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8 March 21st, 2010 OLTL’s Hillary B. Smith on Bob Woods, Daytime Emmys, as her Auction Continues!


It’s a start of a brand new week which means a new One Life to Live/Hillary B. Smith auction item is up for bids on ebay to support the Willee-Coppee Fund.  As previously mentioned, the fund discreetly assist pet owners who may be struggling with overwhelming veterinary bills for man’s best friend.

Make sure to bid this week on an adorable wood-framed cartoon by Anita Massimini Brown  from the personal collection of Hillary.  It was presented to her in 1998 by the “One Life to Live” Fan Club when Bo and Nora (Robert S. Woods and Hillary) were voted that year’s “Best Couple.” The cartoon depicts Hillary in her dressing room, smiling out at us from the comfort of her make-up chair.  Posters of New York and Hollywood are on the wall to her left.  To her right, with an appropriate star, is her dressing room door, which reads “One Life to Live Fan Club.”  Above her on the make-up mirror are the words “1998 Best Couple – Bo & Nora.”  In anticipation of this auction Hillary and Bob personally autographed the back of the drawing, with Hillary adding the words “Live, Love, Donate.”  The cartoon, including its very simple wood frame and blue matte, measures 11.25″ x 9.25″ and has been in Hillary’s “One Life to Live” dressing room since she received it twelve years ago.

And now, the next installment of our exclusive interview with One Life to Live’s, Nora and Venice’s, Guya.  And since tonight’s item up for bids has to do with Bo and Nora, we thought we would talk Daytime Emmy submissions, (since Bo and Nora had some amazing scenes with each other this past year) and Hillary’s thoughts on working with Bob Woods again after the couple (Bo and Nora) were split apart for ten years!

Hillary on what episode she is submitting for her Daytime Emmy Pre-Nom for Lead Actress:  “It was tough to choose, and I did not realize I had as much material as I did.  I had wonderful scenes with Bob Woods when Bo and Nora went to England but they were really his scenes.  I am referring to where he confesses and apologizes for the ten years of icky bitchiness that happened with Bo and Nora, and it melted away, and he confesses he still loves her.  I thought about that.  I hope Bob Woods uses those scenes for his pre-nom. Bob is so beautifully understated, and so subtle and funny.   But for me, in the end, I narrowed it down to two shows revolving around Matthew’s accident.  The one I am going with is when we are finding out that Matthew has no feelings in his legs, and dealing with the doctor and trying to figure out what does this mean. Then Nora has to go back in and be upbeat for Matthew.  Then I have a moment when I am alone and can let it all out. Marty comes in and I ask about Cole and then I find out Cole was doing drugs that night.  And, I go to Cole and I let him have it and I end up shaking him. Then I leave his room and I find out that the three kids knew he was doing drugs and I let them have it, and then Bo comes up to me, and he then has Cole arrested.  I love the scenes where I am kind of all over the hospital and moving things and as a mother, its totally relatable. It’s all her mothering instincts that kick in on all the levels. 


Hillary on finally re-teaming and working with Bob Woods again: ”I am so happy working with him again, and we did that remote recently where we were doing the bridge scenes, and all of us in the cast were freezing, and we stayed a night at a hotel and it was fun. Bob and I were at the bar and I lifted my drink and I toasted him. I said, “It is so great to work with you again,” and Bob said, “I forgot how easy it is.” That was so sweet, and we have been trying to do the material that comes to us and try to honor it as best we can. Ten years ago we were split up in the most ridiculous fashion.  (Nora sleeping with Sam to get pregnant) I even called the President of ABC Daytime, and back then it was Pat Fili.  I said, “Are you kidding me? You can’t have me do this. This makes no sense at all.” But, I had to do it because that is what I am paid to do.”

Hillary on if years ago she truly wanted Bo and Nora to split: ”There were plenty of things we could have done staying together.  I think that probably it’s exciting to work with other people and trying to make those things work with other characters.  There was a lot that got played in those ten years, but to be perfectly honest, I just want to do a scene on a soundstage with someone I can count on, and that person is Bob Woods.”

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  1. Jen says:

    Great interview, I love HBS she is such a wonderful actress and a gracious person!
    I am hoping the Bo and Nora will be getting their own storyline soon


  2. Vicky says:

    Thank you Michael. That was lovely. I agree with Hillary on which scenes RSW should use. He had some good scenes with Matthew’s accident and before the wedding, but those London scenes were really special.


  3. Sharon says:

    I just adore HBS. What a wonderful interview. I agree with the episode she submitted– she was AMAZING in those scenes— and with everything she said about Bob and her. I hope Bo and Nora will be getting more screentime. They’ve been my favoriate couple for years. LOL.


  4. amy says:

    i love hbs…great actress and so down to earth..she deserves an emmy especially after those scenes!!!


  5. waldo doe says:

    I love Hillary, but she will ALWAYS be MARGO HUGHES ( ATWT ) to me!


  6. toptim says:

    I am so happy to see Bo and Nora together again. They are such great actors and a great team!
    Also, Thank you Hillary for the fund you have set up to help animals in need in honor of you r own dog. The auction is a great idea thanks Michael for bringing us the info and opportunity to help.


  7. sara says:



  8. Val says:

    I am a big fan of bo and nora. I am so glad that they are back together. Any storyline is great when they are in it. Hope they are together as long as the show is on TV and online. Great Actors.


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