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39 November 23rd, 2011 OLTL’s Eddie Alderson, Hillary B. Smith & Robert Woods on Thanksgiving show, “It’s a beautiful episode!”


One Life to Live’s final Thanksgiving show in its 43-year-old history is sure to bring a tear to your eye.  On-Air On-Soaps spoke with Eddie Alderson (Matthew), Hillary B. Smith (Nora) and Robert S. Woods (Bo) to ask them what fans can look for, as the character of Matthew Buchanan, who has been in a coma,  narrates the entire episode.

Eddie Alderson told On-Air On-Soaps “It was really cool the Thanksgiving show and I got to narrate it.  I am not quite the Morgan Freeman of Llanview (Laughs),  but I tried.  I thought it was something really different that we have not done on the show that many times.  Matthew is still unconscious and narrating it from his hospital bed and his mom and dad are there.”

Robert Woods added, “The narration by Eddie is amazing and it is a beautiful show and the way it ends it’s just like … boom!” Hillary B. Smith chimed in, “It’s a devastating show and a beautiful show, and definitely worth the watch!”

Let us know your thoughts after you have seen the episode and tell us your favorite moment!

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  1. Toya says:

    Beautiful scenes with Bo and Nora today. The end tore my heart out. Between this and the PP news, OLTL has put a knot in my throat twice today.


  2. jp says:

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! What an amazing episode. Wonderfully written and beautifully acted. How ironic is it that as the episode ends and Matthew dies, we learn OLTL’s future on PP died as well. I truly commend the cast and crew of OLTL for an unbelievable year. I only hope a cable network is out there and listening to pick up this gem of a show. ONE LIFE TO LIVE is a class act.


  3. Blake says:

    That was a shocking ending, especially during a sweet Thanksgiving episode where people are making up and things like that.
    Proof that One Life To Live is on fire and I can’t wait to see what keeps happening til the end!!!


  4. Monica says:

    It was a brilliant show, Eddie nailed it and loved his take on everyone attached to the Buchanan family…even David! Wonder what David told him on the phone that Matthew will “take to his grave?”

    Hillary, Bob and Eddie did outstanding as always. It had been months since we saw Matthew on screen and barely a mention of him all this time. But this episode was more about him than his narration lets on. Sure it’s about the Buchanans, but Matthew IS the quintessential Buchanan and like his Grandpa Asa, his idol, he had something to say about each and everyone of his loved ones (Like Asa did in his will video).

    Beyond sad about this really. Not only a fan of Matthew, but a big fan of Matthew and Destiny. I believed in this “couple” so much and would have loved to see it develop more. And now it’s all gone. Tragic. All of it. Guess we’ll wait until Monday when it continues…who knows, maybe he’s not really dead?!

    Yeah right…I’m the queen of wishful thinking.


  5. Tara K says:

    The show was great and horrible sad at the same time. I still don’t want to believe it that is Bo’s second son he lost I would be surprised if doesn’t sign himself into st Ann’s wow it was like boom when the end hit very god job by Eddie narrating and Bo and Nora’s face killed me tissues were a must


  6. Kristin says:

    This was a beautiful, WONDERFUL Thanksgiving episode for an AMAZING soap!!! This soap is everything a soap should be & I appreciated the narration by Matthew. I appreciated all of the nice family moments. I even appreciate the fact they weren’t afraid to pull a “death” on us, in the midst of all the happy sweet family times. I think it was a VERY dignified end to a wonderful character. I love OLTL!


  7. Tannie says:

    Oltl literally took my breath away today I haven’t cried that much in a while but it was oh so sad plus the news that Pp is not moving the show online what a waste of a great I hope another station picks this show up. I just love this family!!!


  8. Jen says:

    I am devastated both by Matthew dying (but OMG how amazing was the episode cause it totally was a warm and fuzzy thing until the very end when it was indeed a BOOM affect!!!) But the Prospect Park news… totally hearbroken for myself, the fans, but also the cast and crew who totally ARE out of jobs now!!! I hope and pray someone picks it up!!!!


  9. Jan says:

    Excellent JOB Mr. Alderson.


  10. Janis says:

    My heart broke during this episode and especially the scenes with Eddie. I haven’t cried like that in a longtime! The PP news was also a blow I was not prepared for. I will miss my shows!


  11. Rob says:

    I was smiling throughout the Thanksgiving episode, seeing how everyone was happy and loving. Deep down I knew what was going to happen because of the subtle hints that Matthew gave away in his narration, but I was still not ready for it. I was shocked and sad over the final scene. I had to rewind the last few minutes just to see the look on Nora’s and Bo’s faces. Now we have to wait for four whole days to get the reaction from the rest of the family. And a few hours after that scene, we heard news of the big fail by Prospect Park. I grew up with these two shows since the 80s. I saw Starr and Matthew grow up. I saw Tad being Tad the Cad and his growing up. I was there for Tina over the falls. I was there for Jenny’s death by ski jet. I was there for Eternia. I consider these characters as my “escape” family. For the second time (first was Brons’ announcement) I lost a piece of me. Am going to miss them all.


  12. david says:

    Lovely episode but the death of Matthew was heartbreaking. Very depressing the day before Thanksgiving.


  13. ethel says:

    the entire episode was awesome – devastating at the end……………


  14. Tonya says:

    loved it, a real tear jerker. I could of sworn I saw a commercial that showed Matthew wake up though. I am losing a second family.


  15. Keith M says:

    Today’s “One Life” episode coupled with the devastating PP news was reminicent to me of the time in which the “Timmy” character on “Passions” died on the exact same day as the actor who portrayed him did. Just a inconceivable irony. I wish fans voices could be heard and would love for a last-minute miracle where someone comes rushing in as miracle savior but have lost hope. I do believe alot was done to make this work, only that it would have been nice to know from the beginning Prospect Park didn’t have the funding – it sounded like a done-deal. It is sad that in today’s day and age, such a phenomenal show that is brilliantly written and far superior than any other soap has to be terminated in favor of a cheaper show that will in no way shape or form last 43 years! Ron Carlavati has again captured the true essence of a soap and why fans are so rooted, no other soap on air today has been able to capture and keep that essence. My hats off to this show from the cast, production staff, writers, and everyone behind the scenes. While you may not feel appreciated by your own network, take note you indeed were and by intelligent and devoted fans. Thanks for a brilliant year. I am not yet ready to say goodbye, not sure I ever will but today was just another showcase of this show’s brilliance.


  16. Betty D says:

    It was done so fine, I honestly did not know that would happen, it left them leaving the room and peaceful and I felt he would wake up even, but BOOM, gone. Can’t wait for next show, shame on the PTB killing this show.


  17. Brian Greene says:

    Today’s Episode Broke My Heart One Moment & Filled It The Next. I Watched It 3 Times Today–Once On ABC & Twice On SoapNet–Wow! :)

    We OLTL Fans In Northwest Illinois Love Robert, Hillary, & Eddie!! :)


  18. michelle says:

    What a show. I was in tears. I too, rewatched the last scene. To see the faces. They better get a Emmy for this it was great TV . Remember ABC we soap fans will never forget or forgive what you have done to us by ripping our hearts out


  19. heidi says:

    I still can’t believe the ending! I was so hoping Matthew would open his eyes and say hi! I just watched it today… on Thanksgiving and I have to say that after the PP news while the ending was totally shocking and initially devastating… it is actually appropos for what PP just did to all of us and the cast and crew of OLTL. The ending sort of allows all the emotions we are all feeling to have a voice and a visual! Wouldn’t it be lovely if some wonderful soul would take this project on and the next episode could show Matthew actually coming back… we can only hope! Happy Thanksgiving to the cast and crew of OLTL! May you all find jobs very soon! Thank you!


  20. beverly robertson says:

    I found the thanksgiving episode a bit disappointing. Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful and sharing it with loved ones. There is so much death and sadness in the world that this episode just compounded to the misery for those that are hurting. The narration was fine but if he could have opened his eyes instead of dying would have been just as beautiful and gives a uplift to the holiday spirit. The fact that he dies and elaborate on Destiny and his unborn child or how this will effect Nate’s life is inconclusive. I would have hoped that for once as a soap comes to it’s ending it would leave with more possitive aspects.


  21. connie says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love OLTL. love the show every day. The ending yesterday was GREAT. The look on Bo & Nora face was priceless when he flatlined. I HOPE PP CAN WORK OUT THE PROBLEM WITH $$$$$$$$$$$ TO KEEP OLTL MOVING ON….


  22. Jim says:

    Really? We’ve gotten talking dogs, talking babies, and now talking comatose kids? Seriously, what lousy, sloppy writing.


  23. barb rose says:

    It was a shock!! the way it was going I thought he was going to wake up!!! Bo seems to have bad luck with his sons dying on him. Its a good thing he still has David. even though he is not there either, What will I do without my old friend one life? like most I have watch it for many many years it is my one constant. I willl miss all of you thanks for sharing your talent with us .God Bless you all!!


  24. Jennifer says:

    Having watched after hearing the dreadful news about PP, I cried through the entire episode. Eddie did a phenomenal job with his narration and it was a beautiful, heartbreaking and devestating episode. Great job to all involved.

    I wish the entire cast of OLTL well and hope we see them again in many future endeavors.


  25. dan says:

    Because of the holiday, I was out of the loop until I watched the last three episodes in a row last night. The Thanksgiving episode was so sweet and charming and heartwarming. Then…it happened. And I literally gasped, had to pause and cry for 5 minutes, then go back just to be sure I heard it correctly. Almost 14 hours later, Matthew’s death is still choking me up. OLTL still knows how to pull the rug out, and despite my shock, I’m still happy I stay spoiler-free and just enjoy the ride.


  26. Lois says:

    Fans of the Bo and Nora romance waited YEARS for Bo and Nora to be reunited. Those fans rejoiced when they learned that Bo and Nora had a child together. Now that the show is ending, choosing to end the series with the death of Bo and Nora’s child seems to me to be a cold-hearted slap in the face of those viewers who have supported this show for decades! I was NOT impressed!


    sony green replied

    I sooooo agree


  27. Elhu says:

    U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!!!!!!! What an amazing episode, kudos to all. How this terriffic show is going off the air, I will NEVER understand. Brilliant narration by Eddie, and what an incredible way to tie up Matthew’s loose ends. As a lonnnng time OLTL fan, I am hoping that come Monday, Matthew will be brought back to life though, so he can share in the birth of his child with Destiny and both of their families. Although with the finality of his words in the narrated episode, I am thinking that is not likely, but we shall see. It truly was a beautiful episode that brought such sweet emotion and kind sentiment throughout, and then we are hit with the SHOCKER at the end – DRAMA at its best!!!! What a super idea Ron!!!!! I still hope to see OLTL either on the internet or on TV again somehow, but if that does not come to pass, GH would be foolish not to extend their offer to you again, but I still say long live ONE LIFE TO LIVE.


  28. Reggie says:

    It was a very sad day with all the sad news in regards to OLTL. I am so shocked about PPL pulling out and not providing us with the proper update news. I feel at this point they mistreated and mislead us just as bad as ABC did. True, Loyal fans as we are just deserve more.

    Don’t want to be a spoiler but I have hope about Matt…….See you Monday Matt….I just believe……just having a little faith….


  29. Bearabull says:

    this show reminded me of the lovely bones


  30. Doria C. says:

    So depressing. Just what we needed the night before Thanksgiving — NOT!!
    I am surrounded by people with various physical, emotional and mental problems who drain me 24/7 and was expecting an uplifting, heartwarming episode to cheer me up and help me forget things for an hour. I am alone most of the time (except for above-mentioned people) and am sorry I ever watched “One Life To Live” and also that I ever worked for WABC-TV!!!!!!!! Glad the show is going off the air! Won’t watch the remaining episodes. Won’t buy products advertised! Wish they could have done a better job. The episode was creatively written, but if only they had picked a different day for it. I know it’s not real, but there are REAL PEOPLE watching these shows and REAL PEOPLE who are suffering. Maybe I should stick to music videos instead!! Wish they had showcased all the talented actors and actresses with a musical episode instead.


    Jerry Carson replied

    Wow. You won’t watch the rest of the remaining episodes because the Thanksgiving episode didn’t give you a “warm fuzzy” when you wanted it? I work with people with disabilities and also with children and adults under hospice care, so I understand the pressures of being drained; however, while I’ve enjoyed OLTL for 3 decades, I find things in REAL life to impact my life. Maybe finding some outlet in real world will help when the reel world lets you down. Glad the show is going off the air because it didn’t make YOU feel uplifted when you wanted it to on a holiday? Not watching the show from this point on might be good for you, because the finale is just weeks away and it may trigger another spoiled child pout-fest.


    Doria C. replied

    Since the webmaster and Michael Fairman’s team are doing nothing about this idiot, I hope a higher power “takes care of” him!!!!!!! Whatever sort of licenses he has to work with the above-mentioned cases, need to be revoked! What state does this beast reside in?? Perhaps a state of denial. Hope he gets what he deserves for Christmas!!

  31. sony green says:

    The ending of this show is very sad. It has been a staple for me for many many years. I wish they would reconsider its end.

    The death of Matt Buchannan was unexpected and awful. I hope the flat line at the end of Wednesdays show was a stunt. It would be nice to have some kind of happiness as the show comes to an unfortunate end.


  32. Tracy says:

    Loved the Thanksgiving story, well done ! I was very surprised at the ending and it had my attention the enitre show as it has for the past 40 years (and i am 50 years old) I grew up with OLTL.


  33. BJ Goldstein says:

    The Thanksgiving episode was a shock!
    I am hoping Matthew is not dead. It would be wonderful if he finally woke up to discover he was going to be a father. I would like to see Matthew and Destiny get together. I do like the way the Natalie/John, Jessica/Robert Ford story lines are working out. I see Vicki and Clint getting back together as well. Also Rex and Gigi will get back together. I really would like to see Todd/Blair together again for keeps. I know Cole is not coming back to the show, but it would be nice if he was let out of jail for time having been served and he is now on parole. Star and Cole belong together. Don’t care for James. Dani and Nate are not that exciting as a copule either. Tea would be “extended family” to Todd/Blair as well as her new baby.


  34. Babs says:

    I thought it was a very poignant episode with the narration by Matthew. It was like “Our Town” , it was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. I loved the Bo/Nora/Matthew story line ever since it began with the death of Bo’s son Drew (which was also a very touching episode especially because of the music used). In fact I don’t think I have cried as much since then as I did today. His last words were a total shock “my name is Matthew Buchanan and today is the day I died”. Matthew has always reminded me of my son so that made it harder to for to see.


  35. Tanisha says:

    It was the OLTL that I love. The ending was shocking and perfect all at once. My favorite characters did their jobs with such grace. I will enjoy OLTL until the channel goes dark. OLTL was the first soap I ever watched back when the storyline was about Lantano mountain and they were all dressed in those pink and green jump suits. LOL, those were the days. This show has proved its worth and I would like to thank the crew, the actors and everyone involved who truly loves the show. You’ve been amazing for years and I was just saying I’d watch you online next Thanksgiving and now that won’t be but onto bigger and better things. Life is a journey and you only have this one life to live, so live it well my old friends. Live it well.


  36. ADDIE says:

    I’ve watched it 3 times and cried like a baby each time. I might need theraphy still can’t imagine no OLTL.


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