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8 February 6th, 2012 OLTL’s David Gregory lands guest-starring role on Gossip Girl!


David Gregory (ex-Ford, OLTL)  reports on his Facebook page that he has booked a role on the hit CW show Gossip Girl!

In his first role post life in Llanview, Gregory posted to his friends and fans the following, “Hey everyone! A little update for you: I just spent this last week shooting a guest star role on Gossip Girl. It’s slated to air late March / early April. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the continuing support post-OLTL!” 

In addition, Llanview gals Amanda Setton (ex-Kim) and Melissa Fumero (ex-Adriana) appear on Gossip Girl as Penelope and Zoe, respectively.

Congrats to David from On-Air On-Soaps!  And, as soon as we have the tune-in info for David’s guest-star turn we will post an update.

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  1. Brian says:

    This is such great news !!!

    But I can not believe that you failed to mention that Bree Williamson has also appeared ( spectacularly, by the way ) as “Brandice”, the hooker.

    What amazing and new life could be put into “Gossip Girl” with them both appearing at the same time !

    This long OLTL viewer has watched the “Gossip Gril” since day one and it has always been a wonderfully weird crossover with many cast members.


  2. Neynerrz says:

    Omg. Can’t wait.


  3. barbara t says:

    I just heard on facebook, soap opera digest is saying that janet from another planet (heather is going to port charles) thats interesting ,robin mattson is another gh person that left and never heard from again ,till now,it will be good to see her on general hospital .she wasnt on all my children for very long ,anyway this is good ,or is it bad ,why are all the oldies popping up in port charles?unless ron and frank are making us general hospital fans very happy.throw a few people in the mix and see who will stay or go.


  4. Jan says:

    Hate that show.


  5. Brian Greene says:

    Go, David, Go–Yay! :D


  6. lipstickcat says:

    It’s great he found a new job! They killed Ford on OLTL so he wouldn’t have been on even if it continued. I can’t believe they did that!


  7. david says:

    With his body, why isn’t he naked in films? He looks as good as Brad Pitt did 20 years ago in Thelma and Louise.


  8. barbara t says:

    I have to say ,he is one handsome guy,but gossip girl ,I dont watch,wont get into why.looking for 1loveabcsoaps again, miss your posts ,always have something interesting to say,thought the problem was solved ,hurry back.need to discuss our soaps and how to save them.alot is happening in the soap world.our voices need to be heard ,the more people driving abc nuts with our complaints the better.join swan ,send soap,call and e mail abc ,looks like p p was a was canceled ,now Im sick over that.lost alot of good shows,in a very short time.looks like I will either shut my tv off or as I always do go to the i d channel.


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