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16 June 20th, 2011 OLTL’s Erika Slezak on taping Robin Strasser’s Goodbye Scenes, “I sobbed like a baby!”


The incredible Erika Slezak (Viki) of One Life to Live chatted with Liz Smith in an interview for (The Women on the Web) where the six-time Daytime Emmy winner discussed the ending of  One Life, what she would like to do next in her career, and taping Viki’s final scenes with Robin Strasser (Dorian).  As many already know, Strasser is having to exit OLTL earlier than had been anticipated due to impending back surgery.

So, just how did Erika and Robin make it through the taping of the final scenes of rivals and some times friends, Viki and Dorian? Well according to Slezak it was not an easy task.  Erika  revealed, “We just did our goodbye scenes and I sobbed like a baby.  I can’t believe I won’t have the joy of that magnificent talent to play against every day.” And neither can the fans of daytime or One Life to Live, for that matter!

When Liz Smith also inquired to Slezak, what is it like to have been playing the same character for 40 years, Erika answered, “You know, nobody has ever asked me that before! I know Viki very well.  She is so familiar to me. The minute I get to the soundstage, I go into Viki mode.  She’s not like me at all, but I love her.  She’s a wonderful, flawed woman, who always makes a huge effort to do and be better, sometimes to the pain of friends and family. To do this sort of work — soap work — requires extreme focus and concentration.”

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  1. ethel says:

    erika slezak is my all time favorite daytime actress – she is such a classy lady!
    i think viki & dorian are the infamous dynamic duo of daytime!!


  2. Torrey says:

    I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to OLTL at all….I’m sure I will be sobbing like a baby, myself. I have watched for so many years, and these characters are an extension of my family. I can’t believe what these tv executives are doing to their networks and their fans. I will be glued to the television, in support of OLTL, until the very end.


    Brian replied

    Torrey, i could not agree with you more. You have summed up how I feel and I sure that there are many, many, many more views out there who feel the same way. I have watched since 1979.


  3. todd says:

    This gives me hope that Erika will end up somewhere great and I will still be able to enjoy her work. I’d love for them to create a roll for her on United States of Tara. Seems obvious. Or something completely different…..True Blood.


    David replied

    Sorry, but US of Tara was cancelled.


  4. Brian says:

    What a wonderful acting team Erika & Robin make together! :-)


  5. steve says:

    The great Erika Slezak has played Viki since 1971 . Erika has given the viewers many many great storylines . I wish Erika Slezak the very best in Her Career Move after January 2012 . A very heartfelt thank you from all the ‘One Life To Live’ Viewers .


  6. Susan says:

    Robin and Erika are both class acts. I will miss seeing them on my television screen everyday.


  7. Sue says:

    Robin and Erika are such beautiful and talented ladies. They will be missed so much by their fans.


  8. kay killgore says:

    A classy lady and we could not give her a tribute at the Emmys! Folks these are the people that made Daytime TV they deserved better.


  9. Rose says:

    OLTL was my first soap. I remember when Erika took over the role of Vicky and watched for many years with my mother.

    Let us know when Dorian says goodby to Lanview- I’ll tune in.


  10. david says:

    Can’t understand how I will miss Viki and Dorian who are characters that don’t exist played by women I have never met, but I will–and it really hurts to think about it. Thank you Erika and Robin–love you both.


  11. celestasensable says:

    I am so sad : o ( too see ALL My Children and One Life To Live go off air!! The Drama of daytime Soaps makes me forget all my problems (drama) in my own life. Vicki and Dorian act more like sisters lol Clash and Clan like most sisters do. I will miss the the sisterly love. LOL. PLEASE DONT TAKE AWAY OUR SOAPS. Did you know even the prisoners watch soaps. I have heard that of course….anyways if you can make hardened criminals cry then you have even calmed down the prison for a couple hours. I bet the guards love that.


  12. glori says:

    I have watched vicki since the beginning-I didn’t have a good role model mom-I actually looked up to vicki and how she handled family which I loved. I don’t know I’m losing a best friend I loved everything about the house, vicki, and of course the life-as I agree this is truely one life to live- I love you vicki – thank you with tears in my eyes, thank you everyone on the set glori


  13. inna says:

    I never watch this show before 2011. when my soaps GL and ATWT ended, i stat to watch OLTL. Erica and Dorian became my favor personage in this soap, i will miss them . I wish to see them in the other soaps and together.


  14. Nancy says:

    Seeing the two greatest actresses in daytime, Robin and Erika, saying their “farewells” was really difficult for many reasons. First, they are to me two very good friends of MINE. I have always appreciated their outstanding acting skills over the years when I would have the opportunity to see OLTL. Second, the wrong show was cancelled. It should have ben GH. When I watched the these two women last week, it hit me how greatly they and the show will be missed. Their history has been dramatic, funnier than hell, touching, vehement — all emotions/all levels. I do wish that the “farewell” could have included much more of the history. The years and years of these two women interacting deserved more than the few minutes given them.


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