and I had some rest, I just wanted One Life to Live to keep living. I owe a lot to that show, and I want to go on… and on… and on. I always thought it would.  I was shocked when ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life.  We are so fortunate on One Life because the first question I asked when Jen asked me to return was, “Who do you have?” She said, Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser (Dorian), Hillary B. Smith (Nora), Jerry verDorn.  So then, the old fans can turn on the show, and go, “There they are. This is it.” And then you add the whole great company of young actors who have come in with all their energy and talent, and I think we are in good shape.

Bob, who do you miss the most from the cast of One Life to Live and wish they were with you today?


ROBERT:  Phil Carey, I don’t think a day goes by where he does not come up.  He was like family. Recently last March, I was at his daughter’s wedding, this gets me. (tears).  We were very close friends. I learned so much from him. He was one of the last of those actors who were put under contract to a studio.  He was in that old studio system.  He worked with John Wayne, Patricia Neal, and then he worked with Gary Cooper.  He was not a big fan of Henry Fonda, but he thought the world of Jack Lemmon and Jimmy Cagney.  He just had stories that were fun.  And he would tell me stories about John Wayne, “The Duke” and I would say “Philly, you’ve got to realize … you’re The Duke to me!”  I love him dearly.

What do you think about Corbin and Bob’s comments on Jerry verDorn, Erika Slezak, Phil Carey? And, Jeffrey’s turn to the dark side? And Bob Woods deciding to continue with OLTL after it had been axed by ABC?  Share your thoughts!


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  1. TypicalGuy says:

    THanks guys for the great season…. see you soon?


    Lin replied



  2. ethel says:

    both corbin & robert seems so down to earth – the show was awesome!


  3. Margot says:

    I so enjoyed the OLTL season 1 and the finale
    and I’m anxiously awaiting Season 2.


    SUSAN M. replied

    Me too!


  4. SUSAN M. says:

    I miss ASA!!!!! He was such a good actor !!!!!!! He was the whole package all in one!


  5. EDNA BAREFOOT says:

    I totally agree with Bob & Corbin with what they said about Erika Slezak. But Michael you know she is my Idol. Jerry VerDorn was fantastic in the finale. So glad though that they will find out that he was drugged. I still want a Viki & Clint wedding. Asa-Phil was superb. All the cast said such wonderful things about him. & Bob Woods was needed on the show. Just been watching back shows of OLTL & when Bo went back to save a friend in Vietnam it just wasn’t the same without him. I am oldie so I need my family on the show. Most are but some are still missing but there is still hope. Thanks Michael for the great interview.


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