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24 April 18th, 2011 UPDATE: OLTL’s John-Paul Lavoisier clarifies statement on cancellation of series!


Fans have been abuzz today over how they intepreted the sentiments from John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex) of One Life to Live, when he spoke with Soap Opera Digest to offer his sentiments on the ending of One Life to Live.  He has since clarified his original statement by offering this up below this afternoon.

JP’s updated statement:  ”The point wasn’t to make anybody mad or anybody happy. The point was for everyone to interpret my comments in any way they want to, at least the last part of the quote. If you’re not happy with my quote, think of it sarcastically. And if you’re happy with my quote, take it literally. It’s a neutral quote that can be taken in either way. But the rest of the quote can be taken literally. Farah Fath, (Gigi) and I are going to L.A. We are going to pound the pavement and I was very blessed to have worked on the final nine years and seven months of a long-running, great show that has a great family. As an actor, it gave me fun stuff to do. The first day that Brian Frons became president of ABC, he could have fired me right off the bat. I spent every day working for ABC under the possibility that Brian could have fired me. So I do thank Brian for not firing me during his reign. I thank him every day that he never made the decision to fire me and I do thank him for bringing on Farah. But everyone needs to understand that you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. There is a lot of world left to live and a lot of jobs to still be had and you never know who’s going to become the president of what. I don’t want to burn future bridges with the professional people who will someday hire me for other jobs.”

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  1. sondra says:

    He knows how to suck butt doesn’t he.


    Jeffrey More replied

    Yeah looks like he is buttering up to get on GH which sucks i think!


    morganlafey replied

    If one remains passive one will get no where quickly. Don’t mind us if your fans don’t wish to lay-down and take it!! We’re fighting back hard!


  2. laura says:

    he must be kidding..right? thanking brian frons? i dont think so…


  3. gordo says:

    is that sarcasm at the end there? hopefully


  4. Carol Painter says:

    I hope that every single person on this earth BOYCOTTS DISNEY, All ABC PROGRAMS, (ALTHOUGH I Really enjoy CASTLE)..I feel that what has been done Is soooooo wrong, I will Not watch anything connected to ABC. The Trip I planned on giving to my Son and His wife to Disney, Is not EVER going to happen.I will send tHem On another Trip, somewhere else.
    I will NEVER ,EVER Watch another abc program. I hope THE VIEW , and Barbara Walters crumbles. So PC with their comments. After all , Brian Frons is THEIR BOSS.
    I expected Butt kissing. ..And they did not fail.
    I hope all of ABC crumbles ,
    Brian Frons is an IDIOT.


  5. kay killgore says:

    Alright does this sound like sucking up! Is he hoping for a job at GH!? Hmm!!!!


  6. nan says:

    Is he serious thanking that loser Frons COME ONNNNNNNN


  7. Andrea Dawson says:

    suck up


  8. Carol Painter says:

    Well, I certainly understand The Actors of OLTL, and AMC Taking the High Road. Absolutely, 100% class.

    It’s up to US, the viewers, to Tell the truth, and do whatever we need to do to , To STOP this insane idea,to cancel these Shows, that are watched by MILLIONS.
    It’s plain crazy.
    And Less money abc has to pay to produce a show, That’s what they will do…Put a CHEAP REALITY PROGRAM costs peanuts to do so.
    Why Pay Actors, writers, top dollar, when you can replace them with JERRY SPRINGER type people on realy shows? SICKENING.
    It really is.


  9. lew says:

    Don’t be too hard on JPL – Business is business and you never know where you may end up. The decision has been made and we should support AMC & OLTL till the end. Watching today’s episode of OLTL and it is just so sad that this great show will be over in nine months.


    lisa replied

    I agree …but-Jeez (gulp), it’s STILL SO PAINFULL !! :(


  10. gordo says:

    I wasn’t slagging him when I asked if it was sarcasm. though it did seem nicer than I’d have expected.

    I get it, he’s right he can’t go off the rails at this guy. And as fans yeah were mad but as an actor if he was on primetime, this happens all the time. Things get canceled and you can’t call out powerful men and make an enemy. I wish him luck.


  11. true says:

    Thanks for the great speech John-Paul. You can take it sarcastically or literally.


  12. David says:

    Whatever he wanted to say … he is not heading to GH; I wish them both good luck.


  13. david says:

    John-Paul, we get it. Frons is the pimp of ABC Daytime and you need to work. The need to work and earn money makes hoes out of most of us, and you are one pretty boy thinking about your future. I feel sorry that people like you have to kiss up to someone like him. I hope you were paid enough to make it worth it.


  14. Jardo says:

    He SHOULD be thanking Frons for giving FF a job! She caused OLTL to lose tons of fans because nobody can stand her! He acting is a total joke, but then again, so is JPL! Maybe they can become a real life version of Popeye and Olive Oyl (the two characters they remind me of)! They are two of the worst actors I have ever seen, so they should be thanking Frons for giving them jobs, especially when 85% of the viewers were demanding that they be fired (especially in the case of FF)! So many “quality” actors/actresses lost their jobs this past year for that nasty creature!


    karma replied

    His acting wasn’t bad UNTIL that dude, Farah, came to the show. Wait, she’s not a dude? My bad. Her acting is horrendous. For personal reasons alone, I’m glad they lost their jobs-they did awful things to people in “real life”. Plus, what’s her freeloading sister going to do now?


  15. Brian Greene says:

    Tell it like it is, John-Paul!


  16. Jardo says:

    He has every reason in the world to be thanking Brian Frons ……… he is Fronsie’s golfing buddy and Fronsie gave him everything he wanted, including a job for his little bimbo, Farah (which he readily admits in his statement)! I saw a lot of wonderful actors/actresses lose their jobs this past year while that sniveling little no-talent biotch FF kept her job. Rumor has it she even complained BIG TIME when Kish got airtime because it was taking time away from her. And Kish hardly ever had ANY airtime!! I will always believe that she and JPL caused some of the Kish demise because rumors were rampant that FF was very jealous because Kish was becoming the new darlings of daytime and were getting so much “attention” by the media. They easily could have become the next “supercouple” of daytime (and that didn’t sit well with her as she thought she and JPL should be the next supercouple). What a joke! There is nothing SUPER about her except her ego. I have never seen a more talentless, egotistical piece of garbage in my life. Some have even said that they did Frons’ bidding and spread the “rumors” to the media that Kish got fired because they were unprofessional and not prepared and caused “delays” on the set. (Obviously this was a ruse as the Kish boys prided themselves on getting their scenes done in ONE take and were very well-liked on the set by everyone, including all the behind-the-scenes people). As far as I am concerned, JPL and FF can both go over to GH because GH is supposedly going to get the axe soon as well. It just likely hasn’t been announced because there was so much flack over the AMC and OLTL cancellations. The only reason GH is the last to go is because Frons actually LIKED that soap and hated the others. JPL and FF are both nothing but a couple of losers looking for handouts wherever they can get them!! JMHO


  17. Ellen says:

    I totally understand every word you are saying John-Paul, and did the first time you said it. Honestly, if I were in your shoes, I would do exactly the same, that is the smart, professional road to take. I wish both you and Farah much success, and any soap would be brighter with both of you on it. I know I will see each of you on another soap again, and will be happy to support you. If it is GH, all the better. As fans, we can take another road, which is to do all we can to show the powers that be at ABC that they are making a huge mistake, and will end up paying for it with poor ratings on those replacement shows. I understand that it is about $$$$$$ and making it, not losing it, but there had to have been a better answer than completely axing both soaps at once, way too dramatic a move (“I am President of ABC Daytime – watch me roar”). I think Brian Frons may not be the monster that he is being portrayed as, I am sure he to, had a job to do and SADLY this one he did. As an ABC soap fan for 30 plus years, do I think he (and ABC/Disney) did enough to keep our soaps in tact, not at all, quite the contrary in most cases, as outlined often since the day we all heard the shocking news. I don’t know enough (or hardly anything for that matter) about what goes on “behind the scenes” to totally judge him, and I am not convinced that it was his decision alone, I think he could have just been the puppet asked to pull the strings and do the awful job, but he did not seem any worse for the wear when doing it. Hence, we, your fans, will do all we can to possibly have a hand in “somehow” reversing this decision, or see the shows picked up elsewhere. While all of that is not likely to happen, three things are definitive, as far as I am concerned, and they are: whatever show(s) you and Farah end up on, I will gladly watch, I will NEVER watch any ABC show that replaces either OLTL or AMC, and I will only continue to watch ABC for the one hour GH is one, once (and if) OLTL and AMC are gone for good. I wish all of those at OLTL and AMC in front of the camera and behind the scenes much success in your future endeavors, and I hope we can somehow pull of this miracle – they do happen!!!!!


  18. Mims says:

    John-Paul, I think you are a butt-kisser sucking up to Brian Frons.

    And you may take that literally or sarcastically. Your acting sucks so I really don’t care.


    nebtet replied

    I hope that John does get hire on another soap. I understand where he is coming from. It is hard finding a job these days and I agree with him on that point. Never burn your bridges. I wish him the best and I hope you pop up on Geneal hospital


  19. Trina says:

    i would like to see John Paul Lavoiser on general hospital because he would make a good Dylan. Another reason i would like to see John Paul Lavoiser because i miss him so much. And i would like to Ff because she and John Paul made a good couple on one life to live so please bring them on general hosital


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